Twisted Love Episode 5

Twisted Love
Chapter 5

I was in my room alone, I went deep in thought … hoping I don’t hurt Susan,
how do I handle this two women in my life, without breaking anyone’s heart
Debbie already have a son for me and I’ve made my intentions known to Susan’s family

what should I do?
am really avoiding making a marital mistake.
The truth is, I’ll be under so much pressure from friends and family if I choose Debbie over Susan.
I won’t lie…… Debbie have been a wonderful woman and I’ve learnt so many things from her, She’s kind, beautiful and got a good heart . that’s why I did all I could to make her comfortable, I provided Everything she and junior will need ,

if I was aware she’s carrying my child, I would still tell her to have the baby
The day I met my child for the first time, You just don’t know what it feels like for me.
I was so happy that I almost bursted into tears of joy .

I called my parents, I was coming over…… from the tone of my voice they know all isn’t well……I drove down to visit my parents, they were looking for Susan on my arrival
I said Susan is fine but all isn’t well….
I narrated the time I went to live with my Eldest brother, how I met Deborah, what happened between us, the period I got a job and I left my brother’s place she got pregnant, I wasn’t aware because we lost contact.

my mom in loud voice saying, “she needed to see that Deborah” she’s calling her a home breaker already because my mom loves sussan.
I told my parents to keep what we discussed a secret.

for weeks I wasn’t myself, Susan became worried, she’s thinking am having wedding fever, I lied am having pressure from work…

the following week I took Debbie and my son to meet my parents, my Dad was so surprised seeing a better version of me, he hugged my son several times but my mom won’t just accept Debbie,
my mom was insisting Junior can stay but Debbie should go,….. I defended Debbie so well, deep down in my heart I knew Debbie was the one….

how do I call off the wedding with Susan?

While growing up, I never imagined having a baby mama or living a polygamus life… Debbie is the mother of my son, besides.. I’ve been enjoying s*x with Debbie, who know if Susan can make me sexually happy….
“maybe the devil I know is better than the angel I don’t know ๐Ÿคท

I begged my parents, especially my mom to support me in calling off my engagement with Susan and her family
my mom never wanted to be a party to that, at least she knows Susan family already, she’s calling Debbie a gold digger
how I wish my mom know who Debbie really is, she will definitely love her.

My dad was in full support of my decision,
some weeks later, my Dad called Susan’s parents that we are coming to there house, everyone showed up, including Debbie and Chris Junior in particular.

My Dad full of wisdom explaining the situation on ground why we are calling of the engagement with Susan and he’s trying not to hurt anyone,
obviously such news won’t go well, Susan’s family were so hurt and very much disappointed
It’s was time for me to speak, I narrated the history of Debbie and I…….. just because junior was involved …. Susan’s parents understood my point of view.

Susan was yet to speak, I could see fire in her eyes…..

I just hope she will accept the news in good fate

….to be continue

ยฉ๏ธ Daniel Francis

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