Ugly Dilemma episode 4

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 4

What is actually happening? Why would my dad lie? He has never dropped debby off at school before.

“God help me”, I muttered.

“Greg what is the detective saying? Is it true?”, my mother asked.

“Well detective is time to go, tell me when you find anything”, my father said before he discharged the detective.

I left the living upset, went straight to my room shaking and wailing.

I could hear my parents having a heated argument, I didn’t even care.

How can my parents accuse me of doing something bad to my little sister?

I was deep in thoughts, I didn’t realize how deep I was till I slept off.

I found myself in Debby’s room, I don’t even know if it’s a dream or if it’s real.

I saw Debby sitting on her bed crying, I went closer to see if it was really my sister.

The more I got closer, the more I realized it was my sister Debby. She was crying Loudly and I couldn’t stop her from crying.

“Why did you let me go to school?”, she yelled.

“Am so sorry, I shouldn’t have”, I replied.

“Why did you let me leave?”, she continued.

“I will do anything and everything to bring the culprit to book”, I replied as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Debby we have warned you not to take things from strangers why did you take sweets from a stranger?”, I asked showing concern.

“It wasn’t a stranger who gave me the sweets, it wasโ€ฆ”, Debby replied but she was interrupted by an image standing by the door, I turned to take a closer look but then I woke up.

Checking the time was 9am in the morning, I actually slept for a very long time. When I looked straight to my room door I saw my father standing there giving me a very weird look.

“Good morning dad”, I greeted.

“How can you sleep so well after knowing your sister has left this world?”, he asked.

I didn’t say anything, because it would amount to another episode of argument.

He walked away heading downstairs, I followed behind.
I could see my mother seated on the single sofa looking sobber, she was holding a glass of whiskey I could tell she had drank too many glasses before she got to that one.

Her yes where puffy and red, it could take days or weeks for the eye bags to come back to their normal form.

“Good morning mom”, I greeted.

“Huh! What is good about the morning?”, she asked angrily and drunk.

“Mom please calm down, you don’t have to be this way”, I replied.

“Shut up your dirty, stinky, gutter you call a mouth. How dare you tell me to calm down?”, she thundered.

“Honey please you have to slow down, you don’t have to vent your anger on her. She’s also our daughter “, father interceded.

“Oh no Greg, don’t even start. You know clearly she is a witch, who would have a so-called vision of her sister dying and then suddenly it happens. Kiki, you are a witch. You killed Debby”, my mother yelled while she grabbed me by the throat.

Her grip was tight as she screamed down the building “you killed Debby, you killed Debby”.

At the other hand I was struggling for my life.

Father tried to separate her but she kicked him by the balls, leaving him helplessly in pains.

“Mother please, I didn’t kill Debby”, I pleaded as she kept strangling me.

“Honey let her go, she our daughter”, my father yelled as he drags mother away from me.

I began to inhale and exhale from both my mouth and nose, it felt like I almost died.

“Why do you hate me so much? Why don’t you see me the way you see Debby my sister?”, I asked with tears almost streaming down my eyes.

“You better shut your mouth or I go back in shutting them for you”, my mother said as she grabbed a full bottle of whiskey heading straight to her room.

“Dad what is happening? Why do you guys hate me this much?”, I mumbled.

“Just go back to your room, and continue your sleep while I talk to your mother”, he said also heading to the room.

I sat on the floor crying, I couldn’t feel sane anymore. I felt partly insane, it felt like I actually killed my little sister Debby. What if I was the one that killed Debby?

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