The weekend episode 2

By Sokes Naths Allamogu



Vera entered Chidera’s office with a smile. Despite Chidera being her senior colleague, Vera always felt at ease around her. Chidera, known for her easygoing and warm-hearted personality, greeted Vera warmly.

“You sent for me?” Vera sat down across from Chidera, maintaining her friendly smile.

“Yeah. When will the director be back from his trip?” Chidera inquired.

“Tomorrow,” Vera replied.

“That means he’ll be in the office tomorrow, then?”

“No, not until Thursday.”

Chidera sighed. “Oh no, Thursday is too far.”

“What’s the problem?” Vera asked.

“I wanted to discuss the London trip with him.”

“What about it?”

Chidera sighed heavily. “I was hoping to be exempted.”

“Why? The new branch needs the marketing team.”

“Mr. Kareem and Bolu are there,” Chidera explained.

“You’re one of the best in your department, and the director is counting on you to help grow the new branch,” Vera pointed out.

“Yes, I know. God!” Chidera stood up and paced the floor of her office.

“Why do you want to reject this offer and miss the opportunity to advance your career?” Vera questioned.

“It’s personal,” Chidera replied.
“Okay, why not go and, after a while, plan to transfer or something,” Vera suggested.

“Vera, my relationship is at stake,” Chidera confessed.


“Yeah, he said if I go, our relationship is over.” Chidera returned to her seat, staring at Vera “Max claims he can’t handle a long-distance relationship.”

“Hmm… How long have you been together?” Vera asked.

“Three years.”


“You see why I urgently need to talk to the director, or maybe I should email him,” Chidera contemplated.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. It would be best if you talked to him in person. You can’t email him directly without copying your MD, and you know he’s trying to find a way to remove you from the company,” Vera advised.

“Yeah,” Chidera sighed. “The trip is in three weeks. What do I do?”

“I would advise you to pray and await his return to the office on Thursday,” Vera suggested.


“Yes. Philippians 4:6 Message translation says ‘Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns.’ Have you ever considered that you could be fired for refusing to go? Have you forgotten what happened to Jessica?” Vera paused, but Chidera remained silent, just staring at her.

“In situations like this, pray for God to help you make the right decision and for you to find favour. You could have all three, your relationship, job, and also go to London. You need God’s guidance to help you make the right choice.”

Chidera sighed. “You’re right. I will pray and wait.”

“Good. Although the director will have a busy Thursday, I’ll let you know the moment he is free,” Vera assured.

“I appreciate that, Vera. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.” Vera stood up and walked out, leaving Chidera with a smile.

Mr. Kareem hurried to the MD’s office, unable to keep what he had heard to himself. “Good morning, Matt.”

“Morning, Kareem. What’s so urgent that can’t wait?” Matt inquired, keeping his head down as he continued writing.

“I overheard Chidera and Vera talking.”

“About what?” Matt dropped his pen, giving his full attention. The mention of Chidera always caught his interest.

“She doesn’t want to go to London, and she’s seeking Vera’s help to talk to the director.”
“Why would she want to reject such an offer?” Matt became concerned.

“Simple. Since she couldn’t have my position, she’s coming for yours.”

“Haha.” Matt laughed outwardly, but inwardly, fear raced through him.

“We both know she wasn’t happy when I became the assistant MD and now, I’ll be heading the London new branch. Just like she wasn’t happy when you became the MD.”

“Hmmm, Chidera wants my position?”

“Yes. If not, why would she reject the London branch as my assistant? And you know the director has a soft spot for her. Ever since the director mentioned that she is fit to be MD, she’s been desperate.”

“So, you mean she’s been pretending all this while?”

“Yes. Don’t be deceived by her warmth and soft words.”
Matt had always been in love with Chidera and had asked her out several times, but she rejected him, claiming to be in a serious relationship. His love for her turned sour when the director consistently compared her achievements with his and asserted that she deserved his position.

Kareem interrupted Matt’s thoughts. “We both know the reason you’re still the MD is because you’re the director’s nephew. What are you willing to do to keep your position as the MD?”

“Chidera! Chidera!” Matt rubbed his beard repeatedly. “I will get to the director before her, and I’m making sure she is out of this company for good.”

“Yes, I’m in support.”

“Thank you, Kareem. I have to make some calls now.” Matt picked up his phone to make a call.

“Okay.” Kareem left Matt’s office with a satisfied smile. His plan had worked. He was using Matt to remove Chidera from his tail.

Thanks, to be continued…

Jumie Naths

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