The Money Or Your Life episode 4




I looked through the peephole but all I saw was a beautiful girl. She was dressed in the uniform of the hotel staff. I put my gun away and opened the door. She walked in smiling. She was dark and beautiful, average height and a broad behind.

“Good day, Sir.” She greeted.

“How are you, my dear?”

“I am fine. I just came to find out if you needed anything.”

“Emmmm! Actually nothing. I don’t need anything, but I just might need someone.” I said, licking my lips.

“What do you mean, Sir?” She asked smiling.

“When will you shift be over?” I asked her.

“9:00 PM”

“Where will you be going after that?”

“Straight home, Sir. Is anything the matter?”

“Can you see me in my room before leaving?” I ventured.

“Of course, Sir. You are our customer so, why won’t I?”

“Alright, see you then. Take care of yourself for me.” I said, smiling.

I hadn’t been with my wife for a while now. For about three days, I had been running from danger. For three days, I had either been shooting or being shot at. For three days, I had either been following someone or being followed. My life was on the edge, and it could be snuffed out at any moment if I wasn’t careful, all because of the money. The money was not my money. However, was did it belong to the killers too? Definitely not. That gave me the legitimacy to keep the money. It had now become a game of death, and in a game of death, only the smart survives. So far, I had outsmarted them, but for how long? For how long would I keep running?

Being in constant danger had increased my appetite for a little bit of nighttime fun. I had called my wife recently and had been told that Derick had evacuated her to my mother’s place. I prayed that they weren’t followed. I needed company; I badly needed company. That could explain why I had gotten carried away by the shapely figure of the buxom hotel maid. Gosh!! That lady had such nice features. She was wonderfully made, and I figured she could give a man a lot of nice loving.

It was 9:30 PM now. I had been impatiently waiting for the hotel maid. She said she was going to close by 9:00 PM. It was thirty minutes after that time, and she still hadn’t showed up. What was the matter? I was pacing in the room, vexed, my LGA already ready for action, when I heard a knock on the door. In spite of the fact that I was expecting her, I was still a hundred percent conscious and cautious. I pulled my gun and tiptoed to the door, looked through the peephole and saw that it was her. I hid my gun straightened my dress and opened. She walked in with a smile and sat down on the bed. I went straight to the point.

“I hope you understand why I invited you here?”

“Of course, I am not a child. You want s*x, right?” She asked, bold-faced.

“Well, yes…but…”

“Forget about being a gentleman. I know what you want, and I will give it to you. I charge 2k for ‘sharp-sharp’ and 5k for the whole night. Which one do you prefer?”

I was a bit taken aback. I had always known that most hotel girls do runs. However, I know they were sneaky about it, since it was against their work ethics. How come this one was so brash and open? I was also a bit disappointed because she was really beautiful and sounded educated. I wondered why such a beautiful girl would be into runs business. But then, I remembered that prostitutes were some of the most decent girls.

“I will have you all through the night, if it’s ok by you.” I spoke.

“Let’s get down to business then.” She said, taking off her hotel uniform.

What I saw when she took off her cl0thes marveled me. I was sure she was made on a Sunday. She had all the curves in the right places, and there wasn’t a single stretch mark in sight. I figured she hadn’t put to bed yet. Her b00bs were huge and round, and her t1tties were pinkish, in spite of the fact that she was dark. Her stomach was as flat as an athlete’s and her behind was as broad as the distance from Soweto to Johannesburg.

She was now completely nude as she walked up to me. With her heels gone her height had reduced by a few inches. I looked at her and she looked inviting. I noticed that she hadn’t shaved down there. However, some men like it bushy, and I was one of those me. As she approached, I quickly undid my zipper and my trousers dropped on my feet. I took off my T Shirt, revealing my muscular arms and well-chiseled abdomen, fit for a railway engineer. I got a condom, cut it open and was about to wear it when she held my hand.

“Not so fast. I want you in my mouth.” She said, her eyes smoky.

“I am sorry, I am a married man. I have a wife, and as such, I have to put a limit to the level of intimacy I can get with you.”

“Really?” She sounded offended. “You are a married man so, why do you want me?”

“Don’t you do married men?” I asked, my LGA was still very erect and hard.

“I didn’t say that. But there was no need for you telling me. Made me feel cheap.” She complained and turned around.

As soon as she turned around, I grabbed her and brought her behind close to me. I bent her d0uble and tried to penetr@te her from behind. I had difficulties. She had wanted f0replay, but I had made her skip that part. That meant she was still dry and needed some stimul@tion. It was also generally believed that buxom ladies have a tight VJ, so she needed some lubrication. Well, I had been told that there was no better lubrication than Saliva. I applied it on her VJ and some on me too and tried to enter again. This time, it slid in smoothly. She gasped as I entered.

She was creaming and mo@ning as I pounded away and, for a minute, I forgot that I was being hunted by killers. If they had walked in at that moment, they would have gotten me quite unawares. That would have put me in the ranks of famous people like Samson in the bible, who got destroyed by women. The feeling was extra good, especially when she turned around, facing me, put one of her legs on the bed and I got inside facing her. She felt so good that she lost her balance and fell on the bed with me on her. I continued hard, suck1ng her n1pples and kissing the name of her neck.

She was reaching clim@x. I noticed that because of her body movements. I increased my pace too, and we came at the same time. We were both sweating, in spite of the air conditioner of the room. I got up from her, went to the bath and discarded the used latex. That was when my senses came back, and I felt guilty that I had just cheated on my pregnant wife. I felt bad and hated the hotel maid instantly. Forgive me Ekong, for that was my wife’s name. If only she knew what I had just done. I turned on the shower and got under it. The water flowed freely on my body, and it helped calmed my nerves and improved my mood. The maid, Olivia, joined me and we bathed together. When were done, we both went back into the room and dressed up.

“What are your plans tonight?” She asked.

“I will be in my room.”

“Today is ladies’ night. We could go the club downstairs and have fun. What do you think?” She asked.

“I will think about it.” I was still feeling guilty for cheating on Ekong, and I needed Olivia gone as soon as possible.

“Alright, I am going home now to change into an outfit worthy of clubbing. When I get back, I will come and get you, and we will go clubbing together.

We were in club now; Olivia had already returned and was looking very hot and very sexy. We were dancing to the rhythm of 50 Cent’s Disco Inferno, and I was enjoying every bit of it. Being in a club reminded me of my former days when I was much younger. I used to love fighting in clubs and had even spent a brief time in jail for that. However, I was much matured now and had learnt to be more tolerant. I had bought enough drinks and paid with mobile money as usual. There was enough alcohol to go round.

Club was over now, and we were going back to the hotel room, Olivia and me. She was heavily drunk and so was I. We could barely climb the stairs as we made our way back to my room. We however, managed to get there, though with great difficulty. As soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep immediately.

The killers opened the door; I don’t know how they did it. They woke me up, forced me to open the safe. I did and they took all the money away. I tried to fight back but couldn’t because I had been hogtied to a chair. When they were about to leave, they told me I had cause them too much trouble, and as a result, I deserved to die. The bearded guy, who happened to be their leader, pulled his gun, cocked it, and fired two shots into my chest. I jumped and woke up. It had been a dream. I was sweating seriously in spite of the fact that it was already morning. I wondered why such a dream should happen to me and it scared me. Then, I noticed was that Olivia was no longer on the bed. She had gone. My mind went to the safe immediately.

I got off the bed and ran to it, and to my greatest irritation, it was half open and all the money in it was gone.


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