When A Man Loves


Episode 1.
@Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
I walked close to them whilst shining my torch to them. I then tried to check their genitals and what I saw made another extreme confirmation that they had done it. At that point my heart was beating in a most violent way one can ever imagine. The sound being produced by my beating heart felt like that of a big speaker without a twitter.

I looked at both of them deep in sleep snoring enjoying the satisfaction they could have given each other during the intimacy. As sexu@l intimacy psychologically makes a person have a sound sleep, the evidence of this was what I noticed happening with the two people. They were enjoying their sleep.
The hurting kept on growing in me as I could not believe that what I detested in my life had been witnessed. My wife being known by another man other than me.

The most painful thing a married man ever experience is witnessing his woman getting intimate with another man. A man can forgive all other wrongdoings of his woman but forgiving a cheating wife calls for extraordinary grace.
What pained me most was the fact that the intimacy of my wife happened on the same reed mat where I was sleeping at the time completely drunk. I was very unconscious that the loud m*****g of my wife which she usually had fell on my deaf unconscious ears.

“How can I be so stupid to sleep without hearing them?” I blamed myself.
I sat down on the Reed mat where I had slept trying to figure out what to do next as what I was planning of doing was all chaos. I looked at the big machete hanging on the wall but then stopped myself. I then looked at an axe on the corner then calmed myself down.
“How did I even get to this situation of my wife being laid by a man on my reedmat and in my house?”

I was very much happy after receiving the money for the soybeans which I had sold. That year my seeds had done very well such that the bags I had harvested when sold gave me K2,100. This was the largest amount I had ever received from my cultivating. Since I got married and did my farming I had never crossed tue K2000 threshold.

As I walked back from the briefcase buyers shelter after being paid, I walked majestically heading home so that I could celebrate with my wife the achievement. Being the first large amount to ever hold in my hands at the same time, I went on walking with my hand firmly holding the pocket in which i had put the money. I was not even answering greetings from people as I saw that as a sheer waste of time to get home.

Upon getting home, my wife warmly welcomed me as she was also expectant of the amount that I was to mention to her. I asked her 5o get inside out home so that I could show her the money without attracting attention of people.
“Count it yourself” I said putting the bunch of 21 hundred kwacha notes down on the reedmat in our bedroom.
“Wow. All this money is ours?” She exclaimed.
“It’s our money my wife. Count it”
“You know I don’t know how to count money. How much is it?”
“That is how much?” She asked not understanding the amount I had said.
“Ama K100 21”
“It’s a lot of money. We really worked hard. So what do we do with the money?”
“Firstly, get this k100, go and buy nice relish so that the bodies which were labouring can enjoy.”

Whilst I remained hiding the remaining amount of money, my wide went to the village square where they were selling some goat meat and pork. She bought a large piece of goat mean and some other spices before coming back home. She prepared the mean and we ate happily like we have never done it before.
“I still can’t feel that I am fully happy. I need something else” I said.
“What else now?”
“How about we try drinking alcohol?”
“You don’t drink alcohol and it won’t be of any good to you.”
“Listen, our ancestors drunk beer to celebrate such good news. Why won’t I?”
“If you say so, I won’t stop you”
I went to where they were selling the locally brewed whiskey and got six bottles. I did not know how powerful the beer was but I was excited to try it out. The time I got back home was around sunset which to me was the perfect time to start drinking as no one would see me drunk. I started drinking it though my face kept on getting squeezed with the bitterness of the whiskey. I was enjoying the alcohol after which I started coaxing my wife to also take some. After a lot of refusing she gave in and joined in taking the beer. We went on enjoying ourself till our voices were on top of us unknown to us.

Just then my brother-in-lae who married my biological immediate elder sister came to our place. He was very close to me not that he married my sister but also because we shared a lot in common and her helped me in many things. As he used to drink, I invited him to join us of which he did. I then went on telling him how happy I was and the reason for my happiness.
We went on drinking till we all got drunk after buying some more bottles of the beer. When completely drunk my wife left and went to sleep in house. When we also got very drunk and tired, we both decided to go and sleep in our house. I lay on the right side of my wife while my brother-in-law lay of the left side of my wife. With a lot of beer in my mental faculties, I saw no wrong of what was happening. In a blink of an eye, we were both snoring deep in sleep.


“So when I was asleep drinking he took advantage of my wife?” I asked to myself.
As I was there thinking of what I was going to do next, I just saw my my brother-in-law get on top of my wife as he caressed my wife’s b****t obviously in readiness to point another round. It was at that point when the beast in me was let loose. I landed a nasty slap on his face that he fell on the other side with his spongebob standing at 90° meaning he was already set for p******g.
“Are you out of your mind?!” I shouted angrily.

With the shouting, my wife who was sleeping woke up and asked what was happening as she had not seen herself.
“Look at yourself? Are you stupid?” I asked her.
She then looked at herself complete without clothes and my brother in law on her side, she then pulled the chitenge and covered herself shaking with fear of what was going to befall her.
“Pleade brother, I did not know what was happening ” my brother in law pleaded.
” you got on her and busy carresing her breadt and you are saying you know nothing?! Just wait for me” I said going to the other living room of our thatched home which was two roomed.

I found a pestle which was of perfect size for beating someone with. Without giving a second thought, with a lot of anger in me and tears running down my cheeks I walked into the bedroom in order to scatter the head of my brother in law. As I was about to enter, he pushed me making me fall down at which he reached for the door and rushed outside. Seeing the chance, my wife too seized the opportunity to run out of the house but before she could get to the door, I got hold of her and landed some slaps on her trying to reduce my anger which had reached its highest level.
“You will kill me!” She shouted.

As I tried to get another good grip of her, she slipped and run outside. Angrily I let her go and went to the bedroom so that I could let my anger calm down before I embarrass myself outside. Just then my mind clicked on checking where I had hidden the money for the soybeans. I checked under the bricks on which there was a bag and Alas the whole sum of money was not there. I could not believe such that I moved everything which was on that corner to be sure that it was not there.
Watch out for episode 2.

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