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Episode 6 & 7
please officers I don’t know what you people are talking about,
everybody in this market know that am importing my goods from

China. “festus defended himself but the police men still insist on
taking him to the station
“you are coming with us to the station for further investigation, and if
we found you guilty you shall go to jail. “the 1st police man said
And what if am not guilty? festus asked following his statement
Then we shall set you free .”the police man responded
Alright, let me close my shop before going with you people. “festus
said and then he lock up his shop after that the police men took him
festus spend some days in the cell and was later release because
he was not guilty of the crime they said he committed.
when Nicholas learnt that festus have been released, he became
very sad because he wanted him to go to jail.
so they have released this man, upon everything I did for him to go
to jail but still it didn’t work, no problem I know what to do, I will
pretend to make peace with him, with that it will be easy for me to
deal with him without him suspecting me. “Nicholas thought to
himself and after that he went to festus’s shop according to his plan,
on getting there festus was very surprised on seeing him because
everybody in the market know that they are not in good term.
Good day festus, how are you doing? Nicholas asked immediately
he got to festus’s shop
Am fine!! this one you came to my shop, I hope there is no problem
or did you miss your way? festus asked surprisedly
No my brother I did not miss my way, I came because am really
concerned about you, I heard that policemen came to your shop
and arrest you, what really happened? he asked pretending to care
Am still surprised, I can’t believe that Nicholas of all people will
come to my shop, because I know that you never liked me which
everybody in the market knows, so why the sudden change ? festus
asked still surprised

Hmm…. let me say have realized my mistake, that was why I came
to make peace with you, am sorry for everything I have done to you
please forgive me. “Nicholas said pretending to change
Anyway, I don’t have any grudges against you am a peaceful
person, you are the one making it look as if we are enemies,
anyway I have forgiven you .”festus said
“Thank you very much, I promise to be a change man from today
onwards .”Nicholas said
is alright, I don’t have anything against you anymore, the most
important thing now is we have make peace .”festus said
so what really happened between you and the police? Nicholas
They came here and said that am selling a stolen goods, so they
arrested me .”festus explained
“Jesusss…… you don’t mean it .”Nicholas screamed pretending not
to know
I even thought you are the one that told them, because you made
the same statement to my customers then .”festus said
me……. nooooo, am not the one at all, like I said before am sorry for
what I did to you, but the truth is that I wasn’t the one that told the
police about you selling a stolen goods. “he lied
Episode 7
Alright, I will still find out the person who told the police that am
selling stolen goods which they know is not true. “festus said
that is a good idea, you need to fish out the person who told the
police. anyway your shop is some how empty, what happened to
your goods? Nicholas asked trying to know more things about him.

my brother is God ooo…. he have been so good to me these days, I
have sold all my goods am even planning to go to China in two
days time to buy more goods. “festus said and that moment
Nicholas mood changed, but he still pretend to be happy for him
you don’t mean it, eyaa am very happy for you .”Nicholas said
smiling but inside him he is dieing of envyness
Thank you for your concern, so how is business? festus asked
my brother business is very bad these days, in a day I can’t be able
to sell up to two thousand naira everything just changed am even
tired of this business. “Nicholas said
just take it easy, everything will soon be alright and by the way,
what of your boy Emma? I have not be seeing him of recent. “festus
that boy!! he said that is working for his brother now, so I let him go
what will I do. “Nicholas replied
Anyway just take things easy .”festus advised him and after their
discussion Nicholas went back to his shop
Later that night, festus was discussing with his wife in their house.
So how was business today? Grace asked
business was fine, oh I even forgot to tell you, Nicholas came to my
shop today. “he said
To do what ? she asked following his statement
Nothing much, he came to apologise for all he did to me and I have
no choice but to forgive him
Just like that?? better be careful with that man I don’t trust him. “she
don’t worry honey he is a changed man now. “he said
I still don’t trust him, just be careful with him. “his wife said
I will dear, less I forget I will be traveling to China in two days time
to buy goods. “festus said
Alright dear……. “his wife said and they ended the discussion

In Nicholas house that same night, he was with his wife also
That fool think he is smart, I went to his shop today. “Nicholas said
why will you go to his shop? Mary asked frowning
I went there to plead for his forgiveness, but he don’t know that I
was trying to know his in and out .”Nicholas said and that moment
Mary smiled
so did you get any information from him? she asked
Ah….. don’t you trust me your husband again? he said smiling
so what did the idiot told you ? she asked curiously
He told me that he will be going to China in two days time to buy
goods, no problem he should go China but I have my plans.
“Nicholas said smiling wickedly
hmm… my iron Man I trust you .”Mary said and they both laughed,
after that they went to sleep.