Ugly Dilemma episode 5

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 5

I sat down there thinking about the dream i had, “I think Debby is trying to tell me who the killer was but she was scared of something”, I whispered to myself.

I walked upstairs to my room, had a cold bath and wore something edible.

I took the detective number from my dad’s phone secretly and headed straight to his office.

I really need to know who the killer was, so my sister could get the peace she deserves.

Once I got to the office, I could see the principal in his office. I didn’t want to reveal myself yet, I stood by the door to listen to the conversation.

“Detective I know nothing about the child’s death, if I knew something I would say”, the principal said.

“But where were you when the incident happened?”, the detective asked.

Then it occured to me that I needed to record the conversation Incase there was a good storyline as a lead to the killer.

“Why where you absent at the time the incident occurred?”, stan asked.

“I wasn’t absent, who told you that?”, she puzzled.

“Well some students in school who knew your daily routine said you weren’t in your office at that time and it gives me concern to know where exactly you where at that time?”, he asked, while taking notes.

“See Mr detective”, she mocked.

“It’s Stan, detective Stan “, he corrected.

“Well detective Stan I was in my office when the incident happened and I won’t repeat myself about that, if you don’t have an import question to ask I would like to take my leave. I have work to do”, she argued.

“Why are you getting upset? It’s just a question”, Stan replied.

“Am not angry, am just eager to go back to work”, she kicked back.

“Well Ms.Gina something bothers me, some students claims you have been inviting late Debby into your office frequently and sometimes you too get into a heated argument why is that?”, detective Stan asked.

“Well she wasn’t doing well with her grades so I needed to know what was wrong and finally straighten her up. You can’t blame me for wanting the best for my students”, she enlightened.

But that’s actually a lie I said to myself, Debby has always been good with her grades. She have never had a bad grade before, this lady is definitely hiding something.

I kept recording the conversation, I really want to do all it takes for my late sister and so help me God i find the culprit it’s not going to be easy.

“Well that will be all for now Ms.Gina”, Stand said while he discharged her.

I hid behind a shelf so she wouldn’t notice my presence, once she stepped away from the office I quickly got in and detective Stan was shocked.

“How did you find my office?”, he puzzled.

“Why do you give out your business card?”, I kicked back.

“Your clever”, he muffled.

“I knew that already”, I replied while I took a seat.

“So what brings you to my office?”, he asked while flipped through some pages of documents on his table.

“Hope you didn’t believe all that fabricated nonsense that lady said?”, I asked looking straight at him.

“It’s clear you where eavesdropping on my conversation with her”, he said with a broad smile, it has to be the first time am seeing him smile.

Why do you say so, do you know something?”, he asked while facing me.

“She lied about everything, Debby has never had a low grade in her studies. She has been the best in her class, and for the fact she lied about her being present at the office when the incident happened was a lie”, I revealed.

“How do you mean”, he finally got all his attention on me, he was keen on hearing what I have to say.

“When we got to the school, they where looking for Ms.Gina the principal so she can attend to us. Funny enough she was available, we had to wait for some minutes before she came by her office to talk to us. So for her to lie it seems she knows something about it and has refused to tell you about it”, I replied.

“Hm, interesting”,He took more notes.

“Are you going to do something about this or you just keep taking notes all the time?”, I yelled out if frustration.

“Calm down young lady, am doing all I can. I have the number of the doctor conducting an autopsy on the body of your sister, once anything comes up I will let your family know”, he said.

“No, don’t let my family know. No one is to be trusted, just let me know when the results are out”, I said.

“So why do I have to trust you?”, he asked raising an eyebrow.

“Because am her sister and the only one who is ready to bring justice to her”, I said.

“Hm, kiki you have to calm down”, he said.

“The only way i can be calm is if you allow me work with you, I know it’s a bit risky but I want to do it”, I offered.

“It can’t happen, you can’t work with me. Your not even trained”, he muttered.

“I don’t have to be trained, I will source for information and fill you in that all till we catch the bad guy”, I replied.

“Hm, this is a tricky one”, he said.

“Yes I know, do we have a deal?”, I asked.

“Yes we do kiki”, he mumbled.

We shook hands and I was relieved, I got talk to him about something’s I knew and he told me somethings he knew.

We began to work together, I went home and kept ignoring my parents.

I do not want to engage in any quarrel with them, I prepared my little backpack for my night mission.

I planned on going to Debby’s school to get some leads through the security camera, Ms.Gina can fool my parents or the detective but can’t fool me.

I know I would find something very important in school that could help me in my investigation and I have to do it fast.

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