What my elder brother’s wife taught me episode 2&3


©️Temi Akintade

I cried until there were no more tears in my tear gland at least that was what I thought. I was calmly seated on a plush sofa in a nicely furnished sitting room. The air conditioner was enough to reset my brain into my ‘comfort zone. Chinomso and I were seated in his cozy sitting room in his mini-mansion located somewhere in Asokoro. Never in my life have I seen houses and roads look so beautiful. I almost thought that I was in heaven when we entered Chinomso’s estate where he bought a mini-mansion.

As I watched him shake his well-shaved head at my story, my mind began to recollect the details of a few hours ago. Chinomso had come to the university to see one of his friends who was a lecturer then according to him, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to the barber’s shop opposite the university gate where he met me. I was so overjoyed that I told him to please help me thank the Holy Spirit because I was so sure that meeting him would change my life within seconds.

It was later when Chinomso’s wife served us dinner of boiled yam with hot pepper soup and catfish that he began to tell me of how his life changed few months after we left NYSC.

“Changed how? You were a broke primary school teacher so how did you become a multi-billionaire?” I was confused.

He began to laugh and the slight bulge of his tummy jerked alongside.

“Why are you laughing? It’s not funny. Please tell me the rituals you did because the ritual is working well. You have become a very wealthy man and even got a to run a beauty to crown the prize. Haba Nwokem, tell me the kind of ritual you did. Is it the one that involves killing your mother?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Ekwere. All these things you are seeing are results of my consistent relationship with God and prayers. I told you that there was an evil family pattern in my family that involved men been dry and stagnant. God helped me to break the time and by so doing, he has helped me to deliver my brothers as well. All of them are okay and married now. And my mother is well and alive. She is in Germany with one of our brothers doing Omugo.” He concluded.

I washed my hands in the wash-hand basin in the dining section. I could no longer eat. How could a person’s relationship with God prosper him so much? “But Christians are very poor. My elder brother. The one who I stayed with in Port Harcourt was a deacon in the church but he was not wealthy. I can name a lot of them who are Christians and very poor. I am very sure you did rituals.”
“I didn’t do any rituals. My God is my witness. See after my prayers one afternoon after crying to God to open my eyes to see who he has created me to be, he showed me myself in a dream. I was telling a man that I sell shoes. That he should come and buy. And while I was selling those shoes, I became so wealthy that I built mansions, and did so many things.” He paused to drink water. Then he rinsed his hands and continued. “After waking up from that dream, I asked God to show me who if I should start selling shoes or making them.” He didn’t show me until one of our teachers came with to offer me a piece of advice to start selling shoes as a side hustle. So I asked God again, can I start this side hustle now? To my amazement, I saw very clearly in the dream, God told me to go to Kano and strike a deal with a man that he would show me. That the man should be supplying me with Italian shoes. So I asked God, I don’t have a shop how do I start? He said I should start with what was in my hand.”

I was perplexed. I found the ways of God strange and besides, the way Chinomso kept explaining his encounters made me feel like I didn’t know my creator. Nevertheless, I was interested in the dream “So what was in your hand?”

“My Infinix android. Immediately when I woke up, I had an idea of starting a business online and creating a business page on Instagram and Facebook. So I traveled to Kano but I didn’t leave my job until my business began to expand and then God told me to replicate to Abuja. That was where God connected me to a man who lived in Italy. He would send me Italian shoes at low prices, while I increase the price here. Before I knew it, God helped me to open three shops in the heart of Abuja and two shops in the heart of Lagos state.”

“Wait so you mean you sell shoes? Only shoes?” I scoffed. I found that so impossible even when I went to sleep I kept dreaming about all that he had told me.

The next morning, Chinomso gave me an envelope I grinned at seeing it. My heart skipped a bit when I opened the envelope. I thought that it was a cheque but what I saw got me angry. It was a letter addressed to me.

Dear Ekwere this is the greatest gift I can give to you. John 3:16. After this, spend time with God in prayer and in studying his words. Ensure you love him genuinely.

“Chinomso are you okay? You are wealthy and all you can give me is a piece of paper? Not even ten thousand naira? Bia Nwokem, are you alright? Who told you that I am not even a Christian?” I felt like punching his oily face like that of a newborn.

I will make it. With or without Chinomso and I will deal with him!

To be continued

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