The Weekend episode 5


By Sokes Naths Allamogu



“Hello Chidera, have you left the office?”

“Yes, I’m driving out.”

“How did it go with the director?” Vera was eager to hear the outcome of their meeting, concerned about her not being able to see the director on Thursday.

“Vera!! The whole thing is now more complicated, and I’m so confused about what to do.”

“What happened in there? And is it true that Mr. Kareem wasn’t granted a visa?”

“Yes, and for that, the director is giving me his position as the head of the marketing department. But wait, Vera, did you tell the director about what we discussed?”

“No! why?”

“He was aware that I wanted to opt-out, and he didn’t even give me room to explain myself.”

“For real! No, I didn’t. Who could have hinted him? Did you discuss it with any other person?”

“No, anyways, I have been promoted as the MD of the marketing department, and the company will be offering me a scholarship for my master’s after six months in operation at the London branch,” she sighs.

“Wow! Oh my God! Congratulations, so what’s complicated about all these? This is good news.”

“The director wants me to travel to London this weekend.”


“Yeah, there’s a meeting for all departmental heads on Monday, and I have to be there to represent my department.”

“As the new MD.”

“Yeah!” Chidera sighed as she took a turn into Maxwell’s Street.

“I guess your boyfriend is the problem.”

“Yeah, Max can be so difficult sometimes.”

“Don’t worry, everything will fall in place; remember Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭’And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.’ as long as you still need this job, try to make yourself available for the meeting on Monday.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“Thank you, Vera.” She tried to smile, but her heart was beating fast as she meditated and muttered the verse Vera shared with her.

“Bye.” Vera prayed for her that God would help her make the right decision.

“Hi Max, how was your day?” She met Max in the living room with a long face, and her heart skipped, worried about how to discuss the issue with him and what will be his response. She didn’t get any responses from him as he was on his phone.

“There’s something important I would like us to discuss before we go for dinner.” He still didn’t respond to her. “Are you okay?”
Max lifted his head, and Chidera could see his fiery eyes. “So, you are at it again?” Max lashed out at her.

“If you could allow me to explain.” Chidera sighed and was wondering who could have told him.

“For how long have you been sleeping with him?” Max was shocked by her response and quickly jumped at it to continue his act.

“Wait, what!!!”

“You think I wouldn’t know.” Max got on his feet to intimidate her.

“What are you talking about, Max?” Chidera was trying to figure out what he was saying.

“Don’t even try to lie; you just said you could explain.”

“No!” She got up too. “I was talking about something else.”

“You are cheating on me, Chidera.”

“No, Max, where is all this coming from?” She was almost bursting into tears.

“Pictures don’t lie, Chidera.” He took his phone and flashed the picture of her and her colleague to her face.

“Segun! Common, Segun was just fooling around today.” She laughed out, helping her to suppress the tears in her throat. “There are more important things I want to discuss with you, Max.”

“By hugging him like that, there’s nothing more important than this; how long have you two been seeing each other?”

Chidera was exasperated, she tried to calm her nerves and hold back her tears; she calmly whispered, “Nothing is going on between us, and you know it.”

Max almost fell out of character by wanting to draw her into his arms with her soft voice, but he must stay in character. “Don’t lie to me, Chidera.” He yelled at her, and that made her panic as tears dropped from her eyes; she quickly turned around to wipe her tears. Max wanted to end the act, but the selfish part of him wouldn’t let him opt out.

“Are you not tired of all these false accusations?” She turned around to face him with a shaken voice. “Early this year you accuse me of cheating on you with Matt, my director, and then, your friend Isaac.”

“That’s not what we are talking about; don’t change the subject.”

“You know what, I’m done. I’m not doing this with you anymore.” She turned around and headed for the stairs. Max quickly blocked her way.

“Where do you think, you are going to?”

“To get my stuff; am done, Max. Excuse me.”

“There is no hiding place for you, Chidera. I have caught you on this one, and you can’t deny it.” Max was preventing her from going up the stairs to his bedroom because he didn’t want her to see the engagement ring that lay on his bedside and also, he didn’t want her to get her things.

She went back to the living room to get her bag and brought out a key. “Here is your house key.” She dropped it on the table. “It’s over, Max.” She burst into tears as she rushed out of the house.

“Chidera! Chidera!! Chidera!!!”

Thanks, to be continued…

Jumie Naths

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