What have I done episode 2



Kingsley dropped the bag of money and rushed towards Debbie and took Femi from her hands. He checked Femi’s heart beat it wasn’t beating. His air had seized and Femi was really dead as he had thought.

He opened his eyes wide in astonishment. What happened he asked Debbie shaking his son to see if he will wake.

I was with him and he started shouting and holding his head till he fell down. I carried my Femi only to find out he was dead. Just like that my Femi died..

I have been calling you but you didn’t pick up ..

What have I done to deserve this? Debbie asked.

Why me? Why us?
Debbie kept questioning Kingsley and sitting on the floor crying.

A stinging thought came to Kingsley. He just remembered what he had done in chief Agazie’s house. Does it mean he just killed his only son for money?

Chief never told him it will cost him his son!!! What was the need of the money without his Femi? That was not what he bargained for…

Kingsley carried Femi and placed him in the hands of Debbie who was sitting on the floor crying. He quickly picked up the bag of money and rushed back to chief’s house.

He got to chief’s house vibrating…

I don’t want your money again….
Take your money and give me back my son…
I want my son Femi back.
Please just take your money back Kingsley kept saying as tears clouded his eyes waiting to rain showers.

Chief Agazie smiled at Kingsley and said…

“Nothing goes for nothing”

When you drank from the cup you took an oath of belonging. You killed your son yourself when you stroke the mirror with the red clothed stick. There is no going back now.

Kingsley got stunned by what he just heard, he never knew what he had just done. He wasn’t interested to find out the requirements. His need for money clouded his Judgements.

You are lucky you still have a pregnant wife at home. She can still give birth again and again. Look around you, I have no child or wife. But I have ……

I don’t want your money Kingsley shouted interrupting chief Agazie. Keep your money and stay away from my life Kingsley said and tried walking out of chief Agazie’s house.

What he heard kept him frozen and fixed at a point.

If you don’t take the money, your wife and your unborn child will follow suit. You have already committed yourself. You have to pick between your wife and the money, no backing out.

Kingsley walked back into the parlor slowly and all the already clouded tears rained down his cheeks. How did chief Agazie know his wife was pregnant?
He was really deep into a mess. Now the life of his loving wife Debbie is at stake?
How can he bring himself to loose his wife too the same day?

He never planned for any of these. All he wanted was for his wife and beloved son Femi to be happy and comfortable.

Kingsley wouldn’t doubt Chief, he had already seen his son dead. He reluctantly carried the bag of money He came in with as tears ran down his cheeks and left chief’s house. He turned and could see Chief smiling at him.

Kingsley came back with the money and met his wife still crying in front of his dead son. He knew it was not good for her in her condition. He consoled her, took her inside and left with the body of his dead son.

Kingsley took the money and cleared his debts with the bank. He still had enough to invest in his business. Debbie had asked Kingsley where he got the money he cleared his debts from and Kingsley told her it was one of his friends who he had lost contact with. He miraculously called him on the phone and decided to help him.

Within just few weeks, Kingsley who just recovered his shop from bank authorities had a drastic change of levels in business.

His business got doubled and some started saying he used his son for money rituals. The news got to the ears of his wife who also suspected Kingsley because of his new lifestyle.

Kingsley now excuses himself to make some calls anytime he’s with her. At night, he sneaks out and comes back after a few minutes. She told Kingsley about the rumors flying around town and he told her it was a lie.

He lied for her own safety.

Debbie decided to find out where her husband usually sneak off to every night. Kingsley stood up from the bed as usual and checked if Debbie was sleeping. She pretended she was deep in sleep. Kingsley tiptoed out as usual, Debbie followed him quietly.

He walked into a room. That particular room has been empty and open. But since after the death of her son Femi, Kingsley had always locked the room.

Kingsley had shut the door behind him and she could hear nothing. She left back to bed and observed where Kingsley hid the key he had opened the door with.

The next day Kingsley left his house to his business place as usual. Debbie couldn’t wait, she was curious to know what actually was inside the room and why her husband go in there at night.

She removed the key slowly from the spot Kingsley had kept it and quickly went towards the room. She wanted to open the door but something kept holding her back. She was scared.

She finally found the courage to open the door with her shaky hands. The room was dark and with black curtains. There were some fetish stuffs all over with a strong stench. Debbie entered into the room and walked towards a little coffin lying inside the room.

To her greatest bewilderment….
It was her dead son “FEMI”

Kingsley got to a point on his way and stopped. He felt something was going wrong. He called his pregnant wife myriad number of times but she didn’t pick.

He quickly turned his car and drove back to his house quickly.

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