Episode 5

As I looked through the window again I was disappointed to see Peter and Bimpe in each other’s arms and I knew, instantly, what was going on.

I was absolutely devastated. I turned back to little Peter and I told him that there was no need to return to Life because I can’t bear to see Peter cheat on me with Bimpe and just when I told little Peter that his grown up self was a j**k, I heard my husband’s voice, he was talking to Bimpe and I listened attentively, this time his words mended my broken heart. “Bimpe no woman would be able to take the place of My late wife Fidelia, I’m sorry not even you, please stop forcing yourself on me” Big Peter said but Bimpe promised to be patient with him.
“I am not here to take your late wife’s place, I’m here to love you, please. I thought you were in love with me and you almost ended your marriage for me” Bimpe entered

“Bimpe, that’s the greatest mistake, I have ever done in my life, Bimpe I was confused, you gave me the peace and respect that I always expected from my wife but the truth remain that I don’t love you, yes I was attracted to you but that’s not love” Peter replied
“Peter I know that you are still mourning your late wife, I guess that’s why you are confused but I want you to know that I will always be here for you, feel free to call me, whenever you need me, I will be here waiting for you” Bimpe added

“I have to go, my children will be expecting me” Peter concluded and walked away.

After I listened to this conversation, I broke down in tears but deep down I felt happy. Little Peter walked closer to me and held my left hand.
“I thought you will be happy but you are crying, what can I do for you please tell me” Little Peter asked coldly.
“I’m ready, I want to go back to my children and to my Peter , they need me, I’m going to look for that necklace, I’m not going to remain here, I love Peter so much and I know better now, I promise never to nag him or to try to change him, it so obvious that his heart belongs to me, I was a fool to think he was going to leave me, he love me too much” I said in tears and little Peter smiled.

“Good, you need to be patient with him, trust him and don’t forget to be friends with each other, so I can live again. You both stopped goofing around with each other, you stopped being children and little Peter and Little Fidelia died” Little Peter said sadly.

“Little Fidelia? Me? Where is little Fidelia?” I asked in shock and a little beautiful shy girl

appeared, it was obvious that the little girl was me, but before I will utter a word, Little Fidelia vanished. I smiled faintly because I remember how shy I was, when I was still a child.

That night, i went to see Peter in his dream, and I asked him where the necklace he gave me could be found and of course he told where I left it, it was in my parent’s house, I hurriedly left to get it and when I got to my parent’s house, I was devastated because they were still mourning my death. My brother was consoling them but they were unconsolable. I realized how much I was loved, even though it broke my heart to see them in that state, I didn’t waste anytime at my parent’s house as I was more concerned with finding the necklace and getting my life back.

When I found the necklace, I was so excited and I ran to my husband to give him the good news, I was hoping to see him sleeping, so I could visit his dreams but I was disappointed, he was out with Bimpe and our children.

I felt defeated, that night I visited Bimpe in her dreams and I told her, ‘Please don’t ever hurt my husband. Look after him and my children for me’. And Bimpe woke up in fear.

I gave up Because my children seemed to have liked Bimpe too, as they treasured each moment of that weekend that they spent together with her, because Bimpe was so nice to them, She cooked them a delicious meal and they went to the cinema to see a movie, but I couldn’t see the screen through my tears.

Despite my heartbreak, I vowed to be nice to Bimpe, since she was nice to my children. And she seemed to be a good friend to my husband and they looked very happy together. I don’t want to be selfish, I was never a selfish person, if Being with Bimpe will bring happiness into my husband’s life, I was ready to accept my Fate But Little Peter told me that Bimpe was only pretending.

“She doesn’t love your husband or your children, she is with your husband for his wealth and once Bimpe gets married to Peter, she will stop caring for your children” Little Peter told me and I almost had an heart attack.

“Have you found the necklace?” Little Peter asked and I nodded yes and I gave it to him.” I will be

back” he told me and vanished.

“A small part of me was glad that I will be returning to my loved ones but I still don’t believe if it’s possible. But I remembered a bible verse that reads “with God all things are possible”

To Be Continued