The Lorry Driver episode 3

The Lorry Driver,

Episode 3️⃣

The unmistakable aroma of akara filled the early morning breeze which entered the lorry through the two small doors that lead to the driver and passenger’s seat. The aroma of akara made Ada to salivate and lick her lips. Ada loves early morning sleep because it is usually very sweet. The cool early morning breeze made her sleep sweeter because it calmed her nerves. The weather was cool throughout the night. At some points, tiny drops of chilled dews sipped through the lorry’s wooden door and fell on Ada’s skin. It gave her goose bumps. Despite passing the night in the lorry, she slept very well. The only thing is that she did not sleep early because she kept waiting and expecting that the lorry driver would come back in the night. This never happened because the man stayed away from the lorry.

“Is the lorry driver a ghost? Why is he running away from me if he is calling me his daughter? If truly he is my father the way he claims, why is he running? He should be happy to see me and reunite with me after many years. A true father will not run away from his daughter no matter what. I’m confused right now.” Ada said to herself. She is now fully awake and her mind raced back to the situation at hand. The sun was coming out and light has strayed into the lorry through a crack on the door. She was still lying down on the two sits in front of the lorry. She used the driver’s seat to make a pillow while the trunk of her body rested on the other seat. Anytime she looks up, the steering of the lorry is the first thing she sees. Ada knows how to drive and even possesses a driver’s license. She got the license when she applied for a factory job which required applicants to know how to drive. She never got the job but the driving knowledge and skill remained with her.

“I think I should go back to the village. The time for me to resume studies at the university is approaching. I can’t stay here and miss my admission. For all I care, the man I’m chasing after might be a stranger or even a ghost. I can’t stay here and waste my time. I have to go back to the village so that I will proceed to the university to resume studies. Thank God the man has given me money for my school fees. Let me go and use it to pay the fees before the deadline passes. If truly he is my father, I believe he will look for me and show himself to me. He won’t hide. But in the meantime, let me go and utilize the money he gave to me.” Ada said to herself. She stood up from the lorry seats, opened the small wooden door and jumped down like a soldier. She looked for a hidden corner at the motor park and urinated. She had carried the urine all night because she was afraid of coming out.

“Are you up already?” Someone behind her asked. It was the conductor. He slept at the back of the lorry. He is used to it. He just spread a few soft clothes on top of bunches of bananas and slept off. He also was hoping that the lorry driver would show up in the night. He was surprised that the man never showed up. The conductor has started to doubt himself and also began to nurse the idea that the lorry driver was in fact, a ghost. In the past, he had heard stories of ghosts disappearing once they see someone who knows them.

“I’m beginning to believe that your father is truly dead and that the person I’m working with is indeed, a ghost. If he is alive, why did he run when he saw us? I believe he does not want you to see him because you know him. I have heard that this is exactly how ghosts behave.” The conductor said after exchanging early morning pleasantries with Ada.

“I’m happy you are now ready to listen to me. I told you my father is dead. I was there when he was buried. He is dead! Anyway, I don’t want to continue to stay here. I have to go and resume school at the university before it would be too late.” Ada said to the conductor.

“I understand, but there is a problem.” The conductor said.

“What is the problem?” Ada asked with a lot of apprehension and fear written on her face.

“You know that the lorry driver loaded this banana and he was supposed to take it to Benin yesterday night but he never did. He disappeared into thin air. Now, the owner of the banana has been calling me non-stop, asking for his goods to be delivered. And banana is a perishable fruit. We usually don’t waste time on the road each time we carry banana so that it will not ripe and spoil. Now, Oga is nowhere to be found and the owner of the banana has already paid him half of the money. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to drive yet. The banana cannot sleep here a second night. It will perish and we will be in trouble.” The conductor said to Ada.

“You and who will be in trouble? I hope you are not referring to me? Well, like I said, I want to leave this motor park because I want to go back to the village and pick my things and move to the university. So, whatever plans you are making, or whatever references you are making about being in trouble, please, don’t include me. I was only here because you told me you saw my father. But now that I have confirmed that the man don’t want to see me, I will be on my way home.” Ada said. She was standing hands akimbo.

“But the lorry still belongs to your father and you can’t just leave it here. If you leave it here, it would be stolen. It is your father’s property, as far as I know, because he told me you are his daughter. I don’t have contrary evidence to counter what he told me. You are his daughter and only child, so you are responsible for his property if he is nowhere to be found. Ada, please, I advise that we should find a driver to drive the banana to Benin before you will leave to the university. At least, let us deliver this load first. How I wish I know how to drive, I would have done it myself.” The conductor lamented painfully. The lorry driver has been very good to him since he started working with him. He feels very bad to hear that he is dead and that he could well be a ghost. He does not want anything to happen to the lorry. At least, he wants to exercise a proper duty of care in the absence of the lorry driver even if he is truly a ghost. Let it be that he did his best before things would get out hand.

“I know how to drive, but I have never driven a lorry.” Ada said.

“What? That means the thing I was looking for in Sokoto is right here with me in Ikom. Please, jump in and let’s go. I will gladly work as your conductor.” The conductor said happily. He was smiling like a child who just got a chunk of fried chicken meat.

“I will only drive this lorry under one condition. Which is that you will let me go as soon as I drive it into Benin City. I won’t move an inch with you again as soon as we get there. If you agree, I will drive it.” Ada said.

“I agree. I’m not holding you hostage. I’m only trying to help. Please, let us move. There is no time.” The conductor said. Ada jumped into the lorry and ignited the engine and it revved to life. The way she drove it like an expert lorry driver surprised the conductor. Soon, they were out of the motor park and on their way to Benin City.


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