The Weekend episode 6


By Sokes Naths Allamogu



Max found himself at a cross road, contemplating whether to abort his operation of hanging out with Funke or to go after Chidera. Seated on the bed, he stared at the engagement ring, weighing his options. Finally, he decided to pursue Chidera.

Getting up, he reached for his car keys. Just as he was about to leave, his phone rang. The caller was Funke Oke. He hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Hello Maxie…. Oh! I can’t wait to be with you later today. We are done with the church service and heading for the reception. There’s an after-party, and I was hoping you could come along with me.”
Max sighed, still uncertain about going ahead with his plans for Funke. “Hmmm, no, I think we should forget about this hanging out.”

“Come on, Max, okay relax, no pressure. I will send you an address; pick me up at 7 pm, then we go for dinner somewhere private and round it off at your place. See you at 7pm.” She quickly ended the call, leaving little room for him to change his mind.

Max looked at his phone and the engagement ring in his hand, sighing. He turned around and noticed Chidera’s copy of the key to his apartment lying on his bedside drawer. Excitement stirred inside him, and a naughty smile crossed his face. If her key was here, there wouldn’t be a surprise visit. Max took off his shoes and shirt, ready to flow back into his initial plan.

“I will see you on Sunday, Chidera, then I will make you mine forever.” His phone rang again, and he reluctantly picked it up, disappointed that it wasn’t Funke but Adewale.

“Hey! Bro.”

“How’s it going?”

“With what?” Max was a bit irritated but didn’t know why.

“Come on, guy! With the proposal, nah!”

“Oh! That, till tomorrow,” Max sighed.

“Hah! Why tomorrow? Are you trying to opt out?”

“No, something just came up.”

“Maxie… don’t dull yourself o. If you think about it too much, your liver will fail you.”

“Haha! Don’t worry; it will happen tomorrow, and nothing will stop that.”

“Anyways, if you say so, congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

“I think it’s time to support her. That girl has sacrificed a lot to keep the relationship going.”

“So, it’s me that hasn’t sacrificed anything?” Max got angry.

“What have you sacrificed other than always demanding? She left her well-paid job in Port Harcourt and moved to Lagos because you wanted her close by. She kept a distance from her mom because you said she doesn’t like you, and we all know that you denied her of going for her masters in London last year.”

“Please, please, Adewale, I didn’t force her to do all that.” Max got upset and wanted to end the call.

“Well, I’m just saying she loves you, and it’s very rare to find a woman like that. If you don’t support her and make sacrifices too, sooner or later, she will walk out of your life.”

Adewale’s words hit Max like a tornado. Chidera walked out on him last night. Could it be that… No! He shook his head. “Thank you, Adewale; I will bear that in mind. I believe you guys are having fun.” He quickly changed the subject.

“Yeah! Especially my wife; she’s so relaxed and happy, and that makes me happy too. We are all bonding and planning to make it work. This resort is so magnificent; you should bring Chidera here someday.”

“Okay, we will plan it. I’m glad you and Titi are making it work.”

“Yeah! Thanks. I heard Rose is in town.” They both burst into loud laughter.

“Yes, and Isaac has become a scarce commodity.”

“Our friend is in love, and I’m glad Rose is free from her abusive husband.”

“At least, Isaac will be a better lover.”

“or better husband.” They laughed out again. “The kids need me; I’ve got to go. We will talk later.”

“Bye.” Max sighed, staring into the air. Adewale’s words were ringing in his head, and suddenly, his phone received a notification—an address from Funke.

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