Madam Bambina’s Br0thel

Madam Bambina’s Br0thel

Episode One

In the ancient village of Amaede, Cheta is regarded as the most beautiful girl in town. Many people have often said her body looked as clean as that of a cat-fish. Some men have even joked that they can mould fufu and eat on her body because of how smooth her skin is. Her skin is brownish and shines like a setting sun.

Cheta’s body is so attractive that it is impossible to pass her on the road and not turn back to take a second look. Cheta is tall and she has flesh in the right places. She is blessed with a lot of hair that flows down and touches her back.

Apart from having a perfect milk factory, Cheta is blessed with an interesting back such that anytime she passes, men would leave what they are doing to concentrate on her. Often, when people look at her face, they like to keep watching her like television. Such is her beauty that it would take a whole day to describe. Some people say God created Cheta on a Sunday.

With all her beauty, Cheta is still unmarried and she does not have a boyfriend even at the age of twenty five. Many people in Amaede are often surprised that men have failed to pluck the much ripped mango called Cheta.

“Is it that you don’t like all the men that have been coming to marry you?” Her friend, Obiegeli asked her one evening when she visited her. Her question was right because men flock to Cheta like a herd of cattle, but she has accepted none of them. Obiageli who is less beautiful than Cheta has three boyfriends who take care of her.

“I like them. I just don’t want to settle down yet.” Cheta answered.
“Obiageli, look at my family. We are so poor. In fact, our name has become poverty. We don’t have a good house and we feed hand to mouth. I don’t want to get married and leave my parents in that condition. I want to change their lives first. You know I’m their only child. Besides, all the men that have been coming are poor and they won’t be able to take good care of me and bring my parents out of poverty.” Cheta said.

“What about Nzube? He has a car and he has built house. Why didn’t you accept to marry him?” Obiageli asked.

“I can’t marry a man who has only one car and one house. He has to be very very rich. Are you not getting my point? I can’t be from a poor family and still marry into a poor family. I have suffered enough in my parent’s house; the man I will marry has to take away my suffering and take away poverty from my parents. That’s my point.” Cheta’s voice was beginning to be loud, so Obiageli decided to change the topic.

They were sitting under an udala tree. That tree was planted by Cheta’s father, Uwakwe and it is now ten years old. It is a major shade in their compound and visitors sit under it.

“I wanted to tell you about traveling abroad. Are you interested of travelling out of Nigeria? People are making it abroad. Are you interested?” Obiageli asked. It was the first time she was bringing up such topic.

“Of course I’m interested. I want to leave this village and look for greener pastures elsewhere. Do you know how we can travel out?” Cheta asked.

“There is this woman who is helping people to travel out. She lives in Italy and she comes back every month to take girls with her. And you know what? She will be the one to sponsor everything. She pays for your visa, feeding, flight and everything.” Obiageli said. She was very excited about the whole thing and an inviting smile danced on her face as she spoke.

“Please, where is the woman? Take me to her immediately. I can’t wait to leave Nigeria.” Cheta said.

“You know that woman that has five jeeps? The woman who owns that five storey building behind the village square? They call her Madam Bambina. She is the one and I’m going to see her tomorrow.” Obiageli’s explanation struck Cheta because she has often wondered what that woman does for a living.

“You mean Madam Bambina leaves in Italy? I used to think she lives in Lagos. I admire her a lot and I want to be like her. Please, take me with you when you are going to see her. I want to travel to Italy and make money too.” Cheta said. Her face brightened at the prospect of traveling abroad. This is the kind of thing she wants.

The next day, Cheta and Obiageli went to see Madam Bambina in her house. The beauty of the house and the fleet of cars parked in it shocked Cheta. Instantly, she decided that nothing would stop her from following Madam Bambina to Italy.

“Are you sure you are ready to follow me? Are you ready to do what it takes? This is not as easy as you think.” Madam Bambina’s voice sounded husky like that of a man. She looks very fat and well-built. Cheta was shocked that the woman smokes cigarette because she had one in her hand when she was speaking to them.

Cheta looked at the beauty of the living room and all the glory in it and she was awestruck. She was sure Madam Bambina is a very rich woman and whatever she does for a living is very lucrative.

“If you say you are ready, then we leave tomorrow early in the morning. You are lucky you came today. You will be the last I will take this month. Don’t worry about your visas. I will make calls and have that fixed. You may now leave.” Madam Bambina said as she took a puff of her cigarette and let out the smoke from her nose.

As they made to leave the room, Madam Bambina made eye contacts with Cheta as if to say, “you are very beautiful.”

The next day, Cheta packed her bags and secretly left the house without telling her parents.

“I will go out and make it, then I will come back to make you proud. I’m sorry I’m leaving this way. I don’t want you two to try to stop me. Goodbye mama, goodbye papa.” Cheta said as she took one last look at the compound before disappearing.

Obiageli was already at Madam Bambina’s house when Cheta got there and she was the last person who climbed the Hilux van before it drove off. It was still a little bit dark around 5am in the morning, but Cheta was able to count at least five other girls in the van.

Cheta was shocked that they were not taken to the airport. Instead of going towards Lagos or Abuja, they drove through bush paths and finally arrived in a very big desert. During her secondary school, Cheta had read about the Sahara desert and she is sure this is where they are now. She decided to ask.

“Where are we going? This place does not look like a road to Italy.” Cheta said.

“You are right. We are in the Sahara desert and we are going to Libya, not Italy.” Madam Bambina said. She was clutching a loaded gun in her right hand, so, everyone was wise to keep quite.

Cheta was so shocked that she almost urinated in her undies. She had heard of girls being trafficked to Libya for prostitution and never knew it would happen to her.

After two excruciating weeks on the road, they arrived in Libya.

“This is your room.” Madam Bambina said as soon as she took Cheta to her brothel. A lot of men milled around and all of them seemed to have their eyes on her.

“All these men here are our customers. You will attend to them in this room. When they come into the room, don’t argue or struggle with them. Just open your body for them. If they don’t kill you first, I will personally kill you if you make me to lose any customer. Am I clear?” Madam Bambina was shouting and she had a gun in her hand.

“Yes madam.” Cheta responded. Her heart was beating fast as Madam Bambina left the room. Ten minutes later, a young man entered the room and starting touching Cheta in a way that is not appropriate. She tried to struggle, but the man brought out a gun.

The story is just beginning. Watch out for episode two.

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