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    A dog expert has answered the questions that owners commonly ask – including what it means if your furry friend eats grass.

    According to puppy training app Zigzag, the number of questions Googled about puppies each month has reached more than 54,000.


    Lorna Winter, a director of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and co-founder of Zigzag, has answered the most asked questions.

    And some of them are pretty bizarre –

    Lorna says munching on grass can indicate a lack of fibre in a dog's diet

    What it means when your pup eats grass

     it is common for hounds to chew on grass – but there may be a few reasons why they opt to eat it.

    Different grasses – such as Galium aparine or Goosegrass – taste good for puppies.

    But they also might be trying to get their owner’s attention and want you to play a game with them.

    Lorna also says munching on grass can indicate a lack of fibre in their diet and they’re looking for more roughage, while it is likely your pet can smell the benefits of plants.

    Can I teach my puppy to use the toilet instead of going outside?

     dogs can be trained to do most things – including using a toilet instead of going outside.

    But it may take a lot of time and skill for your pup to develop the ability to do this.

    The dog expert also added that it’s not recommend because it’s important for your pet’s mental health that they go to the toilet outside.

    Lorna says there are ‘much better’ alternatives to using an actual toilet, such as specially-designed dog toilets, or a ‘piddle patch’, which mimics the outside.

    Should I brush my puppy’s teeth?

    you should be brushing your puppy’s teeth and regularly keeping track of their dental health.

    She also says that you will need too look out for whether their second set of teeth are coming through and if they’re retaining any of their baby teeth.

    She also says it is important that you use dog-specific toothpaste and not human toothpaste, which can be harmful.

    Can I give my puppy antihistamine?

    While Benadryl and other antihistamines are often suggested as safe to give to puppies, Lorna would always recommend checking with your vet before giving your pup human drugs.

    She adds that it is a good idea to find out the correct dosage for your pet from the ve.

    It’s not uncommon for dogs to eat wasps or bees which can sting their mouths – causing swelling and breathing difficulties – so she says having an emergency antihistamine on hand is wise.

    Can I give my puppy cow’s milk?

    while cow’s milk is not toxic for dogs, it is not recommended for them to drink.

    This is because cow’s milk is one of the top two leading food allergens for dogs, so many cannot tolerate it.

    Can dogs eat watermelon?

    dogs can in fact eat the flesh of a watermelon.

    But she says that you should try to remove the seeds and not allow your pup to eat the skin of the fruit.

    The expert says it’s worth remembering that although it’s hydrating, it is still high in sugar, meaning it  could lead to an upset stomach.

    Can my puppy eat adult dog food?

    Lorna says you should be feeding your furry friend food that is correct for their size and weight

    puppies need different levels of nutrients and vitamins to an adult dog to support their rapid growth.

    She adds that it is okay if your pup eats the same food as an adult dog, but this should not be their entire diet – you should be feeding your furry friend food that is correct  for their size and weight.

    How do I stop my puppy from chewing my leg hair?

    The dog expert says to wear trousers to prevent them from getting to your legs in the first place.

    You can also redirect them as they come toward you and give them something else to do such as play with a filled toy or teach them to settle on a mat by your feet instead.

    How do I stop my dogs from bullying each other?

    dogs are bullying one another you should make sure they have plenty of time apart.

    She adds that time with shared quality activities is also important, like long sniffy walks, trips to the woods or a swim at the beach.

    Ensuring there are enough toys and chews to go around and feeding them in separate areas to avoid conflicts can also help, she says.

    Does my puppy dream or have nightmares?

    Lorna says that it probable that your pup has dreams and nightmares, as they have sleep cycles like humans

     it probable that your furry friend has dreams and nightmares, as they have sleep cycles like humans.

    This stage of sleep is known as ‘REM’ – at this point, your dog’s breathing will begin to sound more irregular and their eyes will start to move around more rapidly, she says.

    It’s also thought that the length and frequency of dreams may be linked to a dog’s size.

    A Toy Poodle might display the signs of dreaming up to once every ten minutes, whereas a dog the size of a Golden Retriever may only dream once every 90 minutes, Lorna added.

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