When A Man Loves episode 10&11

Episode 10.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights Reserved.
One thing I knew for sure was that my sister really suffered to find the marriage she was in but that did not guarantee her husband to cheat on her as he pleased. On my part I saw that as an anomaly on her because a normal wife is supposed react in way that showed that she was not happy with what her husband had done. I di not know how to help my sister to start seeing things the way I was seeing them.

“So sister, you mean to say you are going to do nothing about it?”I asked her.
Ï already did somethinga about it and the dust was settled already”
“You did something? What is it which we did not see?”
“The issue was between me and my husband so we resolved it in our home and came to a consensus. It was our internal marriage affair which we saw that did not need to attract the attention of other people.”
“You are something else.”
“You may not fully understand this just like a lot of other people who are saying I am not normal for not bringing the issue of adultery out to the public so that they can be judged by the local authorities.”
Änd I will never understand only if you could help me”
“Listen Musa, I know that we are blood relatives and one thing you shouldn’t forget is that I really care for you as an individual but one thing I will never do is backing something which I know deep down that I don’t support.”

Those words gave me the most wanted confirmation that she was not going to help me but serve her marriage. I did not blame her because she was doing all she could as a matured and well taught woman. We sat there quietly each in ones thought. After spending some time there, I left going back to my place.
I was not enjoying staying at my home this time because I always felt out of place with the absence of my wife. It was true that she did a bad thing sleeping with Malengo but one thing was that she was very hardworking making me always yearn to go and be with her. She would clean the place, cook and do other chores which were all I was doing alone.
I was told by my uncle that the marriage money was returned by my wife’s family meaning that marriage between us had traditionally ended. A day was set on which we were to share the things which we had. Sadly, we shared the things making me have almost nothing in the house as compared to what we had previously together.

That is one of the side effects of divorce, making someone revert backwards in terms of the things that he or she had. The things they had together instead of finding more each one was going back to the struggling stage of other things. The emotional damage on the most affected partner is also another terrible thing.

After the things had been shared it was when I really came to realize the impact of my divorce. This was so because I knew that there was no possibility of my wife coming back home. That meant that me doing things which my wife used to do to own. The other painful thing was that on the last sitting my ex wife and I were warned sternly on not even thinking about interfering in the life of one another. We were told that in case each of us wanted to have a boyfriend or girlfriend that was not supposed to make either of us jealous to the extent of doing something that would put the lives on danger. These conditions were really a stumbling block to me because I knew for sure that it was not going to be ease to let go of my ex wife knowing very well that I was back deeply in love with her after the news of her being pregnant.
On the next day in the morning, things got really worse for Musa as he could not bear the fact that he was not married and that the woman he had worked for had left his life. He started blaming himself for listening to Petulo over the issue of getting very close to Elasi. Musa realized that had it not been for the fact that he had shamelessly and ruthlessly showed his promiscuity with Elasi to the eyes of his ex wife, things wouldn’t have been that way.

“But she started it herself. I just wanted us to be even in sleeping with other people who are not our partners in our matrimonial bed” he thought to himself.
In trying to console himself he put all the blame on his ex wife for being heartless and not forgiving hi when he had made up his mind to forgive her for what had happened. He went on further blaming both his ex wife and himself for the divorce which was so heartbreaking to him.
Around mid-morning, Musa was still in bed as there was no more drive in him to walk out of the house and face the village. It was clear to him that the village would view him as an emotional man who could not handle the issue diplomatically but ended up destroying it. It was a shame to him that another man managed to ruin his marriage. A taboo!

Musa then someone knocking on his door while calling his name. from the vpice he recognized that it was Petulo who had come. Musa decided not to answer him because he felt that it was Petulo who had a huge hand in the divorce. His piece of advice.
Ï will not go if you don’t answer. I know you are inside. And if I knock five more times, I will break this door and I will explain that he had locked himself up so I thought he had committed suicide. Open the door!”Petulo said.
Hearing that he was going to break the door and knowing the kind of person Petulo was, Musa decided to walk up to the door and checked him out. Petulo expressed his gratitude for finding his friend sound and good.

“You can not keep yourself inside the house because you lost your wife. Lets go and meet our fellow men at the village meeting place where they are making some hoes.”Petulo said.
“You have never lost a wife you loved in divorce that is why you can not understand what is happening”
Ï know that but what I know is isolating yourself from others wont do any good”
“but not today”
“My friend, I am here with you. Lets take a walk and you will really appreciate.”
Ÿou are not my friend. You made me lose my wife”
“You will thank me very soon for that. Lets now go”
Petulo went on coaxing his friend till he agreed to go with him. He wore his pair of trousers and some patapata and a tshirt then walked out of the yard heading to the village square. The duo went on chatting on different stories. Musa was not contributing that much to the conversation because of the gazes he was getting from people they were meeting. It was obvious that they were asking themselves why his wife would divorce him after she slept with his brother in law.

As they kept walking on, behold, Musa’s ex wife was coming ahead of them. She was carrying a bucket of water heading to where she was staying. Musa did not know whether to talk to her but his spirit was dying to have her back to himself. The top and the chitenge material she wore made her look more nice. The pregnancy onset was making her skin fair which he noticed that day but didn’t notice a few days back.
Ï need to talk to her”Musa thought to himself as he slowed down in the pace of walking.

“Whatever you are thinking of doing, stop thinking it”said Petulo already guessing what was about to happen.
Before Musa could even respond to Petulo, his ex wife got close to them. Musa stopped with an uncomfortable smile on his facetrying to break the cold atmosphere in order to talk to her. His ex wife did not even notice him that she focused on her path.
“Hello, Tangu how are you today?”Musa greeted his ex wife.
Tangu, his ex wife did not even raise her head or turn to look at her but silently walked on not responding to his greeting. Musa repeated the greeting shouting this time but still more Tangu went on walking as if no one was talking to her.

“Did she become deafened? I don’t remember her having an ears problem”Musa said surprised.
“She heard you very well Musa”
“But she did not answer.”
“Because she doesn’t care. Lets go on”
Ï cant believe that she can start treating me this way when just a few days she was beggin for me to take her back”
“Remember, it’s a thin line between love and hate. And everything is fair in love and war”Petulo said.
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Episode 11.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
The way Petulo said the last words made me wonder if he was happy that I was being treated that way by my wife or not. He was supposed to show some concern for me due to what had happened but on the contrary he was making fun of me. Regardless of the motive that he said what he said for, I did not dwell much on that but went on with the thoughts of what had just transpired.
“Don not dwell much on what has happened. Just put yourself back together and restart your life. I am sure during your marriage with her there are things you wished you had done before getting marrried, this is the time to do them” Petulo said to me.
With that we continued with our journey to the village square where men from our village usually met for their different chores and exchange of wisdom in their chats. Just as expected, we found a good number of men at the square of different ages. Some were carving while others were doing some blacksmith work. Others were just seated, listening to the stories which were there.

“So that is what a real man is supposed to do. Never live an opportunity for your wife to cheat. Give her all the energy in you so that the appetite to go out is completely finished.”said and old man who sat on a stool enjoy his papaya.
The old man wore a big old jacket which had holes in its elbow. He also wore a jean pairs of trousers which had completely lost its blue colour due to over washing and he was clad in patapatas. He was also sipping some traditionally brewed beer from the gourd he had in his hands. After talkinh he was wiping his lips with the side of his old torn jacket. The aura and charisma he was explaining his stories with made the people around him glued to him. Though his looks looked like of someone whose mental capabilities would leave some unanswered question, his wisdom was far fetched and enticing.

“so Grandpa, are you saying that if a woman cheats on you, then its your fault as a man?”asked on young gentleman who was sitted on the far right side carving his hoe handle.
Ëxactly. If she is full where would she get the energy to make plans of cheating? Infidelity needs a lot of planning and risk taking in order to be executed.
“Grandpa, there are some women who even if you pound them mercilessly as if it a cow eating sweet green pasture, they will still go out and cheat”asked another young man.
“Those are not women but imitations of women. That is why you need to be very careful when choosing a lady to marry. Okay so here is how you can know a real woman who has that decency of not cheating on a man. Number one, the moment ………”

“Grandpa, we already know that. You told us already, tell us fnow from your experience if forgiving a cheating wife is fine or not”another young man interrupted.
Ït depends with the situation which led to the cheating. Its upto the man to decide to forgive or not. It’s a personal decision”
“What about yourself, would you forgive?”
“No way. How would I dare do that? Let me tell you one thing, cheating will forever be the hardest thing for a man to do. And be rest assured that even if a am forgives a woman for cheating, he will never forget it and it will always keep on coming to his mind all the time.”

At hearing this powerful sentiment, all men who were there kept quiet assimilating what had just been said to them. They all saw how true the words were which had been said. Men do not forgive cheating.

Hearing these words and many other men supporting not forgiving a cheating wife, Musa felt a bit in place there because they made me unknowingly feel proud of himself for not forgiving his wife’s infidelity. For some moments he felt a bit relieved from what had happened along the way from his ex wife.
“Me, I can never forgive my wife if she cheats. Why?! Because of this! Remember that at some point she closed her eyes enjoying while pounding the man from down with the energy you have never seen before. She was also even encouraging him to destroy it. Destroy what you paid a hefty lobola for! This gender awe kwena”said one other man as a contribution to the discussion.

Änd she held on tight to him before she shouted all those nice words you have never heard as her husband.”added another one.
Hearing this line of the story, musa was for a while taken away from the thoughts of his divorce and his wife’s ill treatment. He enjoyed the companionship of other men there such that he was determined to return the next day to pass time.

On that night, Musa was there turning on his sides trying to gain sleep but to no avail. This was due to the fact that days had started cruising without his members enjoying a deep into the honeypot. Him being in marriage for more than three years, he was used to to having passionate moments whenever he wanted to. His ex wife was also an amazing and well taught lady because she would also allow him to access her whenever he wanted which is not the case with other ladies.

Other ladies have a tendency finding lame excuse to deny their men access to the honeypot. It becomes worse more especially where they know that there man would not go anywhere. A man would be hard down there and he shows all the signs that he would like to enter into the source of eternal pleasure and there is a stupid woman saying that she had headache as if the man will be touching the head or as if the honeypot also has headache. Shame!
Musa went on trying to calm his member but to know avail. He even remained nude so that the perpendicular standing could be stopped not a source of pain to him. Seeing that nothing was changing or getting better, he decided to go to Tangu’s place, his ex wife.

“That one is still my wife. He can not stop me from doing it”he said as he got dressed up.
In no time there musa was heading to where his ex wife was staying. Fortunately, he found that there was no one awake at the place. He stealthily tiptoed heading to the hut where she was sleeping in. Musa gently knocked on the door and called Tangu’s name.
“Who are you?’” Tangu asked.
Ïts me Musa. Please open for me. I am not myself. You know my proble and its only you who can help”
“Go to your Elasi or I will shout”
“shout if you like but I will not go anywhere”
Immediately, Tangu started shouting calling for her uncle. Musa couldn’t believe what was happening such that he stood at the door frozen. When he came to the realization that the shouting might land him in trouble, he turned to leave.

Immediately he turned, he saw the uncle to Tangu standing the. He did not see the uncle clearly but the gigantic stature said it all that it was him. No sooner had Musa that of saying something that two nasty slaps landed on his face from the uncle. Musa fell down as his face blacked out not seeing anything due to the slaps.
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