escapades in the north episode 14

Episode 14

Slowly I began to run the tip of my finger along the crease between her thighs and pu*ssy, working my way down to the crack of her a*s, then back up over her mound.

I gradually worked my fingers over her hair covered outer lips, until I finally slid it between the folds and into her slit.

I stretched my left hand over her b***s and slightly pinching her ni*pples. Two of my fingers were now bleeping her furiously while my other hand was still smooching her b***s. Multitasking at it’s peak.

I finger bleeped her for all I was worth.

‘Waiyoooo, waiyoooo, warshhhhh’, she wailed, as her body began to spasm and she clamped her legs against my hand……..

My mamba felt like steel. I raised myself enough that I could look at her in the face.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’, I asked, to avoid stories that touch.

‘Dioxidane, please make me whole again’, she murmured.

‘Be careful what you wish for’, I whispered.

I quickly went to my jean and brought out the condomizing agent from my wallet and condomized my mamba.

I went back and knelt between her legs. Our eyes locked as she reached out and guided my mamba to her punana, her feet on my as$ pushing me gently forward.

**:o Chisos!!!**

My mamba was suddenly engulfed in a heat like never before as it buried itself into her tight channel.

I could not move as her legs held me pressed into her with surprising strength while my balls rested firmly on her upturned a$s.

Her mouth was open but no sounds came out as we watched each other. She loosened her leg’s grip and I was able to move again.

I pulled almost all the way out before slowly sliding all the way back in, repeating this for several minutes.

‘Waaaiiyooo, waiyoooo, waiyoooo…’, were just wails I was hearing and that made me increase my tempo. I smashed my mamba faster and faster as she thrust up to meet me heading toward the ultimate bliss. After several minutes of smashing, p******g and grinding, she reached hers first.

‘Waaaiiyooo.. Waaaiiyooo… Don’t stop… Don’t stop… Don’t stop…’, she repeated over and over.

I was still smashing her as I watched her head roll from side to side; her wide opened eyes had a wild look in them as her mouth sucked in great gulps of air.

The pressure from her feet on my a$s increased and forced me to smash into her harder and harder.

‘Waiiyooooo… Waiiyoooo…. Waiiyoooo… Waiiyoooo… Warrrshhhhh,’ she screamed.

Her legs tightened around me, pushing my mamba in as far as it would go and her punana clamped around it like a plier.

I could no more hold myself. Jet after jet of my juice erupted forcefully from the head of my mamba into the CD.

I was fuuu*cking spent! My arms could no longer support me and I collapsed on her gently.

We stayed in this position for some time, her legs loosely wrapped around me with my slowly deflating mamba still buried in her.

After some minutes, I grudgingly went to the bathroom to clean myself up and dispose of the used CD.

I sat on the bed next to her still reclining body and stared down at her. Her feet were on the floor and half of her a*s was off the edge of the bed, but somehow she looked completely relaxed.

I looked deep into her eyes, expecting to see signs of regret, but only saw happiness in them as she stared back at me. Stretching out on my side facing her, my legs dangling off the bed, I lightly drew small circles on her skin starting at her navel, and working steadily up to her chest, careful to avoid touching her over sensitive ni*pples…

‘You are a badt boy, so this is what those girls have been enjoying’, she muttered shaking her head.

She turned on her side to face me and began running her fingers lightly through my hair.

‘I told you to be careful what you wished for’, I said.

She drew me closer and began kissing me again. Before long, mamba was activated once again…



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