Doctor Gideon’s wife episode 5

Episode 5

Doctor Gideon’s Wife đź’”

I played the boring role of a loving husband and responsible father for another week.

It wasn’t that easy, you know . Seeing lots of beautiful ladies and ignoring them, even when it’s obvious they’re giving you the green light… it’s so unmasculine.

During that week an incident occured one afternoon that made me realize how living an ungodly life can actually tamper with one’s self respect.

I had given doctor Desmond a lift to pick somethings from a shopping mall for his girlfriend’s birthday and I decided to go in too to see what I can get for my boy and that was where I ran into a strange girl.

She was talking with one of the attendants when we entered but I noticed the way she looked up and started smiling at us.

It seems I was the only one noticing her because Desmond was lost in checking out some stuff. I tried my best to avoid her gaze.

“Do you know that girl over there.. the one on blue hair?”. I had whispered.

He shook his head after observing her for sometimes and continued what he was doing.

From the corner of my eyes, I noticed she was approaching us.

What does this girl want now?. I wondered.

“Good evening, sir… it’s been a while oo”. She greeted, still smiling.

Desmond and I exchanged confused glances.

“Who are you talking to, me or him”. Desmond asked.

“Him”. She replied.

I looked her from head to toe, cracking my brain to remember where I had encountered her but I couldn’t. I knew she wasn’t one of them because… she no be my spec.

“Are you from the hospital?…I asked and she shook her head
mortuary?”. I added.

The smile on her face vanished at the mention of that.

“Hey!, God forbid.. She rebuked..
…oga you’re not nice at all.. anyways, I’m Loveth, the receptionist at Free world hotel… it’s been a while we see you”.

I was so embarrassed. Desmond was my junior colleague, I shouldn’t even be there with him in the first place but because I think I owe him a good turn.

“Will you get lost!”. I thundered and she ran off, without turning back.

Heads turned and murmuring could be heard from other customers.

“Could you imagine the insult?”. I complained to Desmond.

He merely smiled.
“Don’t take it to heart, doc, it might be a case of mistaken identity”. He said.

I had a mood swing instantly.

“I will be in the car”. I said to Desmond as I made my way out.

Mrs Williamson kept calling and texting all week to remind me of the upcoming event.

“Please, endeavor to come on time oo because, you’re one of our special guests”.

She had said that a million times and it got me thinking. At a points, I decided I was going to come up with some excuse on that day.

But I found myself driving down to the location on Sunday evening, following the address she had earlier texted me. I met with heavy traffic and spent close to two hours on the road before I finally got there around 7pm.

The party had come to an end by the time I arrived. Few cars were driving out as I was driving in.

It was a big house.

One of the security men led me into the living room where Mrs Williamson was talking and drinking with some women I understood were also latecomers like myself.

” Here he comes!… she exclaimed, as soon as we entered
… I thought you weren’t going to come anymore. She was saying as she hugged me.
…. this is my potential son-in-law, he is a medical doctor”. She introduced me to the other women.

“Welcome, doc”. They chorused.

I just smiled and sat.

“Make yourself comfortable, I will call my daughter”. She said.

“Akpan!” She called out to a boy who was busy clearing the dinning table.
…tell Gogoo she has a visitor, then you come and serve our guest”. She instructed.

Akpan ran off and came down few minutes later.

“I don tell am, but she dey baff”.

Some minutes after, I was eating and gisting with Mrs Williamson and her friends, when all of a sudden, footsteps were overheard walking down the stairs behind me.

“Gogoo is coming”. She smiled excitedly.

And just under a twinkle of an eye, the spoon fell off my hand as I beheld an angel standing before me in her full glory.

She has the body of a model, the hair of Rapunzel, her eyes were enchanting, her lips were shaped in a unique love shape, her bust….

“Hello” She waved at my face, drifting me back to reality.

I opened my mouth to speak but no word was coming out it.

Whoever said the beautiful ones are not yet born?….

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