When A Man Loves episode 12&13


Episode 12.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
There was a lot of pain in the body of Musa who was there lying on the ground to be swift as he could to run away from such a situation. The uncle really meant business because he got hold of him and landed in more slaps. It was like he did not want to make him bleed but just to make him feel pain.

“Who are you?”asked the uncle angrily as he landed in more slaps.
Ïts me Musa, Tangu’s husband”
“Tangu has no husband. She is not married.”
“Yes, I mean no she is not married. I am not her husband.”
“Whatever you are, what are you doping here this time of the night?”
Ï…. I…. I…. I came to have a conversation with her.”
Över what? Listen to me. You shameless and badheartedly made shame of her blaming her for infidelity which she did not do and we told you clear to stay away from her but here you are. I will teach you a lesson that you will not forget from now on.””

Before he could land in more nasty slaps into me, I just heard Tangu pleading with her uncle not to hurt me any further but let me go. She went on pleading making her uncle wonder if she still had something in her for musa.
Ï don’t love him its just that I don’t want you to kill someone in front of my hut. It will be bad luck to me.”Tangu said.

With that the uncle ‘s hold on musa slowly started loosening which indicated that Tangu’s words have been taken note off. Musa was proud that he had been saved by his ex wife assuming the affection in her for him.
“Leave!”shouted the uncle.
“Tangu can I talk to you?”” Musa asked.
The uncle could not believe that he still had the audacity of wanting to talk to Tangu after those fine slaps landed on him due to her. Seeing the madness in him, Tangu got back into her hut and told her uncle to finish Musa there as it was like he had not learned a lesson.

“let me now fully straighten him up”the uncle said getting close to musa.
Seeing that he was going to be beaten up so badly, he immediately stood up and in a split second dashed out of the yard for fear of being beaten again. He did not even feel the pain as he ran to safety.

Musa was really angry and in disbelief that the uncle who had a lot of respect for him had slapped him in such a manner. The slaps were landed in such way that Musa felt like that the uncle was trying to avenge what he had done to Tangu. Regardless of what had happened, Musa was determined to enjoy some smashing session on that night. So instead of going to his home, he headed to Elasi’s place to try his luck again.
Äs desperate as she is, she will not say no to me”he thought to himself as he walked heading to Elasi’s place..
When he got to where he felt would be a perfect place to turn from to go to the hut where Elasi slept, he was disappointed as he found young boys standing there. Only goodness knows what they young boys where doing there. This made musa pass and head to where he even had no program to. Seeing that his plan of seeing Elasi was falling apart, he decided to just head back home and rest.
On the next day in the afternoon, a young boy from Musa’s uncle’s place came to his home to tell him that his uncle desired his presence there and then. When the young boy left, Musa already developed an idea of what the invitation was all about. He started thinking of how he was going to defend his actions the previous night at Tangu’s place. He remembered how he was crystal clearly told to stay away from her after the divorce and what would become of him as a repercussion for that an action.
Knowing that delaying would even make things worse for him, he started off heading to his uncle’s place as he thought of what to say as an explanation of what he did, the more he drew near the place the more he released that he had no tangible response to tel his uncle. This went on till when he got to his uncle’s place.

He found his uncle seated in a grass thatched shelter obviously waiting for him to get to the there. Musa got there and sat on the stool which was given to him. They exchanged there greetings with the uncle after which the uncle got to srious business of that day.
“Without beating about the bush, tell me what happened last night at Tnagu’s place.”Uncle asked.

I had no courage to lie or tell him what really happened as I was aware of what he would say and as it was a a shameful thing. Trying to sleep with your ex wife after not having a pre arranged program! Musa did not lie but explained th truth him as it was. Musa then remained quiet waiting to hear the scoldings from his uncle.
“That was really sad! Why is that man acting like that?”the uncle said.
Seeing his calm personality and response, Musa was surprised as he was expecting to be scolded heavily and not that comment which his uncle said meaning that he was siding Musa.
“That’s really sad to hear that this happened to you. All I can say is that, if you want to win your wife over, let time pass first before you start making advances to her as she may still angry at you. If waiting fails then find another woman to marr. I don’t want to continue all these nonsensical issue. After some more admonitions from the uncle, Musa was let go so that he could get to his hut.
The time he was leaving, the sun had just set. The sky was still bearing some reddish clouds appareled in the sky freely. With a low head he was walking heading to his home when in front of him he saw a lady and a man standing near a big tree which was along the road. The two people were talking and laughing busy minding their business.

When Musa looked at the person, he had to hide in order to get a clear view of them and to confirm if his eyes had seen what he had seen at first. The lady and a man were Tangu, Musa’s ex wife and Petulo standing near the tree chatting and laughing.
“What is Petulo doing with my wife this time of the day alone? The thought of Petulo having an affair with Elasi immediately came to musa which made him get very anfry instants.
Ï will kill him”Musa said as he looked at them.

Watch out for episode 13.


Episode 13.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
Upon that confirmation beyond reasonable doubt that it was Tnagu and Petulo standing behind that big tree, Musa was there trying to calm himself down and thinking of what to do next. Anger and fear of doing what he would regret was their encircling him. He did not know what the best thing to do at that moment was. One thing he was sure of was that once he came into contact with them hell fire would break loose from the hands of ‘sodom and gomoroh’ guardian angel.
“She is free to go out with any man she wants”the words of the elders at the divorce meeting came to msua’s head.
Remembering these words, he realized that confronting them would lead to something which would bring about the question of who tangu was to him after their divorce. That was the first question he dreaded hearing from any person directing it to him as it was a sure thing way of reminding him that he was not yet over with his ex wife.
“Petulo, our gods will punish you. You were thee encouraging me to divorce my wife when you also had some hidden agenda on her. You will see”Musa said as he crawled away from the place unnoticed by the two under the tree.

After making some steps away from the place, Musa’s heart told him to check the duo if they were still there. It proved to be a very wrong idea because the moment he turned back looking at the, he saw them laughing as Petulo touched the shoulder of Tangu. Musa shook his head as anger fused itself heavily into the veins making his heart to pulsate at high rate.
“He pretended so well being my friend not knowing that he had been eyeing my wife all along. I will deal with him badly”he thought to himself.
When Musa got home, his mind was on Petulo for being with his ex wife. Yes quite alright he understood the fact that when you break up with your partner, it does not mean that all people close to ypou should also become enemies to your ex partner. But the fact that Petulo contributed towards the divorce and he was amking fun of him when he had met Tangu along the way made Musa feel like Petulo was a very bad person who did not care of other people’s welfare.

ÖK, let me pretend to be an idiot who doesn’t understand things. The question is, what were they discussing under the tree just the two of them laughing like that? And why had she talked to Petulo when she had not talked to the both of us when we were together?”questions kept on coming to Musa.

The more he thought about the issue, the more suicidal thoughts kept on getting stronger to him. He felt like there was no need of staying in the world seeing his ex wife, the one he was genuinely loving being smashed by several men in the village including his close friends and relatives. Through a lot of thoughts coupled with depression and stress, suicide was quickly getting stronger. In that sam =e night, he stood up and walked out going into the kitchen and getting a rope which he was to use to hang himself up. He was fully determined to die rather than witnessing what was very traumatizing.

With the rope, he started walking heading out of the compound going to the track that led to the village fields. As he walked he was not even giving a second thought about what was going to befall the people that were remain behind after his suicidal death. The depression and stress was just too much in him to even think of other people. His target was solving his own problem at that moment.

After walking a short distance away from the village, he got to the tree which was just along the road and tied the rope to it. It was not known why he chose the tree which was along the road instead of getting into the bush. It was not certain that he did that so that his body could easily be found. As he cried, he put the rope around his neck and started giving his own eulogy.
“Musa, you were a very brave man. You did all you could to make the lives of other people happy. Yes things did not go well but you will always be missed by those who were really your friends. Goodbye to the world”as he shifted to a branch so that he culd jump off and choke himself up.

He looked around, down and up then got determined to just and end his life. As he was about to jump he just saw someone walking in front of him.
“Stop it Musa. This has never amd will never be a solution to any problem in this entire world.”said a lady who stood down there facing him.
A surprised and confused Musa looked down intently to the lady who was talking to him. He wondered who the lady was and how she had found herself there. As there was faint dim lighting from the moon, musa looked at the the lady and when she spoke again, he knew that it was Elasi.

Ëlasi what are you ding here?”he asked.
I was fallowing you and I have seen what yiu want to do”
“why follow me?”
Ï came to your place and I saw you leaving so,I decided to follow you.”
“listen Elasi, I am not here to play. Please leave”
Ökay I will leave but what I need to tell you is that there is no problem that can be solved with suicide. If its about tangu, I am here to be your shoulders to lean when times of darkeness and mist come”

Elasi went on reasoning with Musa till when he got down and walked him off heading back to his home. She was busy encouraging him to never ever think of suicide. The kind and nice words from Elasi started making him feel better because she selected carefully words to use talking to him. Elasi spent a night at Musa’s place though nothing happened as there was emotional damage in the man.

Around after of that same day, Musa was seated at his place waiting for Elasi who had told him that she would get back to chat with him again. He was with a long grass straw which he was using to write things on the ground that is not not even making sense. He was using the writing to as a way of trying not to look thoughtful to people who saw him.
In a short while, a younger cousin to Musa came by running meaning that he had a very important message to tell him. He tried to calm the boy down so that he could relay a message to him.

“Talk to me what is it” Musa asked.
“Dad sent me so that you can go and see for yourself what is happening at the village square.”said the young man.
“what is happening?”
“Your friend Petulo and your brother in law Malengo are fighting over your former wife”

Hearing that Musa got weak as he could not believe that what he was suspecting was really true. Though he saw Tangu and Petulo under the tree he was trying to tell himself that may they were talking about other things.
Ökay I will come”said Musa making the young man leave.
On a second thought seeing how angry he was, he decided not to go there as it would have been a great mess.
Watch out for episode 14.

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