Twisted Identity episode 6

Episode 6

Twisted Identity

“Just as I was driving in, the tricycle she boarded was driving out. I have been calling her since then, but she isn’t picking up.”. The old woman was explaining.

“Fidelis, please don’t let her go with the child, he is my son”. Mercy was crying, louder now.

My sister helped her back on her feet.

“Why will she run with the child now?. Is she not supposed to be happy that she has been proven innocent of all the accusations?”. I asked.

“You don’t expect her to easily give out a child she has bonded with for years?. If she did, then, she never loved him”.

“So what are you saying now?. We should allow her continue having our baby because of her motherly bond with him while the real mother is helpless here?”.

“That is not what I mean. You just have to give us time, I will talk with her, she is my niece, she will come around, I promise you. It would have been easier if the baby girl didn’t die. But I promise you, she will come around”. She assured.

We went home, hopefully.

“I don’t trust that old woman, let us make a report to the police now.”. Mercy said, as we were driving home later that afternoon.

Someone who realized they have erred, is expected to feel sorry for their actions, but not my wife.

Mercy does not apologize to anyone, even when it’s obvious she’s at fault. it’s been in her DNA and I have been letting go of so many things in the past . But, not anymore…I was out for her then… she has to say ‘sorry’.

But all she does was trying hard to bring up a conversation between us as though nothing happened. Well, I never replied her… she just has to apologize to me.

That night, she kept, pestering me.

“Fidelis, has that old woman called you?… Okay, give me her number…are you even sure she is going to call her?…what if that Mrs Bassey left this country with the child?… my poor boy”
Fidelis this, fidelis that. She refused to give me a moment of peace.

At a point, I couldn’t keep ignoring her. I had to give her a piece of my mind.

“Could you please allow me think?, what is wrong with you?”. I shouted angrily at her

“We’re talking about our son here”. She cried.

“Which son?, the same boy you referred to as a bas+ard the very moment you set your eyes on him for the first time?, same boy you swore never to allow into your home?, why are you running around now, disturbing the entire neighborhood?”. I asked.

“Fidelis, why will you be saying a thing like that to me?. You know, that was before I discovered he was my son. I thought you were cheating on me?”.

“You thought I was cheating on you, as if you have ever caught me with anyone ever since we got married . Mercy, do you not know that you killed me emotionally?. In my time of trial, you were just very far away from me, you call me names before strangers, you believe them instead of your husband. Do you even have a reason not to trust me?”. I asked

“We will get back to that. Let’s talk of how we’re going to get back our long lost son”. She said.

“So, what you’re saying now is that I’m not supposed to be angry until we found our son?”. I asked

She folded her hand under her bossom and frowned.

“Do you not know that all these wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t cause it?”. She accused.

“How is it my fault?”. I asked.

“Since you want us to talk about it, let’s talk about it. Before I entered labor room, what did we discuss?, what did I tell you that fateful evening?”. She asked.

I thought for a while without remembering a thing.

“I don’t remember anything”. I replied.

“You don’t remember anything or you just don’t want to remember anything?. Did I not plead with you never to leave the labor room?, did I not inform you earlier about this practice of child switching that has become rampant?. Fidelis, did I not?”. She asked, tearfully.

That is Mercy… always playing the victim.

It was then that I narrated the incident with the head nurse that night.

“And that must be that godforsaken Justina!, and you’re here telling me not to get police to arrest them all?”. She screamed.

You see the kind of woman I married?. She has turned the table against me, instead of an apology.

I had to call the old woman very late, that night, after so much pressure from my wife.

“I have called her severally this evening but her line has been switched off, please give me a little time.. let’s say in two days, your boy will be there with you”. She pleaded.

Before I could speak, Mercy snatched the phone from me.

“Madam, two days is a long time to stay away from one’s child, I want my son back today and tomorrow”. She cried.

The woman had to calm her down.

“If nothing is done, within two days, you can go ahead with any step you wish to take”. She pleaded.

“I will hold you to your word. If I didn’t get my child in two days time, I’m calling the police on that Justina, Mr Basse …. infact, all of you for keeping a child away from his real parents”.

After that she ended the call and threw the phone at me.

“Why are you so hard on that old woman?”. I asked.

“Why are you soft on her?, someone that stole my child?”. She retorted.

“She didn’t steal the child, her niece did”. I replied.

“Then, they should provide that niece. Why are they hiding her from us?”. She argued.

The two days was the longest in my life. Mercy gave no room for peace. Even while I was at work, she calls to know if the woman has gotten back to me and anytime I complain, reminds me how I’m the cause of everything.

When nothing happened after the two days, we concluded we were going to involve the police on the matter.

“Firstly, we will have to arrest the old woman, and she will remain in the police custody, until she provides that Justina and her sister”. Mercy was suggesting.

I pleaded with her to let us sleep over the matter that night.

It’s not going to be easy for me, arresting a woman whom God used to unravel the mystery behind the two boys resemblance, someone that brought about my vindication
.. I’m sure I would still have been at the mercy of Mr Bassey and of course, my wife, if that old woman did not step in.

Will this not be rewarding good with evil?..

Typing 7…

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