Doctor Gideon’s wife episode 6

Episode 6

Doctor Gideon’s Wife 💔

“My son, this is Gogoo, the one I have been telling you about, my last daughter”. Mrs Williamson was introducing.

“Nice meeting you”. I finally found my voice.

She smiled.

Her smiled too was beautiful, everything about that girl is extraordinary.

“Gogoo, doctor Gideon”.

Surprisingly, the girl screamed in excitement, hugging my head so tight to her bosom.

“Oh!, doc, it’s good to finally get to meet you, mom has been telling me so many good things about you”.

I tried as much as I can to control myself at that moment.

“We shall be on our way now”. One of the women announced as they all stood.

Mrs Williamson excused herself to go see them off, leaving me alone with Gogoo.

She initiated a conversation about school and we were flowing very well.

Just like her mom, she talks a lot but that made her more beautiful..her voice, like I said earlier is sweet.

We talked for a long time before her mom returned to the living room.

Left for me, I wished to remain in that house all night, even if it is just to watch Gogoo speak, but I didn’t want to look irresponsible at our first meeting so I took my leave at 9pm

As I drove home that night, I kept smiling sheepishly to myself, remembering the emotional moments I had back there…the way she hugged my head into her bosom, forcing me to inhale the sweet fragrance of her body…the way she tapped me on the laps every single time she laughed.

That girl is too perfect to be real.

The moment I drove into my compound, my mood changed instantly. For a while, I have forgotten I have a problem in the form of a wife at home.

I decided to rest a little in the car.

Why has my mummy decided to punish me?, I didn’t tell her I wanted a wife. Since this girl came into my life, I have been living a life of guilt. I can’t continue this way, I want my life back.

Gogoo is the kind of woman I would have loved to make my wife. Not only is she beautiful, she is a nurse… a classic nurse and that would had complemented my career.

I knew if I opened up to Mrs Williamson, definitely, she won’t want me anywhere close to her daughter and if I don’t and they found out, it won’t be funny.

I must find a means to balance this. I thought.

Just then, I heard a tap on the glass, I looked up and saw Sandra, peering into the car.

I heaved a sigh and opened the door

“Good evening”. She greeted, trying to touch me.

But I brushed her hand away.

“What?”. I asked.

“It’s nothing, I was only worried…you have been in the car since you drove in”. She said.

I hissed, picked my gadgets, got down from the car and started going into the house, leaving her standing there in confusion.

I entered the living room and sunk in one of the couches.

“Where is Emmanuel?”. I asked as soon as she entered.

“He is sleeping already”. She replied.

I watched her passed and went into the kitchen. I sighed again.

Just then, a call came in was Gogoo. I picked it with excitement. She only wanted to know if I made it home safely.

“Take good care of yourself, bye”. She hung up.

I stared at the phone smiling.

“Doctor Gideon, your food is ready”. That was Sandra’s voice, calling from the dining room.

I looked up at her with hatred in my eyes.

How did I even end up with this classless woman?.

“Did I tell you I’m hungry?”. I asked, unable to hide my annoyance.

“I’m so sorry “. She apologized as she took the food back to the kitchen.

I hissed again. I pity that lady. I know she was not at fault, but somehow, it’s her fault.

Why will she carry herself to my mother and be playing the role of a wife material while she hasn’t even seen me?.

Why will she allow my mom to talk her into coming back to the city with me after all we discussed on our first night?

It’s her fault, she shouldn’t had done any of those.

I dreamt about Gogoo all night.

On my way to work the next day. I met Tricia standing at the gate of the hospital as I was about to drive in.

I would had driven passed her, but that girl is crazy. She may come inside and constitute a nuisance if I did that.

I parked by the side and watch her gets closer Then I wind down the glass and she leaned on the window..

“What do you want?, have I not warned you to avoid my work area?. I demanded, harshly.

“Gideon, what exactly is wrong with you?…”

“No, I should be asking you that, what is wrong with it not obvious that I don’t want you, infact, I never wanted you. Am I not making it obvious enough?”. I retorted.

She was taken aback for a moment, then she smiled her nonchalant smile before turning back to face me.

“I don’t care to know what you’re talking about, but I’m just here to let you know that I am pregnant “. She said, throwing a piece of paper at my face.

I picked the paper immediately and threw it back at her.

“I know you were sent to me, just tell them you no see me”. I wind up my glass and drove in, slowly, watching her reaction through the side mirror. I saw her picked up the paper and started moving away.


That day, I lost concentration at work.

That girl must be mad. As a medical doctor, I ensured I play safe with all the ladies, I love my life so much, I cannot risk infection. But she drugged me the last time and when I woke up in the morning, she claimed I touched her. And now, she is here this morning with the news of pregnancy.

I’m not going to let that bother me.

Gogoo should be the only thing in my head right now. My daddy used to say ,when he was alive that ‘the only thing that has no solution is death’.

I must make Gogoo mine by all means, hundreds of Tricia and Sandra can never stop me…

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