How I killed my husband



#Not_edited{Written by S.A.P ✍️}

A cup of cold water sent me sneezing out of slumber.

I jerked up and realized I had slept off on the floor.

Looking up,I saw Samuel staring down at me. He was already dressed. I was so weak I could not stand up.

“What type of human being are you, really? I left to shower,you are still here. Look at everywhere! Aren’t you going to dress it up!” He yelled.

“I will! I will!” I said hurriedly, before his hot temper would rise again.

I staggered up and gathered my clothing.

I was going towards the door when his cold voice called me back.

“There is an occasion I’ve been invited to on Sunday..this Sunday. You know what I can do should you misbehave.

Get a new nanny for Christopher. Be at your best. Scoot out.” He said and almost immediately I jumped out of the room.

Once inside the laundry room,I bursted into one of my unending cries.

What have I done with my life?

I was warned. Severalty warned by my mother. But as an over ambitious woman,I dumped the man who loved me and married Samuel Adichie all because of his money.

One year after our marriage,I took in and had my first son. Christopher.

My continued crying in pain. I had no peace.

He did all sort of things to me.

I couldn’t tell anyone.

Not even my mother. I had my reasons.

It was a big shame to me should I lose my home. My husband. I was hoping he was going to love me one day and change.

Although he did all manner of bad things to me,the only thing he never did was bring in another woman home. He doesn’t even look at other women. I always wondered why.

An occasion? I was just going there to pretend like everything was okay.

I heard his car horn downstairs and stared down from the window with my tear filled eyes.

The gate man opened the door and he pulled out of the compound into the road.

My son’s increased as I left the laundry room back into my room.

I looked at the time. My son would soon be back from school and I was yet to today up the house.

Hurriedly,I started cleaning the whole place.

I washed the plates. Mopped my kitchen. Then put something on fire for an early supper.

I was taking my bath when my son’s school bus arrived.

When I came out of the bathroom, Christopher was sitting on my bed, bouncing up and down on it.

He was still very little,but could speak audibly. My son was one of the main reasons I still remained in the house. I loved my son so much.

“Mammy.” He greeted as I scooped him up my arms. Rather than answering,I unconsciously bursted into my tears.

He was startled. My little boy was startled with my reaction. I could feel it in his tensed body.

He was looking at my face but the little boy would not understand.

Later in the evening,I tucked Christopher into bed and made sure my husband’s food was down on the table. Served.

Every now and then,I checked the time. Few minutes after eight,his car rolled into the compound.

My heart made double sounds at once as I stood up, going to the door to get it opened already.

When I got to the door and opened it,he was already at the entrance. He stared disdainfully at me.

“Welcome, honey..”

“Did you say honey? What are you going to get some brain, Erica?

What kept you so long to open the door?” I asked me.

“I’m sorry. I did not know I was already keeping you waiting. Please, come in.”I says, opening the door more wider fir him to come in.

It was agree I allowed him in I realized how drunk he was.

He swayed against me but I mistakenly dodged.

His head hit the hard framed door and he yelled in pain. Blood gushed out immediately.

“En! What did you just do! You want…oh, Erica! You want to kill me!” He yelled and grabbed my hair before I could defend myself.

“Samson! You are hurting me!” I cried.

He seemed to be pulling my skull with the hair.

“Have I even started!” He screamed, slapping me hard on the face. ” Look at what you’ve done to my head! You bitch!” He yelled at me, throwing me on the ground.

I landed heavily on the ground with a loud thud. Not withstanding the pain,I tried crawling away to escape but he pounced on me tearing my clothes.

“How dare you make me see my blood! Are you mad! Erica,are you mad!” He roared into my ear.

“Please, Samuel I’m begging you with the name of God! Don’t do this!” I cried madly as I saw him unbuckling his belt.

He let out an heavy laughter.” Shut up!” He shrieked, turning me so NY back was against the floor.

His hands snatched down to tank my legs open but I was forcing them close,still begging him with tears in my eyes.

“Do I…have to force your legs open!” His voice was low.

Dangerous! Whenever his voice went this low… I was sure to be in a more hotter soup.

“No! No!!” I cried hurriedly and parted my legs.

I wore no extra undies inside so just the movement of his hand under me,he yanked off my pannnts and tore them away.

“This is to teach you a lesson to be your husband’s guardan!” He yelled into my face as he drove into me full of force and violence.

I screamed…. yelled.. cried.. hoping someone would hear me but just as before,my cries met only with the dark.



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