What Went Down on Campus episode 8

Episode Eight (18+)

She was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where her downfall began……


Robert is tall, dark in complexion, well built and very handsome. He is a very gentle guy, who was always seen in company of himself and himself alone. He is God fearing, was not in any bad click on campus.

A leader in his departmental fellowship and campus fellowship. He was only dedicated to his God and books.

Lucifiana was relaxing under a shade one evening reading, unlike her. She’s not often seen around during that period of the day.

Robert, plays basketball and this evening he was on his way to the basketball court when his built and good looks caught the attention of Lucifiana.

She followed him closely to the court and waited for him to finish. He is a good basketball player and is well respected in the team. He plays for the school basketball team and is the assistant captain.

The training lasted two hours and Lucifiana waited and even cheered him and others as they trained.

Robert was on his way back to his hostel when he was engaged in a conversation with Lucifiana.

“Greetings to you handsome”. She greeted as she walked up to him…

“Greetings to you young lady”. He answered and continued his walk.

“My name is Lucy, a first year student of Geography”.

“OK, I am Robert, a third year student *of Mass Communication”. Robert responded. But his attention* was focused on getting back to his room.

“Can I be your friend?”. Asked Lucifiana….

“We are friends already, don’t you think so?”. Robert queried….

“Yes I think we are, I am in room two *Queen Diamond Hostel. Check on me anytime* you want. I like you, you look gentle, my kind of man”.

“That’s ok, I like you too. Very few ladies can summon the *courage to let a guy know what they feel about him. You are beautiful as well, and a kind of lady* any man would love to have as his. Will check you up one of these days”..

“Thank you Rob, I’m flattered. I’ve not been told such sweet words before”.

“You must be kidding me, as beautiful as you are. Such words you must be hearing every minute of the day”.

“So you think, but in my kingdom, no one says such to me”.

“Your kingdom, what kingdom are you talking about?”. Robert asked anxiously.

“I mean in my hostel. No one has said such to me”. Lied Lucifiana…

“You are funny, your fellow ladies can’t say such to you. Or are you a lesbian?”

“Not at all, I don’t do such rubbish. I’ve not had a male friend since I appeared, sorry since I was born. So, no one has ever said such to me.”

“You are truly funny. I’ll check on *you tomorrow or next. Let me go freshen up, I have fellowship* to attend”.

“Are you one of these church goers?” She asked frowning…

“Is anything wrong with that?”. Robert asked…

“Nothing *dear, I see you are too *handsome. So I never thought you would be in any campus fellowship* “. She told him..

“I am my dear Lucy, one with God* is majority”.

The mention of the name (God) gave *her a little imbalance, but it was not noticed by Robert. He offered her a handshake, but she declined. She told him she doesn’t shake men. *She went her way to her hostel as Robert stood* for sometime watching her dangle her heavy backside and was carried away with what he saw. Her beauty* , body shape, good a*s and b***s made him fall for her. She is truly Irresistible.

Mark, Tom and Alex were still recovering at the school clinic, but it will take Lucifiana to get out of herself from the spiritual to the physical before their lives would be normal again…….


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