Doctor Gideon’s Wife

Doctor Gideon’s Wife💔

My wife gave me the shock of my life.

I didn’t believe Sandra could do a thing like that to me, she looked so naive.

Permit me to introduce myself. I’m Gideon Obinna, doctor Gideon. I got married to my wife 5 years ago, though, I wouldn’t had, if it wasn’t for my mother.

My mother called me to come back home one Easter period for a very important family meeting.

“We can discuss this over the phone, mom. I have enough airtime”. I had pleaded.

But she insisted I come back home.

“Everything shouldn’t be done on the phone, my dear, there are matters that require one’s presence.. this is a season of celebration, you know. Come and see your mom”.

I drove down to the village two days later to see her.

“I have found you a wife from this village, she is a good girl… she has been the one helping me out here with small small errands and her family are good people.. she will be here tomorrow morning”. She was saying after I have had my dinner..

“Mom, you don’t have to stress yourself getting me a wife… I can get myself a wife whenever I’m ready, I still have time”. I had said

She laughed.

“Obinna, there is no time, you’re my only son… you’re 31 already and besides, you’re doing very well. What’s stopping you from getting married now that I’m alive and giving me my grandchildren?”.

We argued all night about that.

The next morning, I woke up and on my way out from the room, I sighted a girl, through the window in the living room, sweeping the front yard.

That must be the Sandra. I thought.

I went closer to the window to take a very good look at her and my jaw dropped when I saw her in full. She had all the physical qualities I appreciate in women.. very very beautiful and tall. My mom had really made a right choice for her son.

I admired her for some times before I heard someone cleared their throat from behind me. was my mom.

I acted like I was removing some dirt from the window.

“Mama, good morning”. I greeted, without turning.

“Good morning, Obinna, I saw the way you were peeping at that girl. I told you,you will like her”. She laughed.

No need to pretend anymore, I just gave up and faced her.We started the argument all over.

She didn’t stop, even after I went back to the city the next day. She called every single day to remind me that I have a wife in the village.

“Your wife is saying hello to you”. She would always say.

At the end, I gave in. If getting married was going to make her happy and grant me my peace, I’m ready to do it.

Sandra and I got married three months later. My plan was for her to stay back with my mom while I visit from town, but mom would not hear of it.

“You want to leave your wife with me here in the village?, what will you be doing over there in the city?”

I tried my best to explain things to her but she wasn’t going to listen.

The truth was that I had a lot going on in the city.

In the city hospital where I work, I was held in high esteem, but there was a part of me that no staff was familiar with…. women.

I like women a lot. I had any kind of woman at my disposal . And the funny thing was that, no girl has ever said ‘no’ to me…. I mean, why would they?… I’m a medical doctor, working in one of the biggest hospitals in town, I’m what you call handsome and I have money… women love money.

I was the only one among my friends who had been able to rent a nice apartment. I lived in a two bedroom flat, fully furnished. No woman ever want to lose me after visiting.

Women flocked my house like birds. Some times, I do come back home to my house scattered as a result of fighting between some of the them after they walked in on one another in my absence.

I had friends too.. irresponsible friends, who would bring their women to the house for a good time. Most nights, we party in my house till dawn.

The neighbors were already used to bottles breaking and loud music at nights.

My house was a Sodom those days.

But my mother wouldn’t understand all these.

She went as far as poisoning my wife’s mind after I had succeeded in convincing the poor girl to stay back.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?, you want to stay apart from your husband?, where will you be staying?, in this house?…. never!”. She had shouted at my wife.

The day I was supposed to go back to the city, she made sure to pack all of Sandra’s belongings into the car.

“Make sure you call me, should anything go wrong”. I overheard her telling Sandra.

That was how I returned to the city with a village wife.She wasn’t an illiterate, mind you. At least, she completed her secondary education and was already an expert in hairdressing that time.

But she was still a child to me, 20 years of age and very innocent.

And like I have said earlier, I didn’t marry Sandra for love, I only did because mother wanted me to. So that didn’t stop me from enjoying my life to the fullest…

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Story by Joy Ifunanya’s story room.

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