Ugly Dilemma episode 7

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 7

I sat on the bed thinking of what next to do, Stan was my only hope of revealing who the culprit was.

I didn’t like the new guy, saying his from interpol. All these government officials are not be trusted, they are all looking for people to milk from and act like they are doing their jobs but they ain’t.

I can’t trust Thompson, I will find found out who killed Stan and what’s the persons interest.

I quickly put on some clothes, I didn’t mind taking my bath that’s the least of my problems.

Before I could get to the living room my father had already left the house, it was quite early for him to leave for work what’s the hurry?

I dashed out of the house not minding my mother who is already drunk seating in the living with a glass of whiskey in her hands.

I decides to head down Debby’s school, I needed to ask Debby’s classmates some questions, maybe get some recordings.

I got I the school and I noticed the principal was having a conversation with the security men, I quickly ran passed them.

I went straight to Debby’s class but I just saw three kids in the classroom, it was still early and some kids are still home preparing to attend class.

“Hello dear, how are you?”, I asked the little boy who was reading his text book.

“Am fine Aunty”, he replied.

I began to record “What’s your name?”, I asked.

“Chuki”, he replied while his eyes was fixed on mine.

“Nice name Chuki, I would like to ask you some questions if you don’t mind”, I said.

“Alright”, he said.

“Do you know Debby your classmate?”, I asked.

He nodded “do you know who was her closet friend?”, I asked.

“I don’t want to talk about Debby”, he cried out.

“But why?”, I asked curiously.

“Ms.Gina warned me not to talk about her, she warned us not to talk about her to anyone”, he replied returning his face back to his book.

“Chuki am Debby’s big sister, you don’t need to be scared about anything. Am here to get some information about her”, I said.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone about what am about to tell you if not I will be in trouble “, he said calmly like he was almost whispering.

“Don’t worry Chuki I won’t tell anyone”, I said.

“Sometime ago, Debby had a fight with Ms.Gina I don’t really know what it was about but Debby refused to tell me. Though I was Debby’s closet friend but she refused to tell me what it was”, he began.

“Really?”, I asked.

“Yes, this fight went on and on. Ms.Gina always invited Debby to her office and they will quarrel for hours. One-day I was with Debby and Ms.Gina called her into the office, she never know I was with Debby. I had to eavesdrop on their conversation, I heard Ms.Gina warning Debby never to reveal the affair she has with her father.
That’s when I knew Ms.Gina our principal was having an affair with Debby’s father and I think Debby got to find out which wasn’t sitting right with Ms.Gina”, Chuki revealed and i was stunned.

“Chuki are you seriously about this?”, I wanted to make sure.

“Yes I heard everything myself “, he replied.

“Okay, but do you know something else?”, I asked.

“Not really, that’s all I know”, he replied.

“Thank you Chuki, you a great kid”, I said before I ended the recordings and left the classroom.

I went straight to detective Stan’s apartment, it was already surrounded with caution tapes because it’s a crime scene.

I walked round his apartment to find a clue to what happened but I couldn’t find anything.

It feels like the killer wiped his slate clean leaving no trace behind.

I kept looking around, checking for things. I stumbled upon a familiar item that belongs to my mother.

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