What Went Down on Campus episode 7

Episode Seven

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was hardly locked…


The guys outside did all they could to force the door open but couldn’t. They alerted other guys in the block, everyone gathered to force the door open, yet couldn’t.

While they were busy trying to gain entrance into the room, Lucifiana kept ordering them to go harder on her that she was about to come.
“Give it to me very hard, now I’m enjoying it. Oh my father Lucifaaaaa, I am about to come. Please accept their semen in your kingdom to produce more beautiful queens like myself. There are many more guys who can’t caution their dicks like these three fools. They needs to be taught a lesson”. Lucifiana prayed…..

She was lost in excitement, because she was about to come and needed concentration for that. Then the door was forced open. But then it was already late to get hold of her, she had reached orgasm and disappeared.

But before she disappeared, she told them that it wasn’t over yet. She’ll be coming back for more because she enjoyed it.

“I love and enjoyed it so much, I’ll be coming back for more often. We need your type in our kingdom to multiply and bring forth more destructive queens. I am Lucifiana, nicknamed “DESTRUCTION” in our kingdom. There would be no hiding place for you guys”.

Mark, Tom and Alex were seen lying lifeless, couldn’t move but still breathing.

They were quickly rushed to the school clinic for medication. They were unconscious for several days, what was happening to them was more of a spiritual thing than what medical experts could handle. So they needed spiritual intervention.

But everyone was blind not to know that what they needed was a spiritual intervention. They remained unconscious for several days. . Lucifiana returned to the campus and resumed her lectures because no one knew she was evil.

Their semen were used in the *spiritual world to produce *more beautiful queens like* Lucifiana to come into the world and destroy more guys who runs after* everything they see that has big b***s and a*s.

It is not all ladies you see around that are humans, most of them are demons from the pit of hell.

Because she’s been sexed by humans, she started initiating others on campus by seducing them to make love to her.

All she needed was just their semen to multiply her kingdom. Some she took their luck, some their knowledge was taken from them.

Learn to zip up guys, the enemy (some ladies) goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour.

She often visited the three musketeers even in their unconscious state and forced them make love to her. She would give them some strength and off they go.

She was not allowed to fall in love with anyone because that would spell doom for her. But she did, she fell in love with one Robert on campus, that was where her downfall began……

What happened next?
Fine out in the next episode.

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