When A Man Loves episode 14&15


Episode 14.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
Musa sat there in disbelief as he could not imagine his close friend Petulo also having anything to do with his ex wife. He was able to understand the situation of malengo because he showed that he was interested in the ex wife and he was the Cause of the marriage ruin. But petulo his close friend who treated his wife like a sister also wanting to get a share of Tangu was unbearable. Petulo was in the forefront encouraging Musa to divorce his ex wife and now it was becoming clear to Musa that he acted naively by following his friend’s piece of advice.

Ís this how cruel the world is? I am here suffering due to the piece of advice I was being given and reminded frequently by him? From now own if I ever listen to any person advice I will be the worst fool ever”Musa said to himself.
As he sat at his place he saw a lot of people walking back from where he was told that the fight was happening from. The people were passing as they talked how foolish the two men were.

“They are both married but busy fighting for another woman” one of them was heard by musa talking as they passed him place.
The gazes at him as people passed were making Musa uncomfortable so he decided to go inside his home to avoid those inquisitive looks. He was hurting inside him and the thought of committing suicide came to him really strong again. He was in that situation were problems were coming to him one after the other.
“Where did all these problems start from?” he asked himself.

He remembered how he got paid his money from the farm produce sales and happily got home. He remembered how he decided to get drunk and all hell broke loose.
“So it is because of that money that I am facing all these problems. I shouldn’t have had that money in the first place”
As he lay in bed as early as 7pm, he went on trying to squeeze his eyes into getting some sleep. He was wishing that sleep would take over him so that he may get into dreamland. Dreaming was way much better than reality. The thought of going to buy alcohol to get intoxicated and sleep became so appealing that he woke up in order to go and buy some.
When he got out, he met Elasi who had come with a bowl of some nice food which she had prepared for him to enjoy. She knew that it was possible for him not to have eaten something by the end of that day due to what had happened. She coaxed him to sit and eat. Though he was so strong about leaving, Elasi went on and convinced him not to leave. The went inside the house and he reluctantly started eating what had been brought for him.

Ï know things are not really going on well for you now. Problems are hitting you left right center and back. I really feel sorry for you. All I can say is that stay away from all the chaos your ex wife is finding herself in”Elasi said calmly.
Ökay, how can I stay away from her when people so close to me are the ones making things worse?”
Ï don’t know but detach yourself from her. Whatever happens let it not be your business. And infact do you know that once a couple breaks up the competition of whom is more happy starts immediately. Don’t let her wanting to make you sad win you over”she said.

Musa kept quiet trying to reason hard on what Elasi had just said to him as there was a lot of sense in it. He was supposed to find a way of making himself stay away and stop getting attached to what Tangu was till doing with her life.
The duo went on chatting on other things after Musa appreciated her for the kinds words she had said to him. He was enjoying her company there and she was making him forget a bit what was happening to her.

Ï need to go now. Its getting late”Elasi said.
Üm.. aaaaah…. I was thinking if its okay with you that you spend a night here with me. I am really lonely and you are the only one who has genuinely been on my side. Please spend a night here” Musa pleaded with her.
There was no way Elasi would turn down that rare request which she was dying to hear from him. She had to contain her happiness so as not to show it that she was desperately in need of that sleep over.
With the night well spent with Elasi, Musa’s mood on the next day was better than he was the previous night. It was clear that what elders said that dodix therapy was really true. Its really true that when you are stressed when you get some passionate orgasms, the mood improves and things tend to get better for that person generally.
The whole day he spent it home not wanting to come intop contact with people who would have reminded him of the unfortunate incident between Petulo and Malengi. In the afternoon of that day, he sat under the shade of the tree listening to some nice kalindula music which was playing on the small radio which was on. In the serene and peaceful state, he just saw Petulo walking towards him. Petulos’s step was full of confidence and pride as if nothing negative concerning musa had never happened to him the previous day. As he got close, Musa turned off the radio so that anything they would talk about would not be shadowed or blurred with it.

“Hey man, how are you doing today?”petulo greeted him as he tried to get a stool to sit close to Musa.
“Hold it there. You are not sitting or having anything to do with me anymore”said mUsa.
“Whats wrong?”
“Don’t pretend as if we don’t know what this is about. You were acting likea good friend not knowing that you were eyeing my ex wife and you wanted to also have a share of her waist”
“Where is this coming from?”
“Don’t make a fool of me you idiot. You were fighting for my wife with that stupid malengo. Did you think that I will not get the stoy behind the fight?”
“Musa you are a big fool and I don’t even know how that nice lady even ended up with you….”

Ÿou can not come to my house and start insulting me. Leave before I do something that will send you and I to the mortuary and and prison respectively. Hamba!”Musa shouted.
Petulo shook his head and without saying much, left the place as he did not want to start a nother fight as it would paint a picture in the village that he was the problem. Where Musa was, was gnashing his teeth as he tried to think of what to do.

Ïts now time for revenge. I will revenge all people who did me bad. I will start with Petulo. I want him to have a feel of exactly what I am going through too.” he said standing up going into his home.
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Episode 15
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
Musa got into his house and was moving up and down aimlessly as he tried to find the best way of revenge both Petulo and Malengo for the chaos they had casued him. Malengo for outrightly sleeping with his wife in his own matrimonial bed. Petulo for pretending to be his close friend and advising him in such a manner that things would go sour for him so that he could take a chance on Tangu. Musa was really hurting inside as he looked around particularly for nothing.

Ï will find a way of dealing with both of them. I will do it in such a way that they will not even see it coming”he said as he removed the shirt which was feeling hot on his body.
On the next day in the morning, Malengo was heading into the bush to go and cut a dry tree he had previously seen near his grandfather’s field so that he could use it as firewood for his home. He was walking on gently and so full of himself as he was proud of what he had done on Petulo. Though the fight was stopped quickly, Malengo managed to land in some satisfying punches into Petulo. He was proud that his opponent went with that yearn to also punch back which he did not fulfill.

Whistling as he was out of sight from the people in the village, Malengo went on feeling proud of himself. Little did he know what lay ahead of him. It was something that he least expected on that day and in that area. Behold, there was Tangu, Musa’s ex wife, walking from the there carrying a bucket on her head. He knew that he had an amazing opportunity to talk to her and continue with the discussion which they had started earlier. Malengo walked hurriedly towards her as he could not hold himself from hearing her voice.

“Look who is coming in front of me? Someone I have been dying to meet in such a serene environment”said Malengo as he smiled.
“You better watch what is coming out of your mouth.”Tangu said seriously.
Ökay your majesty. How are you doing today?”
“Malengo, what was that all about?”
“The fight”
Öh that, I needed to teach him a lesson. He is very stupid”
“You are a disgrace. Do you know just how people look at me now because of your fight?”

“People will alwaystalk even if they don’t have the true reflection of what happened. Who deso even care about what they say? All I care about is the fact that I am here with you. Forget them”
“Forget them you say?”
“Yes forget them. Lets now talk about us”
“Let me sink this into your head Malengo. Whatever happened between us was a mistake which I can never repeat. You are married to a woman who is so good to me and I will not stoop so low to date a married man. So next time you talk to me about anything silly, I will report you to the elders of our village. Excuse me”she said then making steps to walk away.

As she was passing, Malengo extended his hand and got hold of her on the near the elbow. Immediately, Tangu let go of the bucket which was on her head and swiftly turned then landed a nasty slap on his face.
“If you dare touch me like that ever again, you will know why babies are born without pubic hair”she shouted angrily.
She then bent and picked the vegetables which had fallen from the basket that she had carried. Malengo was there not knowing what to do or say but astounded. He stood there till TAngu walked away from him.
“I will not give up on you”he said then heading on to where he was going.
Elasi walked stealthily making sure that no one saw her going to that place. Very few people were able to walk proudly away from that place due to what was associated with the place. There were some red materials and skulls on the side of the road which guided people coming there the route. She finally got to the main place, the shrine, where the village witchdoctor was doing his work from.

According to what she had heard about those who had once come there, she removed her plastic shoes from her feeta dn crossed the line which was written on the ground in black colour and sat on the lock which was facing the big mirror in front. There were a lot of weird stuffs such us figurines of a baby with beards and other stuff making the place feel more paranormal than the word itself. Elasi was very uncomfortable but had to wait as she was determined to what what she went there for done.
“My daughter, what is that you seek here?”a voice came from the gourd which was below the mirror.
“I… I… I need your help”she stutters with fear.
“Of what do you seek help?”
“I want this man to love me. I have doen all I can but he doesn’t seem to be interest in me” she said.
“Is that man married?”
“No, he is divorced”
“I see. This requires a lot of being careful and serious. Anyway, It said that “he who swallows a knife has an absolute trust in his anus”I hope you will do it well as guided.”

The unseen witchdoctor guided Elasi to put some money of the red chitenge piece which was on the ground which she did. She was then told to pick a root which was in the winnower and told how to make use of it.
“From here, go direct to your home and put it where no one else will se it. Don’t answer me. Just go”said the witchdoctor.
Elasi immediately stood up after getting the root and then left the place. The further she was getting from the shrine, the more she was becoming comfortable as the place was haunted in kind

On that calm afternoon when all people had gone to the village square where there were some dances going on, Musa went to Petulo’s house knowing very well that he was not there. As planed he found Petulo’s wife seated breastfeeding the child whom she held in her arms. With a smile, Musa sat next to her in as they exchanged their pleasantries.
“Your friend is not here, he has gone to meet the tailor of our village.”Petulo’s wife said.
“Oh okay, that’s okay. I can atleast chat with you. Its been long when we talked just the two of us.
“Yes you know what growing up does”
“Yes. So don’t you miss those childhood days?”
“I do sometimes but I would love to go back there.”
“The way I can gladly go back there again.”
“So that I can find you single and I would marry you”

Petulo’s wife laughed at hearing that naughty comment from Musa. She did not expect that he would miss those ole days where they used to play together.
“I guess you heard what Petulo and Malengo did yesterday.”
“Unfortunately yes.”
“Its sad. What happened made me see how a best woman you are. You are so beautiful more that any lady is in this village. When you smile I feel like killing all chickens in this village to celebrate your beauty.”
“Stop fibbing Musa”said Petulo’s wife as she laughed.
“Okay I will stop but I have a very serious thing to say to you”
“I don’t know how to put this. I have been having some strange thoughts in me and a lot of weird happening but there is on nice thing that has happened. I have become so attached to you. A day cant p[a*s without thinking about how we used to play as kids. I really care for you and I really like you”he said sincerely.
“Oh okay. Thank you”
“Its not a thank you that I want, I want you in my life”
“Unbelievable! I am married and how can I come into your life?”
“We weill figure that our.”
“Okay listen to me very well Musa. I can not do that. I am a woma of my integrity. I can never cheat on my husband just like othe shameless women do. And let me warn you to stay away from me. If you dare come to me with your stupid words ever again, I will report you to the chief. Infact leave this place”she said angrily.

Without wanting to create a scene, Musa stood up and got on his feet ready to leave though the turn of events confused him very much. He was confused wondering if he had used words which were inappropriate.
“And for your on information, I will tell my husband when he comes back that you were asking me out.” said Petulo’s wife sending more adrenaline into the bloodstream of Musa.
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