Unwavering Faith episode 6

Unwavering Faith

(episode 6)

One beautiful thing I love about God is that he’s always victorious in any battle you leave for him to fight. Since I was born till now, I have never seen God fail those that solely puts their trust in him. Susan could have broken all hell loose when she found out that her ex-husband ‘Raymond’ defiled their marriage union and even went as far as impregnating another woman. But all she did was pour out her pain by crying, and afterwards trusted everything into the hands of God to fight for her and gently redrew from the battle field.

A lot of times, we as humans want to run faster than God but fail to realise that we might end up crashing because of our inability to see the hindrances and hurdles right ahead of us. If Susan had taken matters into her own hands, she might have lost out on the happiness she now had with such a good man as Williams. She probably would have been so emotional deranged and filled with bitterness within; and that could have made her a hundred times less attractive for another man to get attracted to her. Sometimes, letting go is actually less painful that holding on.

While Susan was busy enjoying life again with her newly found best friend and lover, Raymond on the other hand was in shock and doubt of if he’s the real father of his supposed son. After the doctor dropped the shocker, the whole atmosphere suddenly became silent that you could hear a pin dropping on the floor.

The doctor was very sharp and already knew the truth about Raymond son’s paternity, but because it wasn’t his business to interfere in people’s family matter, he pretended as though nothing was wrong and gave an option for them to buy from a blood bank instead.

With immediate effect, the blood was purchased and treatment commenced on their son. Everyone tried to avoid talking about the incident that happened earlier with the blood test, as both Venita and Raymond were confused as to why it tested ‘Negative’.

All through their stay in the hospital that day, they didn’t talk much and only occasionally gave each other weird stares. Venita wasn’t that worried or disturbed because she knew deep down that Raymond was the father of her son. That fear of being caught for deceiving him wasn’t in her mind at all because she knew he was the father of her son. “Maybe their testing machine is faulty” she said to console herself.

While Venita was being overly convinced of the paternity of her child, Raymond on the other hand was seriously nervous and confused. He kept thinking of the odds of a blood test between a father and son testing ‘negative’. There and then, he brought out his phone and quickly checked Google to get some answers to his questions and most of the articles he read revealed that the chances are rare; especially between parents and their children.

As the confusion lingered, Venita tried to break the awkwardness between them by asking what Raymond wanted for dinner when they get home. He told her what he felt like eating and she nodded ‘Ok’ and the awkward silence took over again. Few hours later, the little boy was now feeling well and was discharged from the hospital.

Before they took their leave, Raymond tried to secretly meet that doctor that broke the news to them, so as to inquire why the blood tested ‘negative’ but sadly, the doctor had already gone home. Disappointed and frustrated, he went back to the hospital room to get his family and they all left.

All through that night, Raymond was worried and couldn’t sleep properly. He kept surfing the internet to read more articles about the odds of a person’s blood testing ‘negative’ with that of their child. Each article he read inspired a whole new level of fear and got him more depressed. After thinking about what to do concerning the situation, he finally decided to do a DNA test to know the truth once and for all.

The next day, Raymond was able to get some strings from his son’s hair and neatly put them in an air-tight plastic bag. It took over a week for him to make up his mind and finally do the test.

While Raymond was nervously awaiting the DNA results and being depressed all together, Susan was having the best times of her life with Williams. Their relationship was stress free and very easy; without headache and problems. They were both matured adults and knew what they wanted from each other.

At that point, Susan was still hopeful for a child of her own but not as desperate as before anymone. Matter of fact, she had taken Jojo as her own child and wasn’t feeling like a barren women anymore. Whenever they all went out, people who didn’t know either of them usually thought that they were one happy family. In many occasions, strangers have referred to Jojo as Susan’s son and she always happily went with the flow and never corrected anyone.

It’s been over 4 months since Susan and Williams started seeing each other and by this time, they had gotten very fond of each other and became almost inseparable. Susan occasionally spent the night over at William’s house but they kept boundaries and never got intimate. Despite the fact that they wanted each other so bad, they were adults and therefore controlled their urges. Their relationship was headed towards the right direction and Williams actually started thinking of making it official.

One beautiful evening while Susan was away, Williams called his son and tried to talk to him about his next course of action. “Jojo, there’s something I want to talk to you about” Williams said, “What’s it daddy?” Jojo asked. He took a deep breath and started pouring out his heart in a way that his son can understand. “Do you like Aunty Susan?” Williams continued, “Yes daddy I like her” jojo confessed, “Well, I like her too and want her to be your mummy. Daddy wants to bring her to our house so she can stay forever” Williams said and before he could talk further, Jojo’s shouted “Yessss daddy! Bring aunty to stay with us forever”.

What a relief it was indeed for Williams to see such happiness on his son’s face. He took a deep breath knowing that there was nothing else stopping him from making Susan his partner forever. They complemented each other very well, even in business related things. Susan was like that best friend he never had and it gladdened his heart to know that he had taken one step closer to making things official between them.

While there was happiness and joy in one camp, there was pain and heartache in another. Turns out that the DNA test Raymond did came out ‘Negative’, which meant he wasn’t the father to the child he dearly thought was his own and had ruin his marriage with Susan for. It took him days to fully digest the news and finally confront Venita.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that Venita believes Raymond is the father of her son. She wasn’t even aware that the incident that happened since at the hospital was still bothering him. It was one fateful morning that everything went down.

That morning, Venita was seated in the living room breastfeeding her son when Raymond walked in with a paper in his hand. “Take” he gently said with a sober countenance. Venita reluctantly took the paper from his hand and read through. Her heart dropped when it finally dawned on her what she was reading and what the results said.

Before Venita could utter a word in shock, Raymond broke down in tears. “So you lied to me? How could you do a thing like this?” He inquired with tears falling off his eyes, “Baby I swear I don’t even understand what’s going on, I’m as confused as you are” she replied in a shaky voice.

Unfortunately, there was nothing Venita could say at that moment that would calm Raymond down or change his mind. Actually, the truth of the matter was that Venita got sexually involved with someone a week before she met Raymond. She felt she took protective measures to avoid getting pregnant but didn’t know that she actually took in; meaning that she was like 3 weeks past before getting intimate with Raymond. It genuinely wasn’t a deliberate act but Raymond cared less and just wanted to descend his anger on her.

“Because of you lying tramp, I ruined my family and totally betrayed my wife. So you want to tell me you didn’t know you were already pregnant for someone else before we met? How could I be so naive and blind to see through you. Venita you have hurt me more than I ever believed I could be hurt. Do you know the pain I feel knowing that the child I have lived with these past months isn’t mine? Do you know the kind of emotional trauma this whole situation have put me through? How could you do this to me? I loved you and was willing to ruin my marriage just so we can be together as a family and yet you do this to me in return. You know what? I give you 24 hours to get your lying self out of my property before you see the unattractive side of me” Raymond said and walked away.

At that moment, Venita wished the ground could open up and swallow her. She cried her eyes out and held her head as she watched Raymond leave with his car key. That day was a devastating one for both of them cause they sobbed all through. Raymond hadn’t started regretting his actions towards Susan just yet because he felt there was actually nothing to loose in the whole situation because she was still a barren women after all. Well, we will soon find out who’s truly at the losing end.

Apparently, while Raymond and Venita were breaking hell loose, Williams and Susan were about to take their relationship to another level. Williams was ready to make things official between them but was scared on how to go about it and later decided to go with his heart.

One fateful day, Williams begged Susan to help pick Jojo from school with the excuse that he had urgent work to attend to. She gladly picked Jojo up and spent the remaining hours of that day with him at her office till closing hours. After work, she drove down to William’s house to drop the little boy off but what she didn’t know was that she was being set up for a Big surprise.

When they arrived at William’s house, Susan carried Jojo on her hands because he seemed tired from all the playing he did back in her office. She walked to the door and rang the bell and immediately the door opened, the first thing she saw asides Williams was the “Will You Like To Upgrade To Mrs?” decoration with roses on his Big living room floor.

The emotions that overtook Susan at that moment brought tears to her eyes. She held Jojo that was lying on her shoulders tightly and started tearing up. Williams gently hugged her as she held his son and whispered into her ears saying; “Please be mine forever”.

Susan kissed his cheek, smiled with tears in her eyes and gently nodded ‘YES’.


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