Unwavering Faith episode 3

Unwavering Faith
(episode 3)

Life is filled with so many unpleasant uncertainties that has the ability to make a person wonder if God have forsaken them or not. That moment when it feels like the whole world is against you; where you have no one to run to and certainly no one that has your back. This was the exact way Susan felt when she realised that Raymond’s parents were in support of his extra marital affairs and have wholeheartedly accepted his mistress child as their own. There’s no pain as hurtful as the one inflicted on a person by their loved ones and family members because these are the set of people that are supposed to have your utmost interest and welfare at heart at all times. It’s so sad that the one man Susan loved with all her heart, was the cause of her pain.

After the incident that led to Susan’s unconsciousness, Raymond tried to revive her the way he could but all to no avail. Great fear overshadowed him as he watched his wife lie lifelessly on the cold floor. “Susan! Susan!” he screamed but she wasn’t showing any sign of revival. When Raymond figured that things had gone out of hand because Susan wasn’t responding to his calls, he carried her to his car and speedily drove off to the nearest hospital in sight.

After about 10 minutes of driving, they arrived at a hospital not far from their house. Raymond hurriedly carried his wife on his hands and headed towards the emergency ward that was clearly in sight. Immediately he entered inside the ward, he alarmed the nurses and doctor on duty that night to help attend to Susan. Without wasting time, the nurses instructed him to lay her on the bed so they could commence treatment on her.

In no time, the nurses started administering treatment on Susan and told Raymond to wait at the reception. Unfortunately, he couldn’t wait because he had to go over to Venita’s house that night, as he wanted to be with his son. What an unreasonable man Raymond was; so he would rather go to stay with his mistress for the night with the excuse that he wanted to be with his son, than stay with his unconscious wife who was seriously battling with her life in the emergency ward. Too bad!

“It’s best someone is here when she wakes up” one of the nurses said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be here tomorrow and will also inform her parents about the incident” Raymond said. Before he left, he deposited some money for Susan’s treatment and told them that he would complete the bill the next day after they might have done a full estimate of her debt.

In no time, Raymond left the hospital; leaving his unconscious wife behind. All through that night, Susan battled for her life and all the medical officials that were assigned to her did all they could to revive her that night but she wasn’t responding to treatment. They put her in coma and prayed that she hopefully wakes up the next day. All fingers were crossed as everyone waited for a miracle to happen the following day.

On the other hand, Raymond arrived at his mistress house and pretended as though his wife wasn’t in the hospital fighting for her life because of him. “Where’s my little man?” he asked, “He’s fast asleep” Venita replied smiling as she hugged and kissed him.

The most annoying thing was that Raymond hadn’t even bothered to contact Susan’s parents to inform them of what happened to their daughter, so they could at least go and stay with her at the hospital. The height of unbothered attitude he exhibited after that incident was quite disappointing, considering the fact that Susan was his lawfully wedded wife for Christ sake. One thing I know for sure is that God is too faithful to put his children to shame; he(God) is the best attorney and never loses a case that brings injustice to those that puts their trust in him. Did God allow all these to happen because he has a better plan for Susan? Well, we will find out.

In the early hours of the next day, the doctors came to check up on Susan but she was still unconscious. They gave her some medications and assigned a nurse to check up on her from time to time. At around 10am that same day, a man brought his son that was having high fever. They attended to the child in that same emergency ward Susan was at.

While the treatment was going on, the father of the little boy refused to leave his son and wait at the waiting room despite all the nurses did to separate him from his son. The hospital’s emergency ward is designed in such a way that you can see other people in the ward clearly. The ward only had slight demarcations to distinguish the beds and also a tarpaulin cover that had tyres to enable the nurses cover up the patients lying on each bed.

Due to the way the ward was designed, the man could clearly see part of Susan’s body lying unconscious on the bed directly opposite to his son’s bed. Due to the way she laid down, her wedding ring wasn’t in plain sight so the man felt she was unmarried.

Initially, the little boy’s father paid less attention to Susan and tried to focus on his son that was receiving treatment, but after a while, he figured that he just couldn’t take his mind and eyes off her. After about an hour later, the nurses were able to calm the little boy’s temperature down and put him to sleep. “Sir he has been stabilized and will be better by the time he wakes up” a nurse said, “Thank you very much, I was really scared few hours ago” he replied. The nurse smiled and was about going when he stopped her; “Please, I don’t mean to pry but I’m rather moved to ask if the lady lying over there is alright?” he curiously asked, “Yes she is, it’s just that she’s on coma but might be regaining consciousness anytime soon” the nurse replied. “Too sad, is she with anyone of here alone?” he continued, “I’m on morning duty and wasn’t around when she was brought in so I can’t really tell, all I know for now is that she’s alone” the nurse said and walked away.

After the man’s conversation with the nurse, he was moved to keep an eye on both his son and the lady which was Susan. Few hours later, the boy was totally ok and ready to go home but his dad still had this desire within to wait around a little bit to see if Susan would wake up before he leaves. As God may have it, at around 2pm in the afternoon, Susan came back to her consciousness. When her eyes opened, the first person she saw was the man and he quickly alerted a nurse close by. The nurse came to remove all the machines Susan was connected to.

“Oh thank God, are you ok?” The man asked after the nurse was done, “What happened and who are you?” Susan enquired, “You don’t know me, I brought my son to this ward and was opportune to see you and had to wait around for you to wake up even after we had been cleared and told to go home” he said. When he was done talking Susan smiled faintly; “Do you have a child?” she gently asked and the man replied ‘Yes, “Can I see and touch him?” she continued, “Sure you can” he replied.

The little boy went close to Susan and she sat up and lifted him from the floor to her bed and gave him a warm hug. The sight was very beautiful to behold and it pierced the boy father’s heart. While they hugged, Susan started crying and didn’t know why she was tearing up. “Aunty please stop crying?” the little boy innocently said and Susan smiled in the midst of the tears that fell off her eyes. “Be a good boy ok” she gently said and the boy nodded ‘Yes” and tried to clean the tears from her eyes.

As all this was happening, the boy’s dad just stood back and watched them display affection towards one another. His heart broke as he looked at Susan and he didn’t even know why. It was as he looked further that he was able to spot the wedding ring on her finger. At that moment, it felt like the whole world should just come to an instant end because the reality of the fact that the lady was ‘Taken’ dawned slowly on him. “Oh no!” he quietly muttered as he tried to digest the hard truth of Susan being married.

After few minutes of being lost in the moment, Susan finally released the little boy from her arms. “We have to go now, hope you are ok Mrs?” the man asked and Susan nodded ‘Yes’. Just as they were about to leave, she interrupted; ‘Can I know your name?” She asked, “Williams and you?” he replied, “I’m Susan, how about your son’s name?” she continue, “Oh, he’s Jojo” he said with a smile on his face before leaving.

Immediately they left, loneliness overshadowed Susan again and she broke down in tears. An hour later, Raymond arrived and cleared the hospital bill and took her home. On their way home, there was total silence and no communication. Susan laid back on the car seat and faced her head towards the window direction till they got home.

They arrived at the house in no time and entered inside. Raymond tried to apologize for pushing her but Susan wasn’t ready to listen to anything that came out of his mouth. After staying for a little while, he left and she broke down in tears afterwards. Susan cried bitterly and didn’t know why her life was gradually becoming a sad story. She cried all through the remaining hours of that day and couldn’t eat anything. After crying for a long time, she slept off on the parlour couch.

Life moved on and Susan gradually began to accept the reality of her husband sharing himself with another woman. The truth of the matter was that Venita got most of Raymond’s time, affection and attention, while Susan got what was remaining. Susan lost every pride she had in her home and was just wearing her ring because of what people will say.

Unknowingly to Susan, Venita was fighting extra hard to get her completely out of the way so she could have Raymond all to herself. Well, the worst happened one fateful day.

On that day, Susan returned from work very late and had to stay out late with some of her friends to cool off her head. When she returned home, there was a file on the dinning table which showed that Raymond came around earlier. She opened the file out of curiosity to see what the content was.

One look at the content and Susan held her chest with one of her hand.

Lo & Behold, it was divorce papers already signed by Raymond!

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