Ugly Dilemma

Ugly dilemma
Episode 1

I had a dream about my younger sister Debby lying lifeless in her own blood.
I woke up with fear, I was panting seriously with sweat dripping from my body.

It’s two days to my sister’s birthday and I can’t believe in such dreams. Beside it’s just a dream and not a serious thing, so I said to myself.

By morning I woke early as usual to help my mother prepare breakfast and also prepare Debby my younger sister for school.

Debby is just 5 years old, she doesn’t know much about putting herself together when it’s time for school. I made sure I took care of her affairs till the school bus came to pick her up.

After everything and it was time for Debby to go to school she refused to enter the school bus. My father had to beg her to enter the school bus but she refused, mother promised her a very fancy and lavish birthday party but she refused to get into the school bus.

I tried my best as a big sister to pet her enough for her to agree and get into the school but she refused.
After much begging from everyone she had to enter the school bus, it felt like her cry and pleading fell in deaf ears.

I also felt she didn’t feel like going to school but she had to since they where having a serious assessment test.

After that everyone went to their various destination, dad went to work, while mom went to the market to get things for the house.

I was home, I didn’t have anything doing due to strike in my school. I cultivated the habit of sketching and that fetched me little money I used to get somethings I needed.

Some hours later my mother was already back from the market. It was almost time for closing hour in Debby school, before a teacher called my mother to give her the biggest shock of her life.

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 2

“Debby is dead”, my mother wailed nonstop. She rolled herself on the ground, screaming and shouting.

I tried to hold and comfort her but she pushed me away like I was nothing.

I called dad to inform him what was happening and as usual he wasn’t pleased at the news.

“I will be home soon”, he echoed from the other end of the phone.

My mother wanted to see Debby’s body and confirm if it was true, I grabbed the car key and we alighted in the car and zoomed off.

Few minutes getting to the school gate we could see sad faces of students and parents coming out of the school.

My mother couldn’t even park the car properly in the parking lot, she just hopped out of the car leaving me inside the car.

I was scared, I couldn’t believe my little sister was gone just like that. It felt like a movie, I just prepared her for school and now she is no more.

I rushed out of the car, in a hurry to see things for myself.

My mother was already on the floor wailing, she couldn’t touch Debby’s body.

When I got closer I couldn’t hold my tears, hot tears sprang down my eyes like an unending rain.

Debby was lying in her own blood just like it was in my dream.

How can this be? Who killed my sister? I had so many questions but non got any answers.

Soon an ambulance came and took my sister’s body away to the morgue for an autopsy and proper examination of her her death.

I and my mother sat in the principals office in other to get a full detail of what happened to Debby.

“What really happened to my child? No one is saying anything”, my mother queried.

“Madam please calm down we…”, the principal said before she got interrupted by mother.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, I will not calm down. What if it’s your child? Will you be able to calm down?”, my mother yelled.

“Understand, and am deeply sorry for your loose but this is what I got to know about Debby’s death”, the principal said.

“Please spill”, I urged.

“Some of the students said she ran off to see someone who came to look for her in school, after some minutes she came back with some sweets which she didn’t want to share with anyone. After some moments of enjoying her sweets alone she began to complain about her stomach and then she spit out blood and fell to the ground”, she revealed.

“What?”, I exclaimed.

“What do you mean? So no one saw who gave her the sweet?”, my mother asked.

“No, am not sure about that”, the principal replied.

“How can that be? This school is well secured and has so much cameras everywhere so how come no checked the cameras and see who it was”, I argued.

“We went through that but the feeds where cut off, some one knew this person was coming and then cut of the camera”, she explained.

“You guys are incompetent to take care of students in this school, I will charge your school to court I promise you that”, my mother yelled.

I was shocked, who could it be? Who did this to Debby? I puzzled.

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Tishania Ginikachi

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