escapades in the north episode 11

Episode 11

I quickly ate up and told her I had to complete that article before the massage and she said it was fine by her…..

I left her still eating. **Some girls dey chop sha, and e no dey show for their body** I continued typing the article as ideas came rushing in. I guess I was positively motivated.

She continued her movie when she finished eating and I was still banging away the keyboard. After about an hour, I completed the article, and I placed both hands over my face as I feigned stress.

I noticed her coming behind me repeating the shoulder massage she did earlier. The awesome feeling came back. She asked if I wanted the back massage now and I just nodded my head.

She took my hands and I stood up. She took off the b-ball top I was putting on and asked me to take off my knickers.


I took it off and was left with just my boxer shorts. She asked me to lay on the bed and I dutifully complied. She asked if I had any body oil and I pointed to my cosmetics rack.

She got the oil and she began rubbing it into my shoulders and working her way down my back. She worked it in deep at my lower back and I moaned slightly. It felt so good.

I really had some pain in my lower back. Perhaps it was due to the weights I had been lifting.

Her hand began to edge just beneath my shorts and onto my a$s when she suddenly said, ‘shhhiiiit’. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t want to get oil on her clothing.

She asked if I could help take off her top as she had oil all over her hands. Understanding the situation, I agreed and rose to help remove her top.

I suddenly realized I would get to see her in her bra.

**:o What’s this babe up to???**

I slowly took off her top, not wanting to stain it with her hands. Her b***s were semi-covered, but large enough to be pushing up out of her bra.

I was trying not to stare but her b***s looked so pristine. She didn’t seem to notice, but asked if I really wouldn’t mind helping with her shorts as well. She was putting on a brown 3/4 shorts. I told her it wasn’t a problem.

**:o Lie of the century!!**

Of course it was a problem!!! I had already tried suppressing the urges of my mamba after ‘sight-feasting’ her bra covered b***s and now this??? Plus I didn’t plan on straffing that night???

This was indeed a major issue…..

I had fair idea as to where this was heading. I was pondering if I should go through with it or not. I had already straffed her friend. **What if they later found out??? Wait o, how am I sure she doesn’t already know???**

I was still having those thoughts when I began to hear some voices in my head. It was the voices of some of my cohorts.

Prince: Dioxidane straff this babe jor, you fit no get another opportunity o…

Micheal: Dude, you only live once… Straff this babe mehn…

Usman: Walahi, if na me, if I no straff this babe, make Alhaji disown me…

I was just hearing in my head ‘Straff! Straff! Straff!! Straff!! Straff!! Straff!! Straff!!’

** 😮 Jeez!!! wetin na??? Ok I don hear, ah!!!**

Fvck!! This is not happening! I was becoming so extremely turned on and I was having difficulty hiding my mamba under my boxer shorts. I adjusted my mamba a few times to make sure it wouldn’t betray me by exposing itself.

I reached towards her waist and slid the zipper down. My face was just in front of her b***s, but then again, she didn’t seem to notice. I held the top of her knickers and slid it down.

Due to the way I was holding it, my hands brushed her a$s on the way down. It was so smooth and felt amazing – she was so perfect.

She wore a pink flowered pant and the material in the front was small enough to exhibit trace quantities of her punana.

**Chai, which kind wahala come be this one now???**

I thought she would say something about my touching her a$s, but she just smiled. ‘Ready?’, she asked. Her words snapped me out of my awkwardness.

I lay back on the bed and she began to massage my lower legs. She straddled my body, facing my feet, and began to move up my legs. When she got to my boxers, she simply pulled it down a little so it was barely covering my a$s.

Her hands lightly caressed my balls a few times and I almost gasped. I thought surely she did it mistakenly. I felt that her a$s was right above my head and it grazed my head a few times slightly.

She then shifted so she could massage my back again, but positioned herself between my legs, pushing them apart with her thighs. I felt I was fairly exposed, but since she was a masseuse, I knew she was probably used to this. If she didn’t feel awkward, I would try not to as well.

When she got to the lower part of my back, she said, ‘let me just move this’, and she pulled off my boxer shorts……

**:o Chisos!!! :o**

Just like that I was completely na*ked! She was definitely in charge and she knew what she was doing, so I said nothing.

It was kinda weird lying na*ked in her presence. Strange and intoxicating. Her hand moved down and around my a$s for a while and she again lightly caressed my balls. Jeez, it felt sublime! She asked if I wouldn’t mind massaging her for a few minutes.

** 😮 Huh???**

The thought of getting up now was truly embarrassing. She would now see how hard my mamba was and that would be the end of massage and fantasy.

I said sure and got up sideways to hide my situation. She didn’t seem to notice at all as she lay down and closed her eyes.

I asked if I should use the oil and she said sure, but if I could help with her underwear then so I wouldn’t get oil on them. I said sure and she stood. She didn’t look down (or she pretended not) to see my hard-on so I again reached around her and helped remove her bra.

Since I was becoming an expert on bra size, I was certain she was at least a C cup, maybe a D. I knelt before her and began to lower her panties. I pulled them over her a$s and felt again her perfect backside.

Because I was leaning forward to reach around, my face was so close to her punana. My nose brushed it a few times and the fruity smell of her perfumed body was so rich I wanted to just stay there for a few minutes and relish the experience.

But as soon as I pulled off her pants, she moved back to the bed, and lay back down. I positioned myself as she had done to me, between her spread legs. I didn’t need to move them apart as they were already spread….

I lightly massaged her back for a short while and then moved to her a$s. When I moved down and massaged her thighs between her upper legs, she spread her legs apart a little more.

My hands grazed her crotch a few times and she moaned almost soundlessly. After several minutes she told me, ‘that’s okay, thanks. Why don’t you lie on your back?’

I knew there was no hiding my now fully erect mamba now, but I decided to go with it. She definitely knew the effect she had on guys, so that shouldn’t have been a complete surprise to her.

She positioned herself near my feet this time and began working her way up my legs. She was massaging lightly and exotically now.

When she got to the top of my legs and inner thighs, she frequently lightly brushed by my balls. Without looking, I was imagining that she was actually using a hand and caressing them with her finger tips.

I slipped out a m**n or two, but she didn’t seem to notice. She mentioned something about how large I was, but I was too carried away to respond.

She then moved above my head and began to massage my upper body. Her b***s were dangling some inches from my face, her ni*pples brushing my nose and mouth.

As I licked my dry lips once time, her ni*pple brushed my tongue. When she felt it, she stopped slightly and moved back to where she was.

Her ni*pple hung invitingly over my mouth.

She lowered it slightly so it hung between my lips and she swayed it ever so slightly back and forth, daring me to lick it again.

When I did, she moaned slightly, almost inaudibly, and she continued rubbing my laps. After a short time, she shifted and I began licking her other ni*pple. They were by this time perky and hard under my tongue.

She had begun massaging my mamba, but only lightly stroking the underside. She fondled my balls slightly repeatedly as I lapped and sucked her perfect ni*pples.

Some minutes passed and she began to move her body forward until she was straddling my torso, still facing my feet. She allowed me to move my arms out so they weren’t trapped under her legs.

She now had better reach of my legs. When she leaned forward touching my knees, her a$s lifted off my chest and I could see her beautiful underside.

When she caressed back to my mamba, she leaned her body back so her pu*ssy and a$s were pressed into my face.

I was again struck by the sweet fruity smell of her body spray. I nuzzled her as her body met my face, each time she moved forward and then back. I nuzzled her pu*ssy and she arched her back slightly.

When I began to lightly lick her pu*ssy, she caressed the full length of my mamba and began to massage it.

She ground her pu*ssy to my face and I rubbed my tongue into her hole. It tasted a bit like soap as if she had thoroughly cleaned. I flicked and sucked on her pu*ssy till she fell backwards towards my legs. She was jerking and writhing and I saw juices flowing down her legs.

She later got up and knelt before me. Obviously she had other plans…..

Before I knew what was happening, her lips completely enveloped my entire mamba. She then began stroking with her hand and s*****g with her lips.

Jeez, the feeling was incredible! I was incapable of saying anything else. She swirled her tongue wildly around the head of my mamba for several minutes, driving me mad with desire.

She asked where my condoms were and I quickly reached beneath my bed and gave some to her. She quickly tore one and condomized my mamba.

As she sat up, she positioned herself, straddling me. Her chest was right in front of my face. ‘How about a little more of that tongue you showed me earlier?’, she said.


I was in no position to argue. As I dove into her chest, tongue wide awake, nibbling and s*****g on her ni*pples, she reached back and began to rub my hard mamba around her dripping pu*ssy.

She was too elevated for it to enter, but she massaged the tender head of it against the opening folds of her pu*ssy.

She did it slowly and so gently. I grabbed her a*s with my hands to make sure she wouldn’t drop and impale herself. I wasn’t quite ready to have my mamba broken.

When she felt that I was ready, she slowly lowered herself onto my mamba, and I sat helpless with mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I promised myself I wasn’t going to straff that night. On the other hand her body felt so sweet around me.

** 8) Straff well jor!!! 8)**

Her hands then gently pushed my shoulders back and she began to move her body slightly and rhythmically. I looked down and saw the base of my mamba move in and out of her beautiful pu*ssy.

Her b***s swayed slightly and I reached up to lightly caress her body. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, maintaining the slow and slight movement of her body on top of mine.

I ran my fingers lightly down to her c**t and began to massage it. Rejoice let out a small m**n. We increased our tempo simultaneously, my hand on her c**t, her body moving up and down.

When our movement got increasingly fast, she stopped suddenly and turned around so she was facing my feet. I could no longer touch her, but I could see her perfect a*s moving up and down and her head thrown back.

After several minutes, she appeared to be tired, and she dismounted, dropping to her hands and knees.

She looked back at me expectantly. I moved to her and slowly slid my c**k into her waiting slit. She dropped her arms beside her head so just her a*s was in the air.

This was the most arousing sight and I moved in and out of her smoothly. Her body moved back and forth to match my rhythm. After several minutes, I wasn’t sure, but I felt I was cu*mming.

Some moments later, I was spurting my juices into the CD and we came together in a heated thrust of passion. I lay beside her, spooning her. My mamba was still inside her.

We closed our eyes and just lay there for some time. I don’t know how long because not only time, but my mind stood still.

We later ‘de-straffed’ and I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. We later had two more rounds of caum shattering straffing before we finally slept.

Hmmm, I wonder what would happen when they both find out they’ve tasted the mamba… Then again, who cares!!! Right?


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