When A Man Loves episode 16&17


Episode 16.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
The Petulo’s wife changed from the jovial and chatting mood into that serious one was so fast that Musa started wishing that he would hear her say she was just messing with him. This was so because the way she was talking was giving him goose bumps as he could not imagine what Petulo would do to him upon hearing what he had done to his wife. Musa and Petulo usually talked about several issues which included about what they would do if they caught their wives cheating.

“I would kill the manner which any means possible where I won’t be noticed and then discuss the issue with my wife because she is mine” were the words of Petulo.

Musa looked at Petulo’s wife trying to hear her say what he was really dying to hear that moment. That she was just playing with his emotions.
“What are you waiting for? Oh you want my husband to find you here? Okay wait here” She said instead.

Those words made musa know how messed up his life had become as what he was doing was one of the cases which were judged mercilessly by the chief. He knew that he had nothing which he would use to pay what the chief would charge. And with the fact that he had just shared his belongings with his ex wife, what he had was not enough to buy him the charge after selling them all off.

Without saying anything, as he thought that trying to say anything would make things worse for himself, he started walking away from that area heading back to his home so that he could re-think what he had just done.
“Why did I even go there? I shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. That was a very stupid idea” he scolded himself.
Elasi was shivering as she wiped the excess water from her body in that grass built bathing shelter since the weather was a bit chilly. She then got a chitenge material and covered herself holding it from under her armpits just like most women who bath from a bathroom situated outside the house do when they are from bathing. She then wrapped her washed knicker on her facetowel and then put it in the bathing dish. She then carried the dish heading to her hut. As she had nothing inside the chitenge material, her nyash was shaking and bumping into each carelessly like goats that were running from their shepherd’s whip. Thank goodness that it was in the evening when it was already dark and no one was able to see her.

It is very unfortunate how some women carelessly move with just a chitenge material on from bathing during daytime in the full view of men of different ages. To young boys who see that tend to get into deeper thoughts which corrupt their young and innocent minds. Other women go to the shameless extent of doing this even in the presence of their father-in-law and uncles. Though it may look like there is no problem, you just don’t know what goes on in the mind of men who are watching you. You may arouse thoughts that may lead to something shameful from happening. Incidences of a nephew peeping to watch a naked aunt applying lotion on her body may be caused by the curiosity raised by thpse untamed nyansh by the aunt when from bathing. The little innocent boy may want to see more of what he sees covered in a chitenge material. So, argue if you like but the truth is wearing a chitenge only from bathing as a woman and passing where there are men brings a lot thoughts that leaves to be desired.
Elasi got into her hut and first hanged the knickers where it would dry just like she usually did. Secondly she went to where she had hidden the charms which she had got from the witchdoctor in order to try to see how much power was vested in them. Just as guided by the witchdoctor, she got a small root which was reddish in colour and put it between her legs making sure it got slight contact with the calabash. She then held dark small root and put it into her hands. She then drew her hands close to her mouth then started talking into them.

“Musa, you know that there is no any other man I love more than you. So now I want you to love me back and take me seriously. I want when you see me for you be feeling really good and happy. When am not around, I want you to be thinking about me every now and then. And next time I see yoi, I want you to crave for my calabash and immediately you hit not desire another calabash. In simple words, I want you to marry me and be content with me only.” She said into her hands where the root was.

After saying that, she put the root into her mouth and lay down so that the root could do its work for some time. She was there imagining how Musa was acting wherever he would have been if the potion was really working. An involuntary smile came onto her face as she imagined being loved fully by Musa.
That same evening, Musa was busy thinking about how he was going to get out of the mess he had just created at Petulo’s place. He went on blaming himself for what he had done seeing how foolish it was.
“I shouldn’t have gone to meet that stupid girl. i would have been very safe. Wait a minute! What is causing me to be doing all these stupid things is the fact that I have no woman in my life. I need to have my own woman whom I would focus on and forget about stupid Tangu.”he thought to himself.
Out of nowhere he started thinking how a perfect match Elasi was for him. He imagined the beauty of the children he would produce with her. The memories of how the smashing sessions with here were kept on coming to him. He then started blaming himself for not thinking earlier about marrying and settling with her.
“I need to make that woman my wife.”he said with a lot of conviction in his words.

Musa went on thinking about Elasi for a while till during midenight, he could not hold himself any further. He decided to work up to go and meet Elasi that same night. Without wasting any more time, he got dressed up and walked hurriedly to Elasi’s place. He started knocking on the door as he whispered Elasi’s name.
“Who is it?”asked Elasi from inside.
“Its me Musa”
At hearing that, Elasi realized and got confirmation that the potion was really working. She smiled and put back the roots where they were and went to open the door for Musa. He ushered him in upon which they got talking.
“What brings you here this time of the night?”she asked rhetorically.
“Elasi I have just realized how amazing you are as a woman. I don’t want to beat about the bush but hit the nail on the head. I want us to get married. What do you say?” he asked.
Elasi was all smiles seeing that her visit to witchdoctor had started paying off that early. She was trying to play hard to get a bit to see how serious he was.
“I don’t know if you do love me”
“I love you Elasi and I will do anything to have you. Please say yes”he pleaded with her.
“Okay. So are you going back? I am feeling cold.”
“If you don’t mind I can spend a night with you.”
“Okay. Lets sleep then”
“Let us do the doing”
“I thought you didn’t want it. Do you want it?
“Musa did not say anything but just removed his shirt and trousers in a split second. The pair of trousers was removed at the same time together with other clothing he had down there. He told Elasi who was just covered in achitenge material and unclovered her.
“Yes I want it”he said as he drew her close to himself.

The whole of the next day, Musa was really happy that he had spent the previous night with elasi. The smiles, the moaning and other nice things about Elasi kept on flashing on his mind.
In the afternoon of that day as he went on hallucinating on Elasi, Musa was seated on the stool enjoying his daydreaming. Just then his nice feel of the atmosphere got disturbed when he saw Petulo was close him. The pace at which Petulo was walking made Musa feel scared as it was becoming clear to him that the friend had not come for peace but war. The more petulo drew closer to him the more scared he got.

“Hold on Petulo. Allow me to explain”Musa said standing up.
“Don’t be stupid. What did you come to do at my house?” Petulo asked angrily.
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Episode 17.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
Seeing how angry Petulo was appearing, Musa was very much sure that his friend was very much angry. He was very much sure as well that there was nothing that could have made his friend that angry other that the issue of him going after his wife. Musa was there pleading with his friend trying to buy time so as to try to find what to say because he had absolutely nothing to say his friend as the issue was very delicate. On a split second thought, Musa thought of trying to not rush into explaining himself but wait to hear what Petulo had come there for.

“What do you want to explain? Who do you think I am to you? You have extremely changed from good to bad”Petulo said.
“What have I done if may ask?” Musa asked wanting to first ascertain the topic under discussion there.
“So I should be hearing from other people what is happening to my friend?”
“You are still talking in parables Petulo”
“Is it true that you are getting married to Elasi?”petulo asked.
At hearing that question, Musa gave a deep breath of relief as he was not expecting that that would be the topic of discussion there. His bones was strongly clinging to the bones after imagining what he thought would be the outcome of that visit. Hearing that Petulo had come for the issue of Elasi which was neutral, he felt very much relieved such that an involuntary smile came on his face.

“Petulo, sit down so that we talk about that nicely.” Musa said.
“I hope you will tell me a valid reason as to why I wasn’t the first one to know about it when I was the one encouraging you on Elasi”he said as he sat down on the stool.
“Okay I am sorry for not being able to tell you but it has not yet been finalized. My people will go to meet Elasi’s people today late afternoon”
Äre you not going to be part of that entourage?”
“Of course I will be”
“That’s nice but why didn’t you make an effort to meet me?”
“You know how we were last time we met, I was still mad at you for what you did?”
“Infact upto now I am failing to understand what I did wrong”
“Where you not fighting over Tangu?”
“Not really.”
“So what happened?”

Petulo then started narrating how he met Malengo who then started boasting on how he managed to lay bare tangu and enjoy her in the presence of her husband. He went on talking how sweet she was and how he intended on continuing to enjoy her.
“So that annoyed you?”asked Musa.
“Yes but what made me very angry was when he said my wife was also on his list of smashing. That was when I lost my temper and struck his face”
“Okay but it’s a bit difficult for me to believe that because the other day I saw you with Tangu chatting and laughing. Actually it was the day after she had walked passed me without answering my greeting. What were you talking about?”
“She was telling me how she wanted you to plead for her to continue being her husband. She told me as your friend how she still wanted you but wanted much from you. Your seriousness!”
“Are you serious? But why did she go ahead with the divorce after my pleading. She wanted much of your pleading not that little one”
“Serves her better. I am now getting married to my Elasi. I cant look back anymore”

In the late afternoon of that same day, Musa and his elders went to Elasi’s place where they were to do the discussion of the marriage between them. As they were waiting for them, the two parties did their discussion well. They started by asking Elasi if she had accepted Musa to be her husband to which she agreed and the marriage discussion ensued. Since it was the first day of meeting, they decided to postpone the meeting to a day which was to be communicated by Elasi’s family so that they could come and charge the marriage payment.

The news of Musa getting married to Elasi went around in the village that same evening like a wild bush fire. Everyone was excited for the happening as most of them said that he had done a good thing for fear of doing something really bad. This was so due to the notion that men cant stay long without getting intimate.

Tangu was busy minding her own business eating her nshima that evening when her aunt went and sat on the reedmat with her. They were warming themselves with some woodfire which was outside there. The aunt then broke the news to Tangu which she had not known by then.
“I have just heard that Musa is getting married from this village?”
“Yes, they have already reached the girls family”
“Who is the girl?”
“He cant do that”she said as she put down the plate of relish.
Tangu then washed her hands and stood up to leave for her hut.
“Are you fine?”asked her aunt.
“Yes” she said then walking to her hut.
Upon getting there, the floodgates of tears opened as she cried due to the news. She did not expect that Musa would move on that quick because according to her, she was still Musa’s love and it was matter of time before he would get back to her
“Please Musa. I want you back. You are my husband. I can’t live without you.”Tangu sobbed in a low voice.
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