Ugly Dilemma episode 9

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 9

“What?”, the lawyer yelled.

“Ask them, look at how quiet they have gone, look at how shocked they are. You didn’t believe I will find out”, I said with rage bleeping in my eyes.

“I don’t know what she’s talking about”, my mother said.

“Neither do I”, my father joined.

“Okay, everyone calm down. Mr Greg, I have a footage of you with the principal Ms.Gina talking to your late daughter Debby on the day she died”, the lawyer began.

“Huh!”, my mother reckoned.

“You three where having a heated argument before you left, but earlier on you claim to be at your place of work or at the market with your wife that day. But seeing the footage shows that you lied”, he continued.

“What? Greg!”, my mother fumbled.

“Apart from that we found your wife’s bracelet on the crime scene of late detective Stan’s apartment, Mrs Greg do you care to explain why your bracelet was found on the crime scene?”, he asked.

The lawyer brought the jewelry and placed it on the table, the shock on her face says it all.

“I have been looking for this bracelet for weeks now, how did it get there?”, she asked looking surprised.

“Kiki I know we are not in good terms now but do you remember when I was looking for my bracelet that I got angry and threw my jewelry box at you that gave you that scar?”, she asked.

It dawned on me that this item of hers was indeed missing that made her nearly kill me that day.

“Yes I remember, you nearly killed me that day”, I replied.

“So if this wasn’t your doing then who was it?”, the lawyer asked.

I could see the hypocritic look on Mr Greg’s face, then I knew he actually knows who’s behind the death of detective Stan.

“You need to arrest Ms.Gina she’s also with them you saw the footage “, I said.

“Ms.Gina has been arrested since morning, alot of questions have been asked and she gave answers to all of them. I just want Mr Greg to say the truth”, he revealed.

“Greg what are they saying?”, my step mother mumbled.

“Fine, I was at Debby’s school the day she was killed. I and Ms.Gina use to be lovers in our university days, we loved each other so much and promised to get married but I broke that promise the day I met Gold”, my father began.

“Gold?”, I exclaimed.

“Gold was my dream woman, I loved her so much. We got engaged when we found out she was 3 months pregnant for me. I was the most happiest man on earth, we where making plans for our wedding when I met my wife here Bella who was the event planner of our big day”, my father continued.

I was all ears so was Mr David the lawyer.

“I became attracted to Bella, all her features as a working class lady. Gold was a magnificent woman but pregnancy changed her looks, I began to fall out love for her and got into a relationship with Bella. I called off the wedding with Gold and decided to get married to Bella which is my wife who is sitting next to me”, my father added.

“What? How could you be that heartless? Infact how could you two be that wicked?”, I yelled at them.

“Calm down kiki”, my step mother whispered softly.

“Don’t tell me calm down, after what you did to me. You treated me like trash and you sit there to tell me calm down?”, I cried out.

” Kiki relax am your lawyer, let me do my thing”, David said.

“Mr Greg continue “, he added.

“I and Bella got married, I wasn’t able to reach Gold anymore. Bella couldn’t conceive no matter how hard we tried, we decide to search for Gold so i could take full custody of my child kiki. But Gold refused to hand the baby over to me, even when I tried to pay her off”, my father revealed.

“She struggled with us, kiki was three years old already. So one day Bella came home with kiki wrapped in her arms, I was shocked. Bella told me she cried to Gold about her condition and Gold gave kiki away to her”, he continued.

“And you believed that?”, David asked.

“At that time I did, at a long run I decided to check on Gold but her line was ring but she wouldn’t pick up. I went to her place of residence but her neighbors said they haven’t seen her for months. I called her line again, it began to ring non-stop, I alerted the neighbors to help me break down the door. There I saw Gold decaying on the floor, laying in her own blood which was dried”, he revealed.

“What?”, the lawyer yelled.

“Am so sorry kiki I didn’t mean to, I was yearning for a child I didn’t know what to do”, My step mother Bella pleaded.

“You didn’t mean to? Is that what your saying? You yearned for a child and you never took care of me, you never treated me nicely you treated me like a piece of shit. What are you really sorry for? You both ruined my life”, I cried out.

“Am sorry kiki, I had to take you away from your mother but she wasn’t letting me, I had to kill her and take you by force”, Bella revealed.

“I know what I did was very wrong, but I didn’t kill the detective and I can’t kill my daughter. I never did”, she echoed.

“So who did?”, the lawyer asked.

“Ms.Gina did right?”, I asked.

“Yes she did, I and Gina got back together and we began a romantic relationship again. I always visited the school to see her, one-day I was unlucky and Debby got to see us. From that day Debby has been itching to tell her mother what she had seen, but Gina wasn’t having it. Gina and Debby always had heated argument when I was around and when I wasn’t”, he digged deep.

“I was at the student hall on the day Debby died, but before Debby died Gina and Debby made peace and promised to stop seeing me. I was there to assure Debby, Gina gave her some sweet as peace treaty gift of which Debby happily collected”, he continued.

“What happened next?”, I asked.

“I left and headed straight to work, when I got to work my wife called me to inform me that Debby was dead “, he revealed.

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