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“All hails the mother of wealth” all the members of Serpentine Women’s Club hailed Kakamura as she stepped into the meeting hall. Kakamura was the leader of all the Serpentine Women worldwide. She walked in with a bowl of water in her hands. Each of them watched their hands in the bowl and drank from it.

“Make your wishes, the wealth of this earth is all yours,” she said.

The women began to mutter few words praying to the god of Kakamura.

“Mother don’t forget what I told you”, One of the women; Pamela said.

“Thanks for remembering me, the great serpentines, Pamela is bringing a new member to the club, we shall welcome her in our next meeting”

“Hey!” They exclaimed happily.
The meeting ended while they exchanged pleasantries.

Pamela got to her beautiful residence, all her maids ran to greet her, one collected her bag, another removed her heels, one brought her juice, and the rest were removing her expensive accessories.

They stood in front of her, scratching their heads.

“If you have anything to say, say it fast” She glared

“We have not seen Sharon since morning ma”

“So why are you telling me, you guys should disappear now before I get angry.” She yelled at them. They ran swiftly to their room and began to mumble. “Firstly, it was Emily, after some weeks Natasha, now is Sharon, who is next?” Flora asked.

“Me, I’m suspecting Madam, someone staying under your roof will disappear and you will not bother, no remorse, nothing. I’m afraid oh” Telma complained.

“I would suggest we get the police involved in this matter, let’s speak out we cannot die in silence”. Favour suggested

“I no longer have access to my family, if I die now no one will know” Flora added.

“Let’s pray for guidance” Favour encouraged them. They held their hands together and prayed. As soon as they opened their eyes. They saw Pamela right in front of them.

“Madam!” they exclaimed in fright.

“Who among you wants to report me to the police,” she asked with furry

“no… body” they stammered

She started flogging them.

“I’m the one” Favour cried out, she held her by her hair “I will teach you a lesson” she dragged her to an empty room.

She walked back into the sitting room. Her phone rang.
The caller; “Hello chief Pamela”

“Senator Derele, I greet you, sir”

“Is there any level on the ground?”

“Yes, which part do you need?”

“Not in part I want full one”

“Ok, it will be delivered to you now” She called her guards “Go to the empty room, take the girl there to Senerator Derele’s villa” she instructed them.

They headed to the room wrapped Favour from head to toe, put her in the boot, and Drove fast to senator Derele’s mansion.

Getting to the police checkpoint, a police officer stopped them. “Oga open your boot” the police exclaimed. After much argument, they obeyed and open the boot. The officers shouted as they sighted Favour.

“You all are under arrest”

“She belongs to Chief Pamela,” one of the guards said pointing at Favour”

“Who is chief Pamela, Arrest them!” They took them to the station

Some moments later Pamela called the DPO.
“Chief! Chief!”, DPO hailed her

“I heard your boys arrested my boys”

“That can never happen I was not aware”

“Release them immediately, I want those who arrest them to be dealt with”. Before the conversation ends a credit alert landed On DPO’s phone.

“God bless you my honorable chief, I just saw the alert of 1.2million. I promise you those who arrested them will go to jail” The call ended.

Pamela’s boys were released. They headed straight to senator Derele’s mansion. He directed them to an underground building within his compound. They pushed Favour inside, she screamed after seeing human blood and skulls on the ground.

She noticed a piece of paper placed in between the rope used in tying her hands, she picked it up with her mouth and read “find the escape route now or never, meet me at house I05 behind cosmos plaza, I’m there waiting for you”

“Oh my God who wrote this?” She asked herself looking around to see if there’s an escape route.

To be continued…

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