Ade and Lola had been married for eight years and they had built a beautiful life together. They had a lovely home, good jobs, and two children whom they loved dearly. But one day, Lola found out that Ade had been unfaithful.

Lola was devastated. She couldn’t believe the man she loved and trusted betrayed her. Ade tried to explain that it was a mistake, that he had been going through a tough time, and that he was sorry. But Lola couldn’t bring herself to forgive him. The trust they had built over the years had been shattered, and she didn’t know how to put the pieces back together.

Ade tried everything to make things right. He apologized profusely, promised to never cheat again, and even suggested counseling But Lola just couldn’t get past the hurt and the betrayal.

Months went by, and things only got worse. They would argue constantly, and Lola found herself withdrawing from Ade. She no longer felt like she could confide in him or trust him with her heart.

One day, Lola realized that she couldn’t continue living like this. She loved Ade, but she couldn’t forgive him for what he had done. She knew that the only way to move forward was to end their marriage.

Ade was devastated when Lola told him that she wanted a divorce. He begged her to reconsider, but she was resolute. They went through the painful process of separating their assets and making arrangements for the children.

It was a difficult time for both of them, but eventually, they were able to move on with their lives. Ade focused on his career and Lola remarried and focused on her children and started to rebuild her life.

Years went by, and they rarely saw each other. But one day, Lola called Ade to meet her at a hospital. When they arrived, Lola guided Ade to a quiet corner and broke the news that their 16-year-old daughter’s life hung in the balance, she attempted suicide. Shocked, Ade asked for an explanation. Lola then told him that unknown to her, her present husband has been molesting her since she was fourteen.

The gravity of the situation left Ade speechless, but as reality set in, anger began to consume him. He pointed the finger at Lola, blaming her for the tragedy and her inability to protect their daughter. In return, Lola shouted back, accusing Ade of being neglectful and uncaring towards their children.

Their argument was abruptly interrupted by the doctor, who cleared his throat before delivering the devastating words:

“I’m sorry. We lost her.”

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