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    “Gringn, gringn,” The alarm clock rang, stirring Jayden from his slumber, prompting him to sit up on his bed.

    It was a Saturday morning, and it marked the final day of Jayden’s stay in Boston for the year. Questions swirled in his mind about his parents’ decision to send him to Nigeria, a place he held preconceived notions about. However, his mother’s words of reassurance about his roots and the potential positive experience in Nigeria lingered in his thoughts.

    As September unfolded, Jayden realized he had only three months ahead. These upcoming months seemed daunting, especially with the prospect of staying with his mom’s best friend, Grace. With Grace’s daughters already married and living their own lives, Jayden would find himself in a new environment, away from his younger sister Daisy’s teasing.

    He sighed at the thought but held onto hope for the best outcome, anticipating a break from Daisy’s antics.

    “Jayden, you’re gonna miss your flight if you don’t wake up and get dressed,” His mother’s voice resonated from the sitting room.

    “Okay, mom,” Jayden responded softly.

    In approximately thirty minutes, Jayden was impeccably dressed and prepared for the airport. With his father away on his usual business trips to Asia, his mother drove him to the airport, where Grace awaited his arrival in Nigeria.


    “Buy your banana, your sweet banana here,” Chioma’s voice echoed through the market, her words captivating the passersby.

    Balancing a tray of ripe bananas on her head, the sixteen-year-old Chioma stood out amongst her peers with her alluring figure. Her curves and youthful charm not only drew attention but also helped her make quick sales of her bananas.

    ‘Banana!, banana!” The market’s buzz continued.

    Responding to a call, Chioma turned to see a woman in a luxurious Lexus car motioning for her to approach.

    Swiftly, she made her way to the car, carefully setting the bananas down from her head onto the ground.

    Greeting the woman and a young man seated beside her, the woman smiled in return, but the young man, seemingly of her age, remained engrossed in his phone, displaying an air of arrogance.

    “Rich kids and arrogance, 5 and 6,” she mumbled under her breath.

    The young man glanced up, his handsome face revealing a full head of hair, resembling an American.

    “Did he catch what I said?” Chioma pondered silently.

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