Ugly Dilemma episode 3

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 3

We went home, I had to drive. mother wasn’t in the right state of mind to drive. She might drive straight into someone or something and they would declare us dead like my little sister.

Debby was my mother’s joy and happiness after a long wait for a second child, I didn’t get all the love she gave to Debby.

Even dad wasn’t much of a fun person, he was always strict with me but with Debby he was all shaded of fun.

We got home and meet dad with a man in his late 30’s. He had a very stern look, little wrinkles due to thinking I guess.
He wore a plain suit jacket and a pair of jeans trousers accompanied with a rough hat.

He was sitting on the sofa calmly talking to dad when we walked in, my mother threw herself on the single sofa and tears streamed her eyes.

I couldn’t do much but to sit and stay calm trying to figure what really happened to Debby.

“Honey this is detective Stan”, dad Introduced mom to the him while I watched.

Mom remained silent, she couldn’t say a word. I was about to leave when dad equally introduced me to the detective.

“Kiki this the detective that will be handling the case of Debby’s death”, dad said.

“Nice to meet you sir”, I said.

“Likewise, do you have any clue of what may have gone wrong in the latest happenings of your sister?”, Stan asked.

I didn’t want to say anything at first but the detective stern look felt like he could read everything on my mind clearly so I had to give out everything I know.

I went ahead to explain what the school said and my dream.

The look on my mother’s face was confusing, even that of my father’s.

“Kiki so you had such a revelation and you didn’t let us know about it?”, she asked.

“It was just a dream”, I mumbled.

“And it happened”, my father replied sharply.

“As long as you didn’t tell any of us what revelation you had it means you killed your little sister and you should be arrested “, mother Thundered.

“Hold on madam, you don’t do things like that. She only said what she knew and i will take it from here”, Stan uttered.

“But what if she has a hand in Debby’s death?”, mother suggested.

“Honey you can’t think about something like that, how can you say our daughter kiki killed her own sister Debby?”, my father said.

“It is very possible, jealousy must have gotten the best of her. Knowing how we took care of Debby just fine”, mother said in bitterness towards me.

I felt sad, how can my mother accuse me of something like this.

“So you both knew you never took care of me well, you treated me with disgust and hatred. You both knew how terrible you made my childhood and now you want to pin the death of my little sister on me, well news flash both of you are also a suspect”, I yelled.

They where all shocked of how I responded to them, they never believed i would stand up for myself this time.

“What do you mean they are also a suspect?”, Stan asked.

“Well after preparing Debby for school I was home all day, that has always be my routine since my school is on strike”, I said, while detective Stan took notes.

“Debby never wanted to go to school, but they all forced her to join the school bus. I was home, father went to work a bit early, mother rushed to the market to get stuffs for he house and boom we got a call that my only sister Debby is dead”, I said on top of my voice.

Detective Stan took more notes and was shocked about my speech.

“But Mr greg you told me you where at the market with your wife and kiki was the one who dropped Debby off to school”, Stan revealed and our eyes widened.

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