What Could happen if humans suddenly disappeared from the planet

  • Just a few hours after humans disappear, lights around the world will shut down.
  • Within 10 days, pets and farm animals will die out due to starvation and dehydration.
  • A few weeks later, those adorable small dog breeds will no longer exist as packs of bigger dogs hunt them down and take them out.
  • A month later, cooling water at nuclear power plants will evaporate, leading to “a series of explosions much stronger than the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters.”
  • After a year, the sky will light up with the thousands of objects we’ve put in the Earth’s orbit as they come crashing back down.
  • A quarter of a century after man’s disappearance, 75% of the planet’s paved city streets and sidewalks will be covered in vegetation.
  • Cities like Las Vegas and Dubai will be smothered in the sand as “the desert takes what belongs to it.”
  • After 300 years, metal constructions like the Eiffel Tower and steel bridges, without maintenance, will crumble to the ground.
  • Swamps that once covered large parts of the world will reappear.
  • The only evidence of man-made buildings after 10,000 years will be stone constructions, which can last several hundred thousand years.

Courtesy:- Youtube Mind Warehouse

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