Madam Bambina’s Br0thel episode 2

Madam Bambina’s Br0thel

Episode Two:

“Something has happened to Cheta.” Maazi Okonta, Cheta’s father said. He woke up that morning to see that the big udala tree in his compound had completely withered. Instead of the green leaves that use to be a cooling shade in his compound, what he found was a dead tree. All the leaves on the udala tree looked as if they were burnt by a very strong fire.

“Cheta has been deflowered and she is in trouble. My daughter is in trouble.” Maazi Okonta said to his wife, Eberechi. He has decided to open up to his wife about what he did to Cheta many years ago when she was still ten years old. He took Eberechi very close to the udala tree.

“Many years ago, I realized that you can no longer give me more children. I also realized that I cannot have a male child to bear my name when I’m gone.” Maazi Okonta began his story. His wife listened with rapt attention. She had her eyes on the udala tree because she was shocked to see how skeletal it suddenly looks.

“Because I did not want to marry another wife, I decided to secretly take Cheta to a native doctor. I tied Cheta’s soul and body to this udala tree.” Maazi Okonta’s revelation came as a deep shock to his wife. It was never mentioned to her until now that the matter was getting out of hand.

“Nna ayi, how could you have done that? That is wickedness in the highest order. No wonder, my daughter has rejected all the men that sought her hand in marriage. No wonder Cheta does not care about men even at the age of twenty five. You destroyed her life. Tufiakwa gi!”

Eberechi was very angry with her husband. The anger and deep pain showed in her eyes and if she had a gun in her hand, she would have shot him right there.

“Listen and hear me out to the end. I don’t think I destroyed her life. Just that according to the native doctor, she will not be able to leave my compound and live with a husband. Cheta can never get married to a man of her choice and she can only stay in my compound and bear children in my name. But that will be when she reaches the age of thirty, and then I will personally get her a husband. The native doctor says she will do my bidding.” Maazi Okonta opens more disturbing secrets.

“Shame on you. Shame on you. Let the whole village bear me witness. I have no hand in this.” Eberehi said. She was starting to shout very loud.

“Listen woman. She is my daughter and I will use her to get what I want. I want male children, but you couldn’t give me. Cheta is the male child that I never had.” Maazi Okonta sounded angry but still controlled himself.

“Now, Cheta has left my compound and she has slept with a man before the appointed time. She has been disvirged before the age of thirty as instructed by the native doctor. This is a disaster because every man who touches her henceforth will die the same way this udala tree has died. And her virginity will always come back to normal.” Maazi Okonta’s words sounded like loud bombs in Eberechi’s ears.

“I never knew I have been living with a monster as a husband. You have completely destroyed Cheta’s life. And you never mentioned any of this to me? I’m finished! Everyone should hear me out, I have no hand in this evil. You alone will bear the consequences.” Eberechi said as she stormed out of her husband’s presence.

Back in Madam Bambina’s Brothel in Libya, Cheta felt a lot of pain because it was her first time of being with a man. The previous night was hellish for her.

“It was very painful. I have not done it before. I feel very bad. That ugly man forced himself on me.” Cheta tells her friend, Obiageli.

“How can you say it was your first time? You mean a man has never touched you? And you are twenty five?” Obiageli asked. She was shocked. A man also slept with her the previous night and it was by force. Both of them knew they would have to leave the brothel because that was not what they bargained for.

“I’m serious. I bled seriously. But the shocking thing is that when I checked this morning, it was as if no one had ever touched me before. The blood dried up and everything went back to how it was. I’m confused.” Cheta said. She was not aware of her father’s actions and the changes in her body troubled her soul so much.

Their conversation was interrupted by Madam Bambina who stormed into Cheta’s room. Obiageli promptly left the place and went to her own room. Madam Bambina’s face does not look good. Something bad must have happened.

“The man I gave you to service yesterday, what did you do to him? I’m asking you this question because he is dead.” Madam Bambina said.

“Dead? How do you mean? I mean, I did nothing to him. He was the one who did something to me. Why did he die?” Cheta asked. She was very worried.
“I don’t care to know whatever you did to him. But let me not lose another customer in your hands. I have told you I can kill you if you play with my business. I will kill you and throw your body into the desert. Be very careful with my customers next time.” Madam Bambina warned and stormed out of the room. She was smoking a stick of cigar and the odour filled the room when she left. Cheta hated the smell.

Cheta’s heart was p******g very fast. She was confused.

“How can a man die after touching me? Am I a spirit?” Cheta asked herself. She decided to take her mind off the issue and rest he head.

“Right now, I’m focused on trying to escape from this place.” She said.

But Cheta was becoming very popular in Madam Bambina’s Brothel. Every man who saw her wanted her. That very night, five customers were sent to her room.

In the morning Madam Bambina waited patiently to hear what will happen to the five men who were with Cheta the previous night.

Watch out for episode three.

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