Redeemed Hearts episode 5


Episode 5

The realization of his deep feelings for Tife ignited a newfound determination in Arinze. He embarked on a mission to regain her trust and prove his sincere intentions. This time, it wasn’t driven by revenge or manipulation; it was a quest for redemption.

Tife couldn’t help but notice Arinze’s firm dedication. She observed as he genuinely tried to understand her past, support her present, and dream of a future together. Slowly but surely, the walls she built around her heart began to crumble, one brick at a time.

Their interactions evolved from being tense and guarded to open and vulnerable. Arinze shared his struggles and fears, allowing Tife to see the person behind the front he had once presented. In return, Tife shared her future aspirations and dreams.

As the days turned into weeks, Tife’s heart softened towards Arinze. His sincerity radiated through his actions, which spoke volumes louder than words ever could. Arinze’s relentless pursuit of her affection eroded the doubts she had carried for so long. It became evident that he wasn’t just seeking a second chance for himself; he was offering Tife the opportunity to for a new start through love.

Their newfound love faced its first test when Tife received an unexpected visitor.

“Hello, you must be Tife.”

“Yes, and who are you?”

“I’m Adanna, Arinze’s fiancée.” Tife was taken aback, and they exchanged tense glances.

“What do you want?”

“How dare you ask me that? After scheming your way into my fiancé’s life.”

“He told me he ended things with you.”

“Oh, you must be naive to think I’ll walk away from a three-year relationship and a man like Arinze. No, girl, he’s mine, and I’ve come to warn you to stay away from my man.”

“So, you’re willing to be with him even when he’s in love with me?”

“Love, indeed. He’s just confused. Now that I’m back, he’ll come to his senses. I’m here to warn you, stay away from him, or the whole world will hear your story.”

“What was that?”

“I’m not fooled by this illusion; I know about your past and all Arinze feels for you is sympathy. If you don’t want the whole world to know your little dirty secret, leave Arinze. You’ve been warned.”

As Adanna left, Tife collapsed on the floor, she knew that something would always keep her and Arinze apart. Even if Adanna hadn’t shown up, Tife was convinced that Arinze’s parents would never support their union.

When Arinze learned about Adanna’s visit to Tife, he was shocked; he hadn’t even known she was back in the country. He was angry with himself for being so naive and exposing Tife’s fragile emotions to another attack. He should have known that Adanna wouldn’t give up easily. He decided to visit her and confront her about her deception. Adanna told him the same things she had told Tife; she wasn’t giving up on a three-year relationship without a fight. Arinze tried to reason with her, but she remained adamant.

Arinze assured Tife that he cared about her and was determined to proceed with his plans to make her his wife. However, Tife informed him of Adanna’s threats and her reluctance to take such a risk. Arinze requested time to resolve the situation with Adanna.

Tife’s stepmother was there to support her.

“Do you think you deserve to be with Arinze?” she asked.

“No, I don’t. I feel like he deserves better.”

“You speak like this because you’re naive. Nobody is without baggage; everyone has a past. If your experiences had been different, would you still say you don’t deserve him?”

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

“All I can say, Tife, is that you deserve the best. I think the tide is about to change in your favour. Don’t give up the fight. Would you like me to pray with you?”

Tife shrugged, and her stepmother offered a comforting prayer, even though Tife was reluctant to acknowledge its impact.

Throughout these trials, Tife and Arinze’s bond grew stronger. Their shared experiences created a deep and unbreakable bond. The love that had once been tainted by lies was now pure and genuine, a beacon of hope for two souls seeking solace.

Amidst the challenges, Arinze knew it was time to take a significant step forward. He realized it was time to confront his family, declare his love for Tife, and seek their blessings. He had kept her hidden for far too long, and he was determined to rectify his mistake. Little did he know that this step would have unexpected consequences.

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to be continued.
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