Too hard to let go episode 11

Episode 11


“Lucy!”. I exclaimed, as soon as I realized it was her.

I used to think, she was living her best life wherever she may had been.

She stared at me, in tears, shook her head, and passed by.

I turned to continue looking at them as they passed.

“Do you know her?”. Stella asked. mean yes”. I answered.

I started walking slowly, behind them. I needed to see where they are you taking her to.

“Ibeh, are you okay?”. Stella asked from behind.

I didn’t reply this time. I followed them until they got outside, and the nurse helped her to a chair under a tree before she followed left through another direction.

As soon the nurse left, I went down to see Lucy.

She was watching me, as I aproached her. Discomfort was written all around her.

Before I could get any closer, she threw away the rechargeable fan in her hand, held her waist, and let out a loud painful moan.

I guessed she was only doing that to scare me, so I didn’t panic.

“Lucy, why…”. I was going to say, before she screamed, even louder. Fear gripped me.

I ran back to call on the nurses. They came out in full, and together, she was wheeled back to the martenity ward.

I followed behind them, with a heavy heart.

I found myself pacing up and down the reception. At that moment, I didn’t know if I was more bothered as I was in confronting her, than I was in ensuring her safe delivery.

“Ibeh, are you sure you’re okay?”. Stella asked again, when she walked in on me in the reception.

“Yes, I am. What about that woman. Has she delivered?”. I asked.

“The baby is not even trying to come out.I don’t think she can have it through the normal way. She replied, shaking her head sadly.

…. and she is in serious pains right now”.

“Where is the doctor’s office”. I asked, thoughtlessly.

“Why?”. She asked, confused.

“Just show me his office fast!”. I screamed harshly at her.

She pointed towards the opposite the direction.

“The first office by your right, if you go this way”. She directed.

I took off from there. When I got to the door, I pushed it wide open, without a knock.

The doctor, was having an interactive section with a couple when I barged in on them.

“Where did this secretary go to?”. He asked in annoyance.

“Please, I’m sorry, my wife has been in this hospital for four days now. She has been in labour”. I was panting.

He looked at me with recognition.

“You mean, Lucy Ibeh?, you’re Mr Ibeh?. He asked. I nodded.

“Why haven’t you come all these days. You know, in this hospital, we follow procedures.”. He said.

“I understand. Can I sign the form already?”. I pleaded.

He pleaded with the couple, and stood up.

“This is an emergency, please, let’s reschedule this meeting”. He told them.

The man wanted to protest, but the woman held his hand and put it into her armpit, whispering something into his ear.

“It’s okay, we will come back tomorrow”. He said, and they stood up too.

We all left the office together.

“This girl can never stay at a place”. The doctor was shouting, as he went through a heap of files on the secretary’s table.

At last he found the the one he sought, and nodded. We went back to his office.

There were a lot of documents that I signed that day, without going through the conditions.

“Please, start the operation right away”. I pleaded, after I had made the necessary payments.

About two hours later, the doctor finally came out. He had a satisfied smile on his face.

“Congratulations, the operation was successful, your wife and the baby are doing fine”. He announced.

I took a deep breath, and just then emotion gave way to anger.

I didn’t return the handshake the doctor was offering me, , so he just pelted me on the back.

“You’re free to see her now”. He said, before leaving.

I walked reluctantly into the ward.

Lucy was lying face up with her eyes slightly closed. Stella and two other nurses were parking the equipments.

“It’s a baby girl”. Stella announced, looking at me suspiciously.

I walked closer to the cot and peered into it.
The child was as beautiful as the mother.Tears escaped my eyes.

“She is your wife, right?”. Stella asked, and I nodded.

“Why is she not opening her eyes?”. I asked, referring to Lucy.

“She needs a little rest”. Stella replied.

I went back to the reception. That was when I decided to look at my phone….it has been ringing continuously all night.

I saw a total of 23 missed calls, 20 from Deborah, and 3 from two other contacts.She must have been so worried, as it was getting very late.

I called her back, and she picked without hesitation.

“Honey, where are you?, I have been calling”. She asked

“I’m sorry, there’s an emerald”. I answered.

“Hope nothing happened to your friends wife?”. She asked, concerned.

“No, it’s not about her. I will explain everything when I get home”. I promised.

“Okay. Please, stay safe out there”. She said, and ended the call.

It was past nine when I went back to the ward. Lucy was breastfeeding the baby when I entered.

Immediately she saw me enter, she started crying.

“I’m sorry, Douglas”. She sobbed.

“I have heard that many times before.What I need to hear now is why you decided to treat me the way you did”. I asked.

“I.. I..”. She started stammering.

“Lucy, open your mouth and speak”. I shouted at her, making the baby startled, for a moment.

I allowed her a moment to calm the baby.

“Are you ready to tell me who fathered this baby?”. I asked again, but calmly this time.

“It’s complicated…..”. She cried.

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