Trapped episode 5

TRAPPED- Episode 5

Mama spent 3 days at the hospital and Papa only went to see her just once. Her younger sister Aunty Ejiro who had been with her at the hospital came to stay with us pending when Mama recovers fully. She was Mama’s immediate younger sister.
On the 4th day of her stay, Papa came back home very early to the amazement of everyone. We were all in the sitting room watching TV when he came in. His facial expression wasn’t good at all.

“Onome….meet me in the room …I want to talk to you” He said as we all welcomed him

Mama stood up and followed him to the room. From the tune of his voice, I could smell trouble. They were discussing in the room in low tones for about 15 minutes. Mama came back to the sitting room with her face looking sad. I wondered what they had discussed. She called me and asked that I assist her in setting up the table for papa to eat. We were at it when Papa came out of the room.

“Onome have you told her what I said” He shouted
Mama kept quiet.

“Are you deaf or what ennn….do you want me to….” Not finishing his statement he struck her on her back
Aunty Ejiro rose to her feet quickly. She was confused and speechless. She stood at one spot trying to figure out what was happening

“Uncle what is the problem” She managed to ask

“Ejiro you are the problem” Papa answered pointing his finger at her

“Me?” Aunty Ejiro wondered as she tapped her chest.

“Yes you…my wife is okay already …you can return to your husband’s house…that’s what I asked her to tell you”

Mama was still very quiet while Aunty Ejiro marvelled.

“Uncle I don’t understand, is there anything I have done to you”

“Yes, I don’t want you to spoil my wife….I know your story…I know how you’ve turned your husband to bomboy…you that talks to your husband anyhow”

“Uncle please stop all this talk …why would you hit my sister like that….”

She turned to mama.

“Sister you’re not saying anything…I thought this man has stopped beating you”

Mama could not hold the tears any longer. She wept quietly.

“What is your business if I beat my wife?”

“Uncle she is my sister, so it’s my business…how dare you hit someone that is just recovering”

Papa picked his car key.

“Look here Ejiro, make sure you are gone before I get back to this house” He slammed the door as he stormed out of the house.

“Sister what are you still doing in this man’s house?” Aunty Ejiro asked Mama

“Ejiro divorce is a sin and I can’t leave my children…even if I go with them, they need their father” Mama wept

“What father…no Sister….see your kids watching you cry…it is bad for them Sister….he hits you right in front of them and he doesn’t even care…even God does not want you to stay here and suffer…I am very sure of that”

“Ejiro please come and go …I don’t want trouble please…if he gets back and meets you here it will be very bad”

“Sister no nah…haba…you want me to leave too”

“Ejiro I am left with no choice…don’t worry…David is big enough to take care of me.”

Aunty Ejiro packed her bag and left our house that evening.


All rights reserved.
Written by Evelyn Ivie Ojo

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