How I killed my husband episode 3



#Not_edited{Written by Addy ✍️}

I let out one strangled scream as I saw the blood.

I needed no doctor or a soothsayer to tell me that I’ve lost my pregnancy.

Screaming,I rushed up to him in pains grabbing the front of his chest as I cried in pure agony.

“My baby’s gone! Look at what you have done you beast!” I cried in pain.

What did my husband do? He yanked my hands away and pushed me on a sofa.

“It’s all your fault you lost the baby! You have no common sense!” He raved and stormed out, leaving me to my pain.

I passed out later on.

I opened my eyes later on on an hospital bed. I continued my tears.

Was I going to continue line this forever?

I asked my face. Wasn’t it time I find a solution to my unending sorrow?

Blessing,the nanny girl Samuel brought home came to escort me back home from the hospital.

I was looking so lean and unkempt. My hair was a mess. I looked like a frustrated bereaved woman.

Wasn’t I? I was.

I got home in the evening. Christopher was already taking his nap so I had no difficulty in locking myself up in the room.

“Ma,what should I prepare for you? I cooked rice and spaghetti….I don’t know if you are going to take that or something else.” Blessing said.

I looked at her and shooked my head. “Thank you very much but you are not my maid.

Take care of Christopher and concentrate only on him while you are here. I will go to the kitchen when I’m hungry. Thank you.” I said softly.

Blessing smiled nervously nodded and turned to go.

She stopped again…as though she wanted to say something to me.

I glanced up from where I lay and looked questioningly at her.

She turned to look at me. “Ma…I… don’t know if I should be saying this…but….I just thought I shouted tell you too.” Blessing started.

That got my attention. Her tone was a serious one.

“What is it!” I asked, sitting up.

“Emm,well.. actually…while you were at the hospital this morning…your husband Mr Samuel….came back home.

Perhaps..he did not know I was at home with Samuel…so,he left his bedroom door opened.

I got out of Christopher’s room and walked upstairs.

I wanted to ask him about your condition but on getting to his door step…I stopped abruptly when I heard a female’s voice in his room.

There was a hitted argument. I wondered who it was he was talking with.

I tried going forward but something kept on pulling me back but I listened on.

Your husband was weeping. He was talking in a very heartbroken manner.

He said shocking things I could not believe.

He said his money keeps on growing at every each rape….but that were giving him a hard time.

He asked the woman why you were still able to convince after the womb drug he gave you…..he said you were becoming rebellious that he needed something to make you more or less a moron.

I was shocked at the last discussion. The strange woman told him to always remember never to have s*x with someone else…

else he was going to become crazy and violent.

She said he was bound to become a pauper too.

My heart was beating very fast because I did not seem to understand the whole thing.

The most scary part was that after I ran back downstairs.. unable to move forward…I saw no woman leaving the house.

I was so vigilant as I stayed around the corner, waiting for this strange woman to cone out but no!

No woman came out of the room till this moment.

I was so scared of staying in the house. What’s going on, please?” Blessing said.

My heart stopped it’s pace. I stared at her,shocked and confused.

Samuel? His money grows at every each rape? Does it mean….. Samuel was using me for money?

Does it mean……he had a motive for treating me like this?

My womb?…what did the bastard do to my womb?

I couldn’t breathe.. could not believe…..what in the heaven’s name have I married?

Samuel….was it possible he was a ritualistic.. using my s*x organ for ritual?

I was going to find out. Now is the right time to brace up and go into action.


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