The Spirit of my late pregnant wife episode 8


On their wedding day, everything was going on amazingly according to their plans

But something weird happened when Destiny wanted to put her ring πŸ’

The first time, the ring fell from his hand
The second time, the ring still fell from his hand again
The third time, just as he wanted to put the ring on Deborah’s finger

Suddenly they heard a very loud voice from the back ..

The ring fell from his hand,

What’s going on?
Who is that person?, Participators asked

Then the Spiritualist got up from his sit and walked majestically to the front of the church where the white wedding was held

Spiritualist: There’s a deep mystery behind you and this girl

Destiny: Mystery?

Spiritualist: Oh… Yessssss, a very deep mystery

Destiny: what mystery, that made you to disorganise my wedding and who are you?

Spiritualist: 22 years ago, your dad’s girlfriend(Jennifer) gave your dad(Daniel) poison to k!lled his pregnant wife, so that your dad would marry her and inherit all her dad’s properties,
Your dad collected the poison and put it on your late mum’s(Lizzy)food on the day she was about to give birth, as soon as he put the poison he took you away and left your mum alone in the house
A few moments after both of you left, your mum started struggling to give birth and by that time the poison had already circulated in her system,
While she was struggling to give birth, the poison was disturbing her very badly,
Fortunately, she gave birth to a girl and passed away instantly
When she passed away, she came back in human form and took the baby away
3 months later, she took that baby to one certain man and his wife, who saved your life when you were about to pass away when u were just a year older and that man and his family stood by your mum in her hard time, so she convinced the couple and they adopted the baby

Thereafter, she k!lled that your dad’s girlfriend because of how she was maltreating you, and transformed into your dad’s girlfriend, to fulfill her missions in your life
A few years later, The father of your dad’s girlfriend died, and your mum manipulated the man’s Wills and inherited 90% of the man’s properties and put everything in your name
She eventually accomplished all missions, as soon as her missions were completed, she took your dad away, she deliberately sent you to that particular institution because she knew a day like this would come,
So this girl standing here was the girl she gave birth to before she passed away,
You both are blood brother and sister, the same father, the same mother,
I came here because is an abomination in our kingdom for a brother to wed his sister

Everybody was extremely shocked

Yes, he’s very right,
We have been looking for that strange lady who brought us that baby, but since that day, we’ve not seen her, Deborah here is not my biological daughter but my adoptive daughter, said Chief Alexander

Deborah and Destiny slumped coincidentally and they took them to the Hospital
A few hours later, they woke up

So it was a dream, said Destiny

It was not a dream, said Mrs Alexander

Eventually, Destiny got married to Justina, Chief Alexander’s last-born
And Deborah got married to Destiny’s best friend, Elvis
3 months after their wedding all of them vacated to Abroad and they lived happily

Pls my amazing readers, how was the ending of this story?

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