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    Finland is a country in Northern Europe known to be the safest and happiest country in the world. Finland offers one of the best education as the world best universities are in Finland.

    Like other countries the cost of living in Finland is dependent on the area you reside. However, Finland’s cost of living is 7.5% lower than the US with the Urban area that is naturally expensive.

    Among the benefits of living in Finland are:

    √ High salary range

    √ Mothers get a 4months paid maternity leave and fathers get a 54days paid paternity leave.

    √ Public transportation is almost free.

    √ Transparent authorities.

    √ Having the right to roam, you can enter the forests pick fruits and eat without a soul to question you.

    √ Is the best place to raise children.

    A few things that could throw you off balance when you get there are:

    √ High cost of alcohol, most parties allow guests to come their bottle of drink.

    √ Finns are sensitive to smell, you should wear a light fragrance.

    √ You are charged automatically for speeding.

    √ Despite the cold weather, smoking is not allowed in Finland.

    √ You could go a few months without sunlight.

    √ The tax rate is very high because the government provides you with almost everything that would make your life comfortable.

    √ Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, it is advisable to start learning the basics online before you travel.

    Of course Finland offers free education but it applies to citizens of the country and those from EU, EEA countries and Switzerland. But you can still study for free if you get a scholarship or if you are willing to study in Finnish or Swedish.

    Students are allowed to work 30 hours per week and January is the best time to apply to a school in Finland.

    If you are going to Finland to work, be sure to secure the job while in your home country it is often difficult securing a job when you arrive there.

    Except you are going for vacation or business trip don’t travel to Finland with Business or Tourist visa.

    I hope this helps you🤗

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