What have I done??



My Lady…
The love I have for you freshens every day like a daisy. We will carry this pregnancy together like we did the later. You’re my Joy and my heartbeat. I promise to protect you and Femi.

I love you alot Kingsley said looking Debbie into her eyes.

Debbie kept blushing and smiling and he drew her closer and planted a kiss on her lips. Honey, when you give birth, I promise to buy you a new car Kingsley said to Debbie who raised her two hands in happiness..

She hugged Kingsley tightly. You’re the best husband in the whole world my king Debbie said and bit him softly on his ears and ran off. Kingsley put his hand on his ear. He bit his lower lips. Wait there I’ll catch you he said and started chasing her round the house.
Femi saw his father chasing his mother and ran behind him too.

Few minutes after, Kingsley went and took his shower and left for his business place….

It was noon already, the atmosphere was calm, it was a Saturday and the market was dull. Kingsley was going through his sales book when a call came into his phone.

He picked the call…


Hello Sir…
Good afternoon ..

Yeah Good afternoon Kingsley answered.

We are sorry sir but the ship carrying your containers just sank in the middle of the sea with the others, we are deeply sorry.

Hangs up!!

Kingsley is in his late thirties. It’s four years now he’s been married to Deborah with a son Femi. True that no marriage is without disagreement and quarrels but Kingsley and Deborah made it a habit not to go to bed without settling their differences. Kingsley loved Deborah and his son alot.

He was blessed in his business. He was advised by a friend of his to take some loan from the bank and boost his business to greater heights. Kingsley told his wife about his friend’s advice and she told him not to take loans. Taking loans from banks especially an amount bigger than your capital kills business faster Debbie told Kingsley.

Kingsley had received a genuine contact from overseas. They wanted to clear their stock and needed someone who can buy all of it at a very cheap price.

That was a mouth watering offer. Kingsley thought about it for a while and went home to tell his wife about the business. Debbie advised him not to be greedy and let the business go. Good things never finish.

Kingsley couldn’t sleep, his mind kept running race. If he buys those goods, he will never go poor again he thought to himself. He remembered his friend’s advice to take loan from the bank. He made up his mind that night to take the loan.

Kingsley didn’t want to tell his wife about taking the loan from the bank. He was sure she will disagree with him. He wanted to surprise her and prove her wrong. He went ahead and used his shop and house as a collateral and collected huge sums of money from the bank.

With part of the money he had taken from the bank, he rented a big store house that can accommodate the two containers of goods he was expecting.

The phone Kingsley was holding fell from his hand. What have I gotten myself into?

My house!!! My shop!!

He quickly entered into his car and drove to his house.

I’m finished…
I’m finished Kingsley said as he walked into his parlor and sat on the cushion carrying his hand on his head and still shouting he was finished.

Deborah rushed out confused she tried to find out from her husband what happened.

I took it…

I took the loan from the bank using our house and the shop as collateral to get the business I told you about. Now the containers have fallen into the sea..

But I told you to leave that business but you refused see what you’ve done to us Debbie said holding Kingsley and trying to console him as tears ran down her cheeks.

All the night Kingsley couldn’t sleep, he was waiting for the day to break so he can go look for help. Although it felt as if the day won’t break but it did. Kingsley drove out immediately and started going to visit his friends one after the other.

They all had stories to tell him and reasons why they can’t be of help.

Kingsley was heartbroken from the answers he got from his friends. Those he ate and drank with including those he had helped. Kingsley thought about chief Agazie. Chief Agazie is one of the richest men in the market. Some people rumoured him to be a ritualist, but for the moment Kingsley needed help than what people thought. He decided to go meet Chief Agazie in his house.

The same evening, Kingsley went to see Chief Agazie in his mansion. He waited till chief Agazie came into his majestic parlor. He asked Kingsley what brought him to his house.

Kingsley narrated his story to chief Agazie. He told Kingsley the only way he would help him was if he would join his cult.

Kingsley refused saying he wasn’t going to soil his hands. He left the house of chief agazie and went back to his house.

Weeks turned into two months and things went very bad for Kingsley that he had to sell his car to clear some debts. It was due time to pay the bank the loan he has taken. The bank authorities came and locked up Kingsley’s shop without listening to his pleas.

Kingsley was filled with shame but he was given a grace of two days before they would come back and lock up his house.

Kingsley went back again to all his friends one after the other, begging them all to help him out. They all maintained the fact that they had no money to spare. Just a day left before he would be locked out from his own house too. Kingsley couldn’t find sleep, he thought for a while.

He decided to go ahead and meet chief Agazie. He can’t let his pregnant wife and child suffer.

Kingsley came to chief’s house and told him he was ready to take the help he has to offer on his terms. He told Chief he can’t loose his house and he needed the help urgently. Chief smiled and told Kingsley to wait for him.

He came out with a big mirror and a stick tied with red cloth. He told Kingsley to take the stick and smite it on the mirror three times and take a drink from the cup he also placed on the table.

Kingsley did it and surprisingly, the mirror didn’t break. He also drank from the cup chief had instructed him to drink from. Chief smiled and then brought out a bag of money.

Is that all?
Kingsley asked smiling sheepishly. Chief nodded his head. Kingsley thanked him and carried the bag of money and started heading towards his house.

Kingsley’s phone kept ringing but he didn’t want to pick. He was on top of a bike heading to his house and he was filled with happiness. Chief wasn’t a ritualist as he had thought.He dropped from the bike and entered into his gate with joy.

He met his pregnant wife crying and carrying his only son who looked lifeless.

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