Redeemed Hearts episode 7


Episode 7

The incident that transpired at Arinze’s parents’ house dealt a severe blow to Arinze and Tife’s relationship, sending them back to square one. Tife, deeply hurt and emotionally scarred, had chosen to shut Arinze out, refusing to see or communicate with him. While Arinze was devastated, Tife, though equally heartbroken, believed that this separation was the best course of action.

As days gradually turned into weeks, Arinze persisted in his effort to convince his parents to accept Tife. He clung to the hope that, with time, his parents might come to understand that she was a woman who had fought tenaciously to escape the clutches of her past and strive toward a brighter future.

Meanwhile, Tife is dealing with the emotional toll the situation has taken on her. She found solace and guidance in the support of her Rev Dolapo her stepmother, who continued to stand by her side, offering a steady pillar of strength.
In his quest to find a resolution, Arinze turned to Reverend Dolapo, seeking his counsel and assistance in bridging the gap that had formed between Tife and himself.

“He loves you deeply, and he is determined to marry you, even if it means going against his family’s wishes,” Reverend Dolapo conveyed to Tife.

Tife, her heart torn between love and the fear of causing Arinze to become estranged from his family, responded, “I cannot be the reason he becomes separated from his family. Arinze should let go of me and move on with his life.”

“But you do love him, don’t you?” the Rev gently inquired.

With a heavy sigh, Tife admitted, “Yes, I do. But my past keeps resurfacing, threatening to sabotage any chance of happiness we might have together.”

Reverend Dolapo leaned in, her eyes filled with empathy. “Tife, if you would only let Jesus help you, you will find the strength to overcome your past. You haven’t completely healed from the wounds of your past. How can you hope to be happy if you remain bound by those memories? You deserve happiness.”

Tife struggled with these conflicting emotions but listened intently. Reverend Dolapo decided that it was time to share her painful past with her.

She began to narrate the dark story of how her uncle had subjected her to years of sexual abuse, eventually leading to her becoming pregnant, and the horrifying revelation her parents had to face. “You see,” she continued, “my parents were deeply engrossed in their careers, leaving me feeling neglected. He was the only one who showed me affection—or so I thought.”

Tife’s eyes widened in shock as she listened to the shocking details of the Rev’s past. Reverend Dolapo went on, to describe how her uncle had cunningly manipulated her into believing that his actions were expressions of love. “I even planned to run away with him because I genuinely believed he was the only one who cared for me. But when he was released on bail, he fled, leaving me behind. I tried to kill myself if not for the timely intervention of my sister I would have committed suicide.

From there I started hanging out with the wrong crowd I was doing drugs and living carelessly. Until the day I was kidnapped by ritualists and my friend was brutally murdered. I told God that moment that if he saves me, I will give him my life. By the next day, the police got tips about their activity and that was how I was freed. It was a turning point that led me to turn to God and make a solemn vow to devote my life to Him.

Tife was deeply moved by Reverend Dolapo’s tragic past and how she had managed to find the strength and faith to turn her life around. After a moment of silence, she finally spoke, her voice trembling, “I can’t believe all of that happened to you, and yet you found the strength to serve God.”

Reverend Dolapo nodded, her eyes glistening with tears. “Yes, Tife, because I came to realize that God wasn’t the enemy rather, he saved me that day. This is what I’ve been trying to convey about choices. My parents chose to have children despite their demanding careers, I chose to turn to drugs to deal with my insecurity.”

Filled with curiosity, Tife asked, “Does my father know about all of this?”

Reverend Dolapo nodded in affirmation. “Yes, I told him everything, including the fact that I might never be able to bear him children due to the numerous abortions. Eventually, he came around, and I even got pregnant in the first year of our marriage.”

Tife was taken aback by this revelation. “You did?”

“Yes,” Reverend Dolapo confirmed, “I did.”

Tife, her mind racing with thoughts, finally decided to share her deepest secret with the reverend. She turned to face her directly and dropped a bombshell she had kept hidden for so long. “Well, you have a womb, so you stand a chance. I don’t.”

Reverend Dolapo was visibly surprised by Tife’s confession. “What do you mean?”

Tife dropped the bomb.

“I lost my womb.”

Reverend Dolapo successfully persuaded Tife to disclose the final secret she had been keeping from Arinze. Tife mustered the courage to visit Arinze at his home, and they sat facing each other.

With a heavy heart, Tife began, “Arinze, I want to apologize for the trouble I’ve caused you in these past few weeks. There’s one last secret I’ve been withholding from you, and I owe it to you to be honest.”

She took a deep breath and continued, “I can’t have children. I lost my womb when my uncle took me for an abortion when I was still in school. The procedure went terribly wrong, and I nearly lost my life due to the severe bleeding. To save me, they had no choice but to remove my womb.”

Arinze was stunned into silence by this revelation. He finally managed to speak, his voice filled with shock and hurt, “You kept this from me? Were you planning to hide this information from me?”

Tife, tears welling up in her eyes, replied with remorse, “No, Arinze, I didn’t plan to hide it from you. I convinced myself that if your parents consented to our marriage, then I would tell you. But when they rejected me, I thought there was no point. However, my stepmother convinced me that you deserved to know the truth. I’m deeply sorry, Arinze. Now you understand the real reason behind my reluctance to marry you. I think it’s best for you to move on with your life and find a woman who can give you children. Goodbye, Arinze.”

With that, Tife rose from her seat and left his house. Arinze didn’t attempt to stop her, realizing the futility of the situation.

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