The spirit of my late pregnant wife


Wise one, My woman has been saying honey we’re going home by next week, and she said it occasionally,
which home is she talking about?

Wise one: Sure you must go home with her, that your girlfriend that’s living in the house with you, is the spirit of your late wife, your late wife k!lled your girlfriend many years ago and turned to your girlfriend that gave you poison to k!lled her
But why did you allow your girlfriend to lure you to poison your pregnant wife that very day she was about to give birth?

Many years ago, Daniel and Lizzy were madly in love with each other
Daniel was a barber from a poor background while
Lizzy was a seamstress and she was an orphan, she didn’t have anybody,

Both of them were very hardworking
Daniel was Lizzy’s first love
One day Daniel got Lizzy pregnant accidentally when Lizzy told Daniel that she was pregnant for him
Daniel was very much afraid because he didn’t have money to take care of the baby
and he told Lizzy to abort the pregnancy straight away
But Lizzy said no, that she would take care of herself and the baby

9months later Lizzy gave birth to a boy by the name
” Destiny”
A few months after she gave birth to Destiny
Daniel took her and the baby to his parent’s house,
But his parents rejected Lizzy and Destiny because of certain mysteries that were behind Lizzy’s background

A few weeks later, Daniel complained bitterly about his workshop to Lizzy, that he hardly barb 3 people per day, and he needed money badly to take care of her and the baby,
What do you intend to do now, Lizzy asked

My friend called me lately to come over to Town, said Daniel

Which of your friends? Lizzy asked

Johnson, the barber, the one that taught me how to barb, Daniel responded

Okay you can go then, I think the town would be better than here, Lizzy replied

Pretty sure, but my problem is that I don’t have any money with me, said Daniel

When you’re ready to go, just let me know I will give YOU 15K, said Lizzy

Ahhh!!… Thank you very much, baby, God bless you mightily for me, I swear with my life I will never forget you in my life, I love you so much, said Daniel

Issokay, Lizzy responded

5 months after Daniel went to town,
His friend, Johnson told him that he would travel out of the country, that his elderly sister who was based in Italy, told him to come there,

Johnson: Daniel you’ve been my very good friend, so I would give you this workshop, use it and take good care of yourself, your girlfriend and your newborn baby, if you work hard, you can make 10k per day…

Daniel was extremely happy to own such a shop but he refused to tell Lizzy the good news and he kept it as a secret from her
Whenever Lizzy called him, he would complain of hardship, poor customer and hunger
and Lizzy would be sending him money and still take care of their baby whereas Daniel was doing very well

One day, he met a girl by the name Jennifer, though he told Jennifer that he had a girlfriend and a kid

I don’t care, she’s just your girlfriend, not your wife, said Jennifer

Both of them fell in love deeply

A few weeks later,
His favourite customer(Chief Alexander ) opened a barbing salon for him and it was situated in a well-known area,
Daniel was a family barber to Chief Alexander, because of the love Chief Alexander and his family had for Daniel, they opened a well-equipped barbing salon for him…
Daniel celebrated his achievement with Jennifer,
however, he kept it as a secret from Lizzy

He rented an apartment close to his new workshop and he gave his old workshop to someone so that they would be paid him monthly

Things went smoothly with Daniel, and life became as hard as Chinese algebra for Lizzy

One day the baby(Destiny) was seriously sick, and Lizzy didn’t have any money to carry Destiny to the Hospital

She called Daniel and requested for 10k from him to carry Destiny to Hospital,

Daniel response,
Babe, I don’t have any money with me, and my generator has been giving much problems, as I’m speaking right now, am in the mechanic workshop fixing my generator, Lizzy please sell your sewing machine and take Destiny to the Hospital,

Lizzy: It’s well, May God make a way for you, but I can’t sell my sewing machine that’s my only source of income but I will look for a way,
Lizzy believed him beyond a reasonable doubt,

Thereafter Lizzy called her best friend(Angela) who was based in the same town with Daniel, to beg for 10k to carry Destiny to the Hospital…

Her best friend told her something incredible…..

What did you think her best friend told her, please?

1.. She embarrassed her
2… She exposed Daniel

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