Unwavering Faith episode 7

Unwavering Faith
story by Sophia Okehie

(episode 7 &8

Have you ever felt genuinely happy for someone you barely know? Well, that’s exactly how anyone with a good heart will feel towards Susan for this major turn around in her life. Who would have thought that a barren divorcee will find love again and also be the mother to a lovely six year old boy. Happenings like this have the ability to inspire hope to those that could be found in such situations or even worst. What a thing of joy it is for Susan to finally have a man that wasn’t going to make her feel insecure and less of a woman again.

The proposal Williams did was a very simple one but highly thoughtful and impactful. Susan was swept off her feet and felt young and alive again. The outpour of emotions that followed after Susan accepted William’s proposal was so intense that she had to put Jojo down, as she was almost loosing her grip of him. They happily hugged each other tightly afterwards and expressed their emotions and feelings towards one another.

“Baby you are so sweet and thoughtful, I couldn’t be happier spending the remaining days of my life with you” Susan said as tears of joy fell off her eyes. Williams stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from her cheek; “I couldn’t be happier spending the rest of my life with someone like you too. These past months with you have been nothing but blissful. You light up my life and add meaning to it. Jojo hasn’t been the same since he met you cause before now, he used to fall sick every time and always craved for a motherly figure in his life. When you came along, everything changed and that loneliness feeling he always had vanished. I might not know all the details of what you went through in the past, but I want to assure you that there will never be any reason for you to shed tears in the future. Whether we have a child together or not, I promise to always be by your side and cherish you for all the beautiful things that you are. I love you Susu, thank you for accepting me as your husband” he said.

Oh my! Those words from William’s lips caused a cold sensation in Susan’s body. She couldn’t stop looking into his eyes as he spoke with so much confidence. Everything still felt like a dream to her because she couldn’t believe that such a beautiful thing as that was her reality.

When Williams was done talking, Susan ran her hands crossed his back and gave him a peck on his cheek. Jojo, who found his way to the couch and was fast asleep wasn’t able to witness the beautiful beginning of a great journey in their lives. After the excited died down a little, Susan was able to notice that a ring wasn’t on her finger yet. “Where’s my ring?” She curiously asked and Williams smiled, “I actually haven’t bought them yet because I was scared you might say No. Well, tomorrow I’ll go to the jewellery store to get it” He said.

It was such a great day indeed in the life of Williams and Susan because they had successfully upgraded their relationship to another level. Susan couldn’t go back to her house that evening because she wanted to spend the night at William’s house.

They talked about the kind of wedding they wanted and after much deliberation, they decided to do only court wedding because they wanted to keep this new phase of their lives as private as possible; due to the fact that the both of them were once married in the past. Susan wanted just her parents and close friends at the wedding and same with Williams. They further discussed on other things before retiring to bed.

Frankly speaking, Williams wanted to touch Susan that night but was a bit scared to make the first move. Unknowingly to him, she wanted him badly as well but felt there was no need rushing since they were now engaged and will be married soon. They cuddled each other tightly and slept off.

The next day, the first thing Susan did before heading to the office was to break the good news of her engagement to her parents. Her mum already knew all about Williams as Susan always gave her the gist of what was happening in her personal life, but her dad wasn’t aware at all. Everyone received the engagement news with gladness of heart and prayed for only nothing but the best for their daughter.

Just as promised, Williams purchased a befitting beautiful ring for Susan that day and instructed that the package be delivered to her office. When the logistics company came with the package, one look at the wrapped little box with flowers and she could already see William’s finger print all over the package. “Sign here ma’am” the delivery guy instructed and she gladly signed and collected it.

After receiving the package, Susan excitedly opened the little box only to see a ring inside with a note which said; “That’s your ring, put it on and I promise you wouldn’t have to take it off ever again”. She blushed and couldn’t stop the butterflies that were dancing in her stomach. She inserted the beautiful ring on her finger and happily continued with work activities.

As time passed, a lot of people started noticing the glittering rock on Susan’s finger and the sudden glow up. They kept wondering what was going on in her life and felt she was back together with her ex- *husband ‘Raymond’. Susan kept the happenings of her life extremely private and only told those she wanted* to let in, because she couldn’t forget in a hurry how they mocked her when things went bad with her ex-husband.

While things seemed to be going towards the right direction for Susan, we couldn’t say same for Raymond. It turns out that Venita was successfully chased away from the house after over 3 weeks since he confronted her about the DNA results. Initially, she didn’t want to leave because it was a shameful thing for her tell her parents and friends. Things got heated most times and even led to the both of them physically fighting.

It was until that incident took place that Raymond saw the true colours of Venita. She locked the gate on one occasion and refused to let him inside the compound. Raymond went through hell during that period because Venita refused to pack her things and leave his house. The police had to get involved before Venita was successful gotten rid of.

Raymond was able to win the case against Venita because the child wasn’t his own. Matter of fact, the police charged Venita with fraud; as it’s fraudulent to deceive someone into believing that he’s the father of a child that isn’t his.

After everything was settled and Venita gone, Raymond entered into serious depression. Most nights, he cried himself to sleep and didn’t want to wake up and face the world. When the unfortunate news was broken to his parents, they were even more heartbroken than he was because they already felt God had answered their prayer of a grandchild.

Deep down in their hearts, they felt bad for the way they treated Susan but felt there was nothing to loose since she was barren. Raymond’s parents had already started advising him to get another woman that will bear a child for him and marry her. At that point, the last thing on Raymond’s mind was getting another wife, as he was still greatly hurt by what happened with Venita. It was going to take a while before Raymond tried again with someone else.

One the other hand, Susan and Williams court wedding day was slowly approaching. She put her house up for rentals because she wasn’t going to be living there anymore after the wedding. There were so many things she needed to put in place before finally being joined together with her man and she ran around to get them fixed. An agent helped her to get tenants for the house and she moved out shortly afterwards.

The wedding day finally came and it was witnessed by very few important people. William’s parents were in attendance and couldn’t be happier that he found love again after his late wife passed. The ceremony took place and in no time, they were pronounced ‘Husband’ & ‘Wife’. Susan’s eyes were filled with nothing but happiness as she kissed her handsome husband. Everyone went to a nice place to have a little celebration before the couple finally retired home.

The wedding night was spectacular and one of a kind. Williams made love to Susan like he had never done before. They devoured each other without leaving remnants. Every thrust by Williams sent her to Cloud 9 and to a wonderland of intense pleasure. They had a remarkable wedding night experience and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Life as a married couple was nothing but blissful for the lovebirds. Williams was the absolute best husband to Susan and she was the best wife to him and mother to Jojo. Everything went on perfectly fine for them but things were about to get even finer.

Exactly a month after their wedding, Susan started feeling strange and couldn’t tell why. The feelings were strange and unfamiliar to her so she had to visit the hospital on William’s demand. When she arrived and explained her problem to the doctor, a series of tests were conducted and a shocker was about to drop.

The tests was conducted and results were out few hours later. Susan was called into the doctor’s office and he went straight to the point. “We have carried out all the tests and it shows that you are perfectly fine, however, we have a good news for you” the doctor happily said, “Ok, what’s the news?” Susan reluctantly asked. The doctor smiled faintly and said; “Congratulations! You are 3 weeks pregnant!”.

Immediately the shocker dropped, Susan pretended as though she didn’t hear him the first time. “You say what sir?” She shockingly asked.

The doctor looked at her, smiled and repeated; Congratulations Mrs Williams, you are 3 weeks pregnant!”.


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