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    Episode 1

    Festus was a successful business man, he was a married man with
    two children named blessing and isiaha. His wife have a
    supermarket, while festus was an electronic dealer, he have a rival
    in the market named Nicholas, they were not in good time because
    Nicholas hate to see festus progressing.
    Darling I will be traveling to the village to see my parents to know
    how they are doing “festus said to his wife grace
    ” ok dear send my greetings to them, but when are you coming
    back? grace asked
    I will be coming back in three days time, please take care of the
    kids and yourself, but if the money I gave you finish tell Stanley my
    boy to you money okay? ” festus said and after that his wife
    escorted him outside the compound and he entered his car and
    drove off, while grace went back inside.
    Emma! Emma!! ” Nicholas shouted his boy’s named while he was at
    the market
    Oga! am here “Emma answered
    “which one is am here? come here “Nicholas yelled so Emma went
    closer to him
    you called me “Emma said
    yes I called you, I learnt that festus travelled, so what you will do is
    when ever you see customer going to his shop to buy something,
    stop him or her from going there and bring the person here to buy
    from us, is not only festus that will be selling market, so let’s use

    this opportunity now that he travelled and take all his customers, do
    I made myself clear? Nicholas said
    but oga………..
    “No but, just do what I ask you to do okay”Nicholas cut Emma’s
    okay oga I will try ” Emma replied
    not you will try, you must do it because that is the only way we will
    be selling like festus. ” Nicholas said
    okay oga!! I will do as you said “Emma replied
    Good boy “Nicholas said to him
    After some minutes, they saw customer going toward festus’s shop.
    oya! oya!! get up and run after that customer, bring him here
    “Nicholas said and so Emma rushed to stop the customer
    Good afternoon customer” he greeted
    Afternoon, what do you want? the customer asked
    nothing much, is like you want to buy electronic? Emma asked
    “yes I want to buy electronic, do you have a problem with that? the
    customer asked
    No….. just that we are selling electronic too, come and patronize us
    “Emma said
    Am sorry, Iam not buying from any other shop apart from festus
    holding limited ” the customer said
    Ah…. you want to buy from that shop, have you not heard? Emma
    heard what? “the customer curiously asked
    “Have you not heard that festus have been selling stolen goods
    ?”Emma lied
    what!! that is not true, I heard that festus goods are imported from
    China and you are here telling me rubbish ” the customer said

    okay, have tell you my own but if you still insist on buying from there
    no problem “Emma said and was about to leave but the customer
    stopped him
    “please wait!! take me to your shop, so that I can buy from you
    people, because I don’t want any police to come and arrest me for
    buying stolen goods.

    Episode 2
    So the customer followed Emma to their shop to buy what he want,
    when Nicholas saw the customer he was very happy that his plan
    was working.
    “Thank you customer for buying here, in case if you have any
    friends, relatives that want to buy electronics, bring them here
    “Nicholas said smiling, after that the customer left.
    Through out that day, Nicholas succeeded in taking all festus
    customers, and as all this was going on festus was still in the village
    without knowing what was going on .
    mama!! papa!!…. I will be returning back to the city, don’t hesitate to
    call me when you need anything and please take very good care of
    yourselves “festus said to his parents while still in the village

    I will my son, extend my greetings to your wife and my
    grandchildren and make sure you always check on your brother and
    sister in the city. “his mother Rose said
    I always check on them they are all fine, Joseph even said that he
    will come to the village next month to see you both to know how you
    are doing, Angela also told me that she will be coming to her friends
    traditional marriage. “Festus said
    yes they told us that when we spoke on the phone. “his father also
    Alright then, let me be on my way to the city “festus who was about
    to leave for the city said
    Go well my son, and don’t forget to call us when you get to the city
    “Nathan said and after that he and his wife saw their son festus off,
    and then he entered his car and drove off back to the city
    Later that night, festus and his wife were in the room discussing
    about his trip to the village.
    so how was everybody in the village, including mama and papa ?
    Grace asked
    they are all fine, mama even said that I should extend her greetings
    to you and the children . “festus replied
    “Eyaa…. I miss them so much, one of these days I will go and see
    them in the village “grace said
    That is very thoughtful of you, so how have you been coping since I
    travelled? festus asked smiling
    we are fine just as you can see “grace replied
    Did you later collect money from Stanley in the shop ? festus asked
    yes I did, but Stanley called me yesterday complaining that market
    this days was very bad. “grace said
    every time is not Christmas, sometimes business are like that, well
    when I get there tomorrow morning I will know what is really going
    on “festus replied
    if you say so “grace said and they ended the topic

    the next day, festus went to his shop, he found Stanley sleeping on
    the chair, so he tapped him
    wake up! wake up!! “festus said
    good morning oga!! you are back “Stanley said surprisely
    No am still in the village, you saw me and you are still asking
    whether am back, by the way why are you sleeping by this time
    ?festus asked angrily
    Oga!! no customer so I decided to sleep “Stanley replied
    “so because there is no customer, was that why you are sleeping,
    what if somebody enter the shop and steal my goods what will you
    say? festus said
    Am sorry oga, it won’t repeat itself again “Stanley apologize
    sorry for yourself, anyway bring all the money for the goods you
    sold since I travelled “festus said and Stanley went and brought out
    the money and give it to him
    “Just 20,000, what have you been doing since I travelled? festus

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    Episode 3
    Oga!! I sold electronic of forty thousand, I gave your wife twenty
    thousand, remaining twenty thousand. “Stanley explained

    “I don’t understand all this, in a day we use to sell more than
    500,000, I was expecting you to bring a big bag of money, and you
    are here giving me change and later you will expect me to pay you
    money for the month, does it mean that customers are no more
    coming to this shop? festus asked in a angry tone
    “sir!! since you travelled, all the customers are going to oga
    Nicholas shop to buy electronic, they don’t come here again to buy
    something. “Stanley said
    Are you sure of what you are saying? festus asked because he
    thought that Stanley was lying to him
    Oga! I swear they are not buying from us again .”Stanley said
    Through out that day, customer did not come to festus’s shop.
    meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop happy because he was selling,
    when he sighted festus sitting in his shop putting hand on his check
    feeling worried, Nicholas smiled wickedly at the state he saw festus.
    “you have not seen anything yet, I will deal with you, and also make
    sure that no customer step their feet into your shop again, you will
    regret the day you came to this market to sell, I will make life
    miserable for you I swear .”Nicholas thought to himself while in his
    The same thing keep on happening to festus, he will go to his shop,
    at the end of the day he will not sell anything. So one day he
    decided to call one of his customer on phone to know why they are
    not buying from him again.
    hello….. good afternoon customer “festus said immediately the
    customer whose name was mattew picked the call
    “Afternoon, who am I speaking with? mattew asked
    you are speaking with the owner of festus holding limited .” he
    Ah…. good afternoon sir, this one you called, I hope all is well?
    mattew asked again

    yes ooo…. all is well, I was just wondering why you are not coming
    to my shop to buy goods as usual again .”festus said
    Am sorry, I don’t want to involve myself in any trouble, so that was
    why I decided to be buying from another shop. “mattew exclaimed
    “Trouble!! I don’t get you, how do you mean by that? festus asked
    you think I don’t know that you are selling a stolen goods .” mattew
    said over the phone
    stolen goods? I still don’t understand what you are saying, can you
    please explain better. “festus said still confused
    “They told me that you are selling a stolen goods, that was why I
    stopped buying from you. “mattew explained
    oh no!! that is not true, I import all my goods from China, don’t listen
    to any false news I have all the receipt to all the goods I bought,
    please I beg you come and be buying from me. “festus said calmly
    on the phone
    Alright, I will see what I can do. “mattew said and after that he
    dropped the call
    Two days later, festus started investigating to know who was behind
    all that have been happening to his business and later he found out
    that it was Nicholas, with anger he went to his shop to confront him.
    what the hell are you doing in my shop? Nicholas asked frowning
    his face
    “so you have the guts to ask me that stupid question when you are
    about to ruin my business, how could you do this to me, why will
    you tell my customers that am selling stolen goods when you know
    that I do import my goods from China .”festus said furiously
    hahaha…. you have not seen anything yet, this is just the beginning.
    “Nicholas mockingly said


    Episode 4 & 5
    You are very wicked Nicholas, that is why you don’t progress in
    anything you do because of your wicked mind. “festus said and that
    made Nicholas to got angry and he punched festus on his face
    How dare you say that to me, who told you I don’t progress in all I
    do ” Nicholas angrily said
    “you think taking all my customers will make you get what you
    want? no way because the God I serve will not forsake and he will
    not allow your evil plan to work towards me. “festus said and after
    that he left with anger
    Later that same day night, Nicholas was with his wife Mary in the
    sitting room gisting and laughing.
    that reminds me, how was business today? Mary asked
    “business is fine, the problem now I have is that idiot called festus,
    can you imagine that he came to my shop today telling me rubbish
    that I have taken all his customers, that animal have not seen
    anything yet, all the customers buying from him I have taken all the
    customers from him, now they are buying from me, by the time I
    finish with him he will regret the very first day he came to the market
    to sell. To be added to WhatsApp group Msg me on zero eight one
    thirty-nine seventy seven seventy eight eighty seven. “Nicholas said
    That is why I love you so much because you are smart, don’t give
    him that space to over take you. “Mary said

    Don’t you trust your husband again, is me Nicholas the over taker, I
    don’t take rubbish from anybody .”he said
    “I trust you my husband, I know what you are capable of doing
    .”Mary said and they both laughed
    let’s forget about festus, and talk important things, so how is your
    own boutique business going, I hope is moving fine? he asked
    “business is fine ooo…. just that the customers are complaining that
    my clothes are costly as if is my fault, they don’t know that things
    are very costly this days, do they expect me to buy higher price and
    sell Lower price for them nah .”his wife Mary said
    “that’s business for you, anyway just take things easy, by the way
    where is junior, has he gone to bed?
    Nicholas asked
    yes he is sleeping. “Mary replied
    “Alright dear…..
    meanwhile in festus house, he was in the room with his wife, they
    were talking.
    “Honey how is business now, has it improve? grace his wife asked
    with a concern tone
    Business is still the same, after all my plead to the customers they
    still refused to buy from me, Nicholas have succeeded in taking all
    my customers, no problem I leave everything in the hand of God
    .”festus said
    “Just have patient with time everything will turn around “she
    assured him
    I hope so, because if this bad market continue, am afraid i will not
    be able to pay house rent, children’s school fees and also pay
    Stanley his monthly salary, I just pray that things will turn around
    .”festus said
    Don’t worry honey, everything will soon be alright okay? his wife
    said and after that they both went to sleep.

    The next morning, festus went to his business place on getting
    there his shop was still locked.
    so this boy have not yet come to work to open my shop for me, no
    problem I will call him now to know what is still keeping him from
    opening my shop.”he said to himself and later he dialed Stanley’s
    Hello Stanley!!! what is still keeping you to come to work, why
    haven’t you open my shop? he asked raising his voice immediately
    Stanley picked the call
    “oga!! abeg am not working again .”Stanley said
    But why??? he asked surprisedly
    Oga! I no wan work free of charge, for the past two weeks we have
    not been selling anything, I know if I continue working you will not
    pay me for the month because of the bad market, so I have decided
    to stop to avoid story month end.
    Episode 5
    Why will you say that, you know I don’t fail to pay you every month
    end, do you think I will not pay you this month end because of the
    bad market? please I beg you don’t reason like that, I will pay you
    your money this month end as usual. “festus pleaded
    Oga! Please am not working again, but am on my way to bring your
    shop key. “Stanley insisted
    okay, if you still insist on quitting your job no problem, am waiting
    for the key .”festus said and after that he dropped the call. Not too
    long Stanley brought the shop key and gave it to him then he left.
    Meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop attending to his customer.

    “Take this product, is good but don’t worry I will buy the other one
    you normally buy. “Nicholas said to the customer
    Ah, Mr Nicholas you and I know that I don’t like this product apart
    from the other one I normally buy, well since you don’t have it let
    me go to the other shop and buy it .”The customer exclaimed
    Ahh…., you want to buy stolen goods and later end up in jail, if you
    love yourself better manage this product am giving you than to end
    up in jail, am just telling you as my good customer. ” said Nicholas
    please am going there to buy the product that I want, even if is a
    stolen goods I don’t care am just a buyer. “the customer said and
    left instantly to buy what he want
    customer! customer!! please come, but the customer was already
    gone. idiot look at the person am even calling, instead of you to be
    happy that a big man like me is begging you to buy market and you
    are here misbehaving animal . Nicholas said after the customer had
    Festus was in his shop when the customer came
    Good afternoon sir ” the customer greeted
    Afternoon!! what do you want to buy? he asked and the customer
    told him what he wanted to buy and festus gave him the items he
    needed and then the customer left
    After that day festus started selling, customers began to trip in and
    out from shop buying all kinds of goods that they needed and with
    this festus became very happy once more.
    Nicholas on the other hand was very sad because all the people
    buying from him are no more buying again from his shop and with
    this he vowed to deal with festus.
    One day festus was in his shop when a group of police men came.

    Good morning! we are looking for Mr festus ” one of the police men
    Am Mr festus, why are you looking for me? he asked
    you are under arrest for selling a stolen goods. “the 2nd police man
    “For what? i imported all my goods from China, I even have the
    papers for the whole goods I imported, let me get it for you to see
    “he said and was about to go and bring the papers but the police
    men stopped him.
    where do you think that you are going? the 3rd police man asked
    raising his voice
    To get the papers nah “festus replied following his statement
    Meanwhile Nicholas was in his shop seeing the whole drama
    happening in festus shop and he laughed devlishly.
    you have not seen anything yet, I will deal with you since you don’t
    want people to be buying from me you want to take all the
    customers to yourself, let me see how you will escape this one now
    I have involved the police .” Nicholas thought to himself

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    Episode 6 & 7
    please officers I don’t know what you people are talking about,
    everybody in this market know that am importing my goods from

    China. “festus defended himself but the police men still insist on
    taking him to the station
    “you are coming with us to the station for further investigation, and if
    we found you guilty you shall go to jail. “the 1st police man said
    And what if am not guilty? festus asked following his statement
    Then we shall set you free .”the police man responded
    Alright, let me close my shop before going with you people. “festus
    said and then he lock up his shop after that the police men took him
    festus spend some days in the cell and was later release because
    he was not guilty of the crime they said he committed.
    when Nicholas learnt that festus have been released, he became
    very sad because he wanted him to go to jail.
    so they have released this man, upon everything I did for him to go
    to jail but still it didn’t work, no problem I know what to do, I will
    pretend to make peace with him, with that it will be easy for me to
    deal with him without him suspecting me. “Nicholas thought to
    himself and after that he went to festus’s shop according to his plan,
    on getting there festus was very surprised on seeing him because
    everybody in the market know that they are not in good term.
    Good day festus, how are you doing? Nicholas asked immediately
    he got to festus’s shop
    Am fine!! this one you came to my shop, I hope there is no problem
    or did you miss your way? festus asked surprisedly
    No my brother I did not miss my way, I came because am really
    concerned about you, I heard that policemen came to your shop
    and arrest you, what really happened? he asked pretending to care
    Am still surprised, I can’t believe that Nicholas of all people will
    come to my shop, because I know that you never liked me which
    everybody in the market knows, so why the sudden change ? festus
    asked still surprised

    Hmm…. let me say have realized my mistake, that was why I came
    to make peace with you, am sorry for everything I have done to you
    please forgive me. “Nicholas said pretending to change
    Anyway, I don’t have any grudges against you am a peaceful
    person, you are the one making it look as if we are enemies,
    anyway I have forgiven you .”festus said
    “Thank you very much, I promise to be a change man from today
    onwards .”Nicholas said
    is alright, I don’t have anything against you anymore, the most
    important thing now is we have make peace .”festus said
    so what really happened between you and the police? Nicholas
    They came here and said that am selling a stolen goods, so they
    arrested me .”festus explained
    “Jesusss…… you don’t mean it .”Nicholas screamed pretending not
    to know
    I even thought you are the one that told them, because you made
    the same statement to my customers then .”festus said
    me……. nooooo, am not the one at all, like I said before am sorry for
    what I did to you, but the truth is that I wasn’t the one that told the
    police about you selling a stolen goods. “he lied
    Episode 7
    Alright, I will still find out the person who told the police that am
    selling stolen goods which they know is not true. “festus said
    that is a good idea, you need to fish out the person who told the
    police. anyway your shop is some how empty, what happened to
    your goods? Nicholas asked trying to know more things about him.

    my brother is God ooo…. he have been so good to me these days, I
    have sold all my goods am even planning to go to China in two
    days time to buy more goods. “festus said and that moment
    Nicholas mood changed, but he still pretend to be happy for him
    you don’t mean it, eyaa am very happy for you .”Nicholas said
    smiling but inside him he is dieing of envyness
    Thank you for your concern, so how is business? festus asked
    my brother business is very bad these days, in a day I can’t be able
    to sell up to two thousand naira everything just changed am even
    tired of this business. “Nicholas said
    just take it easy, everything will soon be alright and by the way,
    what of your boy Emma? I have not be seeing him of recent. “festus
    that boy!! he said that is working for his brother now, so I let him go
    what will I do. “Nicholas replied
    Anyway just take things easy .”festus advised him and after their
    discussion Nicholas went back to his shop
    Later that night, festus was discussing with his wife in their house.
    So how was business today? Grace asked
    business was fine, oh I even forgot to tell you, Nicholas came to my
    shop today. “he said
    To do what ? she asked following his statement
    Nothing much, he came to apologise for all he did to me and I have
    no choice but to forgive him
    Just like that?? better be careful with that man I don’t trust him. “she
    don’t worry honey he is a changed man now. “he said
    I still don’t trust him, just be careful with him. “his wife said
    I will dear, less I forget I will be traveling to China in two days time
    to buy goods. “festus said
    Alright dear……. “his wife said and they ended the discussion

    In Nicholas house that same night, he was with his wife also
    That fool think he is smart, I went to his shop today. “Nicholas said
    why will you go to his shop? Mary asked frowning
    I went there to plead for his forgiveness, but he don’t know that I
    was trying to know his in and out .”Nicholas said and that moment
    Mary smiled
    so did you get any information from him? she asked
    Ah….. don’t you trust me your husband again? he said smiling
    so what did the idiot told you ? she asked curiously
    He told me that he will be going to China in two days time to buy
    goods, no problem he should go China but I have my plans.
    “Nicholas said smiling wickedly
    hmm… my iron Man I trust you .”Mary said and they both laughed,
    after that they went to sleep.

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    Episode 8 & 9
    Two days later, festus went to China and bought goods then he
    returned back after some days.
    hmm…. so this man have gone to China and bought many goods,
    look at how his shop is filled up with so many goods with different

    product, while me am still buying from alhaji kazeem, ah… am even
    talking, look at how customers are trooping in and out from his
    shop, while me no customer have enter my shop since morning
    apart from that credit man that called himself ebano, all he knows is
    to buy credit without paying money, hmm God forbid I can never
    live my life on credit like ebeano. Well as for festus I know next
    thing to do. “As Nicholas was still talking to himself, his phone
    began to rang and it was alhaji kazeem calling.
    “Hello!! nicho my man “alhaji kazeem said over the phone
    Alhaji! Alhaji!! longest time, I did not hear from you again, what
    happened? Nicholas asked
    Am sorry jare, just that my boys didn’t succeed in bringing the
    goods from the warehouse I sent them to bring, they said that the
    security there was tight, so I have to figure out another place that I
    will send them, but finally they succeeded this time but was almost
    caught. “Alhaji kazeem explained
    “But I hope they bring the product I normally buy, because my
    customers don’t like the other one. “Nicholas said
    why not they brought all the products you want, just come for the
    goods you like. “alhaji said
    Alhaji my man I trust, that is why I normally buy from you because
    you are a good business man and you sell in a cheaper rate for me,
    don’t worry am coming right away .”Nicholas happily said over the
    Alright, I will be waiting for you. “alhaji kazeem said and after that
    he ended the call.
    After Nicholas finished what he was doing in the shop, he went to
    alhaji kazeem place and bought all the goods he needed, after that
    he came back to his shop with his goods which a bus offloaded.
    Later that afternoon festus went to Nicholas shop to see him.

    Nicholas my brother is like you went to buy new goods? festus
    asked smiling
    yesooo…, since I don’t have much goods so I decided to buy new
    ones .”Nicholas replied
    Thank God for that, am very happy for you .”festus happily said
    thank you my brother, so how is business? Nicholas asked
    Business is fine ooo, this your goods look like a portable one, where
    did you buy it from? festus asked
    My brother! am buying it from Douglas .”Nicholas lied
    Episode 9
    wow! you mean Douglas the one that normally import his goods
    from Japan and Dubai? festus asked
    Exactly my brother “Nicholas replied
    Eyaa…. but why buying from him, everybody knows that his goods
    are very costly, how will you see your profit if you keep on buying
    from Douglas. “festus said
    what will I do if I don’t buy from him, where else will I buy? Nicholas
    To my own suggestion, why not anytime that am going to China you
    give me your own money to buy for you, because electronic are
    very very cheap in China, with that you will earn a lot of profit.
    “festus suggested
    thanks for your concern, I will think about it and get back to you.
    “Nicholas said

    Alright, is for your own good “festus said and after that he went
    back to his shop
    Look at him, so because you are going to China to buy goods,
    somebody will not hear word again, thunder fire 🔥🔥 you for telling
    me that, you have see me that don’t use to go to China Abi, stupid
    man, ah….. Nicholas you have suffered just look at how this man
    was insulting me, you think I don’t have money to go to China?
    don’t worry wait and see, me I will go to USA to import my own
    goods, you are going to common China and be making noise up
    and down nonsense. “Nicholas thought to himself
    One week later, festus went to China again to buy more goods
    because the other goods he bought have finished, so he decided to
    buy more. After some days he returned .
    Nicholas on the other hand saw how festus business was moving
    and growing, he became very jealous.
    Ah…. this man is looking for my trouble ooo, he is making me to feel
    bad, Everytime he normally go to China to buy goods, does it mean
    that the one he bought last week have finish? while the one I
    bought from alhaji kazeem is still much, I don’t even think that I will
    sell all that in the next two months because customers hardly come
    to my shop to buy from me, no problem I know what next to do,
    festus you are going down, I can’t take this anymore before I die of
    bp .”Nicholas said to himself
    One day, festus came back home looking very sad and worried, his
    wife grace had broke down and cried when festus told her of how
    fire destroyed his shop and goods.
    Honey! how did it happened? grace asked crying
    I went this morning to the shop, only to discovered that everything
    was burnt down including the shop, am finished I just bought new
    goods with my life savings. “festus sobbed


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    Episode 10
    O my God, this can’t be happening, but did it affect other shops?
    she asked
    No!! is only my shop that got burnt, what am I going to do now?
    where will start from? he said with tears dropping down from his
    But what about the securities guarding the market, where were they
    when all this was happening? grace asked
    they said that they don’t know how the fire got to my shop, that they
    were on duty that night, that nobody enter the place. “festus said in
    sad countenance
    but wait ooo, something is not right, did Nicholas shop also got
    burnt? she asked again
    no only my shop that got burnt, who could have done this to me? he
    asked no one in particular
    “Let’s just leave everything to God, he shall expose the person
    behind all this because I have the feeling that somebody is behind it
    and is only God that can expose that person. “grace said
    After that day things became very difficult for festus, his wife grace
    became the bread winner of the house through her supermarket

    business and at that she was still submittive and faithful to her
    husband no matter the condition.
    one month after festus shop got burnt, Nicholas became the hottest
    trader in the market, almost all festus customers are now buying
    goods from him, he became very happy that he has succeeded in
    his plans.
    Finally am back to where I belong, now that I have succeeded in my
    plans, let me see how that idiot that calls himself festus will go to
    China again to buy goods, China man come and go nah let me see,
    now I have all your customers to myself, I don’t even want you to
    come to this market again so that I will be selling everyday, fool like
    you .”Nicholas said to him self.
    Later that evening when Nicholas got home, he was very happy.
    Darling! you look very happy these days “Mary said
    why won’t I be happy? ever since I succeeded in my plans, things
    have turn around for me, that fool thought he was smart but he
    don’t know that am smarter than him .”he happily said
    “wow!! am very happy for you honey, that serve him right I know by
    now he will be begging for food. “Mary said
    He will not only beg for food, he will also beg for water, he have not
    seen anything yet I will still deal with him more “Nicholas said
    better do honey……



    Episode 11 & 12
    Festus was in the sitting room thinking about everything that was
    happening to him, as he was still thinking his wife came in.
    Honey you can’t continue like this all day, must you kill yourself
    thinking? have told you before to leave everything for God, look at
    the time 12am and you are still here instead of to come inside the
    room to sleep, please honey come and sleep is late. “grace said
    I can’t believe that all this is happening to me, I can’t pay our
    children’s school fees, house rent and other things, you have been
    the one doing all this which I suppose to be doing, I need to do
    something about this I can’t continue to stay at home every time.
    “festus said in a sad countenance
    Am I complaining? remember you open the supermarket business
    for me to be supporting in case of incasity which I am doing, why
    worrying your self honey .”she said in a concerned tone
    remember, am the head of the family is my duty to provide for you
    and the children, I think I know what to do, I will go to Nicholas shop
    tomorrow. “he said
    To do what? his wife asked
    To know if he can lend me money to start up a little business. “said
    “That evil man?? no way I rather sell up my supermarket business
    and give you the money to start up a business of your own. “grace
    No! I can’t allow that to happen, I will go to Nicholas tomorrow
    remember we are now in good terms, he is like a brother to me
    now. “he said
    well if you say so, but be careful .”grace warned
    I will be careful dear “said festus

    So the next morning, he went to Nicholas shop to know he can lend
    money from him.
    Ah festus my brother, long time no see, I hope all is well this one
    you came to my shop? Nicholas asked smiling
    All is well, just that I came to see you, since you don’t ask after me
    and my family, so I decided to come and see you, like they said if
    mountain does not go to Mohammed then Mohammed will go to the
    mountain .”festus said
    Am sorry that I haven’t called since to asked after you, just that
    have been very busy, for the pass two weeks have not been
    around, I travelled to China to buy goods, I just came back
    yesterday .”Nicholas lied
    wow! you are now traveling to China? festus asked
    yes I now travel to China to buy goods. “Nicholas said
    That’s good news, am really happy for you. “festus said smiling
    Is God ooo my brother, so what brought you here I hope there is no
    problem? Nicholas asked
    if I tell you that all is well know that am lying, you know ever since
    my business got burnt, have been staying at home since then, my
    wife have been the one doing everything in the house, I need to
    stand up as a man to take care of my family, so I decided to come
    to you to lend me money to start up a small business, I promise to
    pay back when the business is mature. “festus pleaded
    eyaa…, I would love to help but the thing is that, I just returned back
    from China yesterday and I don’t have any money with me, you
    know what just come back in the next four days let me see what I
    can do. “Nicholas said
    Episode 12

    Alright, I will come back in the next four days just as you said.
    “festus said and after that he went home
    The next four days, festus still went to Nicholas shop as they
    agreed, but still Nicholas did not give him the money he asked for,
    After that festus never bother and have anything to do with him
    again since he don’t want to help him.
    So things still became very difficult for festus that he could not
    afford money to buy anything for himself or for his family, this
    continues like this not until one day his father Nathan called him on
    phone one evening.
    “papa good evening sir. “festus greeted immediately he picked the
    Evening my son, how are you and your family? Nathan asked
    we are all fine papa, just that we are managing life, but this one you
    called I hope everything is alright ? festus asked
    yes my son everything is alright, I called to tell you to come to the
    village in the next three days because I will be selling one of my
    land and give you the money to start up a business, I can’t be alive
    and watch any of my children suffering, I have bargain with the
    buyer he said that he will be be buying the land tomorrow or next
    .”his father said
    but why papa? why do you want to sell your land because of me?
    he asked
    because you are my child, I will do anything for my children besides
    remember I have up to three lands selling one of them is not a big
    deal, just come in the next three days as I said okay? his father said
    over the phone
    ok papa!! I will come as you said, may God bless you for me.
    “festus happily said and after that the call went dead.

    Three days later, he went to the village and his father gave him the
    money that he sold for the land, festus took the money back to the
    city and start up a business in another market place, not too long he
    started going to China to buy goods, things started turning around
    for him and his family.
    One afternoon, Nicholas was talking with one of his friend outside
    his shop when a group of police men came, immediately he saw
    them he stopped whatever he was doing to know what they want.

    #14176 Reply

    Episode 13
    Good afternoon officers, do you want to buy electronic? Nicholas
    “No! we are looking for one Mr Nicholas. “one of the police man
    ok they directed you to buy market from me? so which one do you
    want to buy, I have Sony product, Lg, Elepac, Tiger and Panasonic,
    I have every product you want both big and small size, so which
    one should I bring for you people, is it generator, DVD or deep
    freezer, which one do you people want to buy? Nicholas asked

    Are you Mr Nicholas the owner of nicho investment? 2nd officer
    “Yes! am the one and only Nicholas, the hottest trader in this
    market, any problem? Nicholas asked again
    you are under arrest for selling a stolen goods. “4th officer said and
    that moment Nicholas heart skipped
    I don’t know what you people are talking about ooo .”he denied
    you have been buying stolen goods from alhaji kazeem, who have
    been sending his boys to rob people’s warehouse but unfortunately
    for them they were caught, and they told us that it was alhaji
    kazeem that sent them and also they said that you are their number
    1 buyer and now alhaji kazeem is no where to be found .”3rd officer
    “And when we asked the boys if you know anything about the
    stolen goods, they said yes that you know all their activities. “1st
    officer also said
    please officers let me explain is not what you think. “Nicholas said
    shut up your mouth, they even told us that you send them to burn
    one Mr festus shop and goods. “2nd officer said and Nicholas was
    speechless that moment
    please have mercy on me is the hand work of the devil I beg you,
    let’s settle this here I will give you people anything you want.
    “Nicholas pleaded
    Keep quiet!! anything you say now shall be use against you in the
    court of law. “the 3rd officer said and after that they handcuff him
    and took him away.
    Two weeks later, festus became very rich and bought a new house,
    he also bought two plots of land for his father in the village, he also
    relocate with his family to the new house he bought, he also bought
    a new expensive car for his wife and from there they lived happily.

    Nicholas on the other hand was later sentence 14yrs imprisonment
    with hard labor for selling a stolen goods and also responsible for
    burning festus shop, he regretted everything bad he did and wish
    he could have a second chance to change, but everything was too
    late for him as he went to jail to serve his 14yrs imprisonment for his
    crime and his wife Mary cried bitterly for him.


    Pls Without Wasting Any Time, Kindly Comment Below What You
    Learnt From This Story and Male it interactive 😁

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